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  1. Not sure I support the preference of a dirtier, crazier player who has not had a better season than Abe at what they do best (lets be honest, both should be pure pass rushers) since 2009. Abe is the better player right now. I cannot think of a single reason to think Harrison should be here over 55.
  2. That was exactly my thought process before we drafted him. I had Bowman as a later selection who would have similar production. I was also hoping for Brandon Graham, so I'm usually at best... half right I suppose.
  3. To be fair, he is only getting crucified because he continues to run bad routes/drop easy passes/kill playoff games. I'll be disappointed if we don't grab a WR who can beat the softest single coverage in the NFL in the draft. I've been waiting for years for Douglas to take that next step but if you can't make a play against a nickel/safety, it is time to move on.
  4. Makes total sense. It is why I still post here so regularly.
  5. I think the market has changed for right tackles. Andre Smith and Eric Winston still on the market and neither will be getting Clabo money. Just wondering who we actually plan on replacing Clabo with.
  6. BUMP because I never know who Dimitroff takes in the 3rd.
  7. Hate to mention it but Cole only has 3 sacks this season. Baker has finally moved to an average LT in the league, IMHO. To be fair, that is great for a Falcon tackle.
  8. This hurts to say... but he has been surprisingly good. I would hate to give him a long term deal considering he gets injured on average every other play. He may as well be in the Jake Long (well, on a lower level) level: quality contract over 2 years... for, say, $10-14 million, if only to prove he can stay healthy and effective.
  9. They didn't sign him which is a bit concerning for his agent. Seahawks would likely want to get him into practice and not drop him straight into a playoff game with only a few days to learn the playbook. If they expected to give him more than a handful of reps during the playoffs he would be in Seattle right now.
  10. 13-0? Then why is Smitty even flying the team to Philly?
  11. He punched that guy in front of the refs. Can't remember him from anything else. May have been his only snap this year.
  12. Meh, links to same article full of pure speculation.
  13. Man, was it frustrating to see someone like Corey Peters drop into coverage on 3rd and long. Man do I realize how much I have BVG and his basic defense. Rarely would we rush more than 4.
  14. Thin ice? He had an injury, but has a ridiculously manageable contract.
  15. I have been surprised by the Saints willingness to push a much larger amount into signing bonuses (to encourage signing) and keeping the first year or two of the contract low, backloading the rest. They came into the offseason with similar cap space as Atlanta, but resigned Colston and gave a nice contract to Grubbs, Lofton and obviously Brees. They must be hoping for some magic, especially with Jimmy Graham likely looking for a ridiculous contract soon. They will have to make some cuts to keep everything going, but they will have some crazy money dedicated to this offense in another year.
  16. At the time, MJD was a "poor man's Reggie Bush." Hard to say how one will play one way or the other, but Jacquizz certainly has some quality talent.
  17. This would be shocking to anyone who hasn't found Canfora to be a Falcons-hater. Had an article recently about how much better Joe Flacco over Matt Ryan, while ignoring stats and play. He's not a Falcons fan, and he has shown that for years, either through articles or laughable power rankings. He's been calling for us to have a down year since as long as I can remember.
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