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  1. Rarely do I TATF.

  2. Finally back in America... and it's pretty awesome.

  3. I never thought this would happen, but $2300 is clearly not a problem. Also, Rev_Hal is speaking to the UN in 20 minutes
  4. I betcha he is just giving another interview. He's probably on ESPN right now
  5. Woah, this is on the front page of AJC.com! Edit: For records purposes:
  6. My lord. We have some big money going on. I thought there was no way we would have half this much before the night :ph34r: Great showing by the board after all of 10+ hours. I hope it really helps the charity, and Smitty knows he has legitimate respect and support from his fans. :wub: (no homo, not that there's anything wrong with that)
  7. Agreed. One of my favorite threads, and it only cost me $5.23 That's not bad for someone living off of school loans
  8. I think we might need some "Save Smitty" photo, with a bar graph showing the $ progress. Edit: Something like this, with Smitty photoshopped in.
  9. Plus I'm gunning for him on one of the Falcons FF sites. He will go down.
  10. I want a price update! BTW, this is one of the coolest things I've seen on the board in the years I've been on it.
  11. $5.23 for Smitty! Worth it just to see him scrap with Hall.