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  1. Rarely do I TATF.

  2. Come on Rev, you would have had to imagine the year on this post may be slightly off, as long as it's not written by Mr. Right.
  3. Man, I was actually watching SC right then. At first, when I read "resigns" I thought it said "re-signs", and I was wondering who would have actually extended Petrino on his 5 year deal after barely putting an offense together (the D was pretty good). I just couldn't imagine you play that Monday Night Game, and Tuesday night you are making some foolish pig call on TV.
  4. I'd like to point out I had season tickets during the 07 season... it wasn't a particularly happy time. Oh, and since we are on the 3 year anniversary, I was at that Monday night game, where Petrino managed to negotiate and learn the pig suey and sign and travel to the Arkansas job within 24 hours
  5. Finally back in America... and it's pretty awesome.

  6. Or any of his coach threads. I thought he guaranteed a few hires. (And dey wasn't Smitty or that guy before him) :ph34r:
  7. I miss jatchis, I haven't seen him in a long time. Seems like once we started winning he disappeared. Or maybe he killed himself after a few failed Saints seasons. No way to know I guess. And I'm surprised I didn't jump into this thread back then, lord knows I've been on the Redman bandwagon since preseason 07.
  8. He is still with the Gints. Edit: And he was expected to be a first round pick late in the year, then a mid round pick before the draft.
  9. That DJ sucked. That's why I don't call it a real mixtape.
  10. Man, who does everyone keep bumping stuff I didn't respond to? It really limits my interest. And FalconFrenzy, did you ever hear Drakes first (well, first real) mixtape Comeback Season? One of my favorites, it really put So Far Gone to shame.
  11. Another old bumped post? AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGg
  12. That was the same year. I think Vick threw 4 TD passes. Steelers fans everywhere, and we busted up Big Ben. Great game.
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