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  1. Defense is the more glaring need and anyways he plays RB what other position would you expect him to say that would put us over the top
  2. and nothing was produced, did we win a championship? foh
  3. dawg what are you talkin about turner only had one good year, I was never that high on him and yes I'm a falcons fan but I'm also a realest, you guys love to overrate the Falcons. 1000 yds is the norm now try 1500 yds
  4. and we've been doing it with so called "smarts and experience" all this while and haven't produce crap! change it up
  5. Yeah and I bet you that Ray Rice is faster than any back we have!
  6. I would rather pay less for Lagarrett Blount than Jax nothing against jax he just getting old
  7. Screw Stephen Jackson he has too many miles on him and too old for THIS team we need a medium sized back who can run like 4.4 or better and play every down. We need to go younger, faster, and bigger at every position lets not add old pieces because we still have to compete with the 49ers for years to come jax at best gives 2 solid years I'll pass
  8. I feel where you are coming from, people think just because you don't like Matt Ryan then you are not a true fan. I love the falcons to death but Matt Ryan is not all that good he is average at best neither is our coaching staff with mike smith. Our Wr corp is the only elite position we have throughout the league
  9. Giants drat him in sixth round but i am surprised he was even drafted
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