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  1. In Madden, I put Allen as my nickel corner and start Therezie at FS. So, if it works in Madden.......
  2. I bet this happened in Rams Organization today after last nights game: Fisher: Hey, you know that extension you guys offered me, think I'll go ahead and sign that today. Management: Yeah, about that extension.......we aren't sure we want you to sign it right now. So, 2 more games and 6 Keenum picks later, Goff will get his first start. Can you fire a coach working with a rookie QB? Fisher hopes not.
  3. What Elway didnt say but meant "Yes, we shopped him briefly with a few teams and got low ball offers back."
  4. http://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2016/9/2/12769394/nfl-cuts-2016-roster-tracker-53-man-deadline Bring him home, TD! (I dare you)
  5. Fact is, the guy wasn't gonna make the team at WR.....so why not try him out at DB?
  6. You say trade for a TE? Who? Which team has a good TE that they are willing to part with?
  7. Jones Sanu Hardy Robinson Weems Fuller McKissic/Williams to PS. Wouldn't be surprised if McKissic gets snatched by someone else.
  8. Do we have enough guys here willing to put their game where they mouth is with either starting our own league or running a quick tournament? PSN: BIGREGDACOMMISH
  9. Now, while his draft rights may not be traded, Bosa could still be dealt. Let's say, for strictly argument sake, the Falcons stepped to Chargers and said "Ok we will give you next years 1st, and either a 6th or say Malicah Goodman for Bosa" ...and here's the contract we would sign him too. Then SD agrees....signs Bosa to contract Falcons wanted, then dealt him. Yes, i know, I know.......Im just saying it could still be done.
  10. Yes, from everything I've read as well that its the Chargers not doing what any other team in the league would do for a guy they took 3rd overall. Also, as far as Bosa not being a "team guy", I bet NONE of the players on the Chargers are holding it against him that he's holding out. Yes, they want him on the field practicing, but they all understand the BUSINESS of the game. Especially when it comes down to getting guaranteed money.
  11. So those saying they wouldn't trade for him......are you saying you wouldn't trade anything (2nd, 4th, 6th, etc) because you think he can't play at all in the NFL? Or just saying you wouldn't trade a 1st for him?
  12. Bosa's mom came out and said that they should have pulled an "Eli Manning" (Forcing trade instead of going to San Diego) I truly believe a deal will get done, so this is TOTALLY HYPOTHETICAL......but say San Diego started listening to offers, what would you be willing to trade next years 1st round pick and maybe a borderline player on the roster?
  13. Take a Lyft to Friday Night Lights and back. Don't even bother with driving and parking. Here is a code to get $50 in ride credits. https://www.lyft.com/invite/BIGREGDACOMMISH or download the Lyft app and put BIGREGDACOMMISH the Lyft Credit Code section under PAYMENT
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