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  1. Gentlemen We have year 11 of the 2 Live Stews Madden League starting up. This year, its FREE! Only requirements is that you are willing to be on the groupme chat app and be available to play at least twice a week. We are using the fantasy draft option and will have the draft most likely Saturday Sept 8th. If interested, please email me at with you Name, screen name, and phone #. Meanwhile, you can join the league. League Name: 2 Live Stews (use the spaces) Password: 1MoGin (no spaces) Big Reg Da Commish
  2. Can the Seahawks decline his option for 5th year (which they did) and then franchise him?
  3. You realize you can't trade a player that isn't under contract, right?
  4. Orakpo just got 4 years, 31 million. So Im sure Bennett is like "that Micky Ficky didn't even play last year and got more them me" I think we would res-sign him to a 4 year deal worth more then what Orakpo got.
  5. Meanwhile, in Seahawks don't yet believe it.
  6. No to McPhee. I think playing alongside Suggs/Dumervil/Ngata makes him look good. Like Ed Hartwell and Peter Boulware next to Ray Lewis. Both got paid big elsewhere and that's the last you heard from them. Don't sign the man next to the man next to the man, go find another "man". (RIP Robin Harris)