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  1. where can i find the map telling me what areas the falcons game will be shown in?
  2. this is dumb, where was the outrage when the group for sam mcguffie to decommit from michigan was created?
  3. thats what i want to major in as well but im starting at southern next year and probably transferring to uga my sophomore year
  4. he is more of a physical specimen than a talented player, i go to school with him, i have a first hand account of his playing ability, youre just defending him because he's going to your school
  5. D is overrated, and i dont know if he can qualify academically, he's pretty dumb
  6. haha, mike mickens or mike mickens with that pick
  7. thats fine, but was it all muscle or did you gain a bit of fat too
  8. Tech fans you guys may not know but you just got one more commitment, his name is tyler kidney. He played DE in high school but was recruited to play Oline for you guys.
  9. With a playoff berth and a possible league MVP award within reach, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is hobbled. Peterson has an ankle injury, and he was limited in practice on Wednesday. Missing practice for the Vikings were tackle Artis Hicks (elbow), defensive end Jared Allen (knee), receiver Darius Reynaud (foot), and defensive tackle Pat Williams (shoulder). Quarterback Gus Frerotte (back) and defensive end Brian Robison (knee) were also limited participants. The Vikings host the Falcons on Sunday in a battle of 9-5 teams. http://www.profootballtalk.com/2008/12/17/...s-ankle-injury/
  10. hmm, i wonder why that is, cause it's not to stop the run. DE's are quicker so that they can run past the blocker and SACK the quarterback.
  11. exactly, if i ever saw this happen in public i would just lose it
  12. If that's not the greatest video ever i dont know what is
  13. and that a little plastic surgery wouldnt hurt them
  14. I was in 537 and there was this stupid guy with a sign that said you cant spell falcons without cons and had an arrow pointing to the word vick, and on the other side it said gas is hard to find, so is atl's defense. He was pissing me off, even the panther fans around me siad that i shouyld go ahead and beat his *** after the game. For the most part i got along with them around me, but i got booed and yelled at a lot. The ones i talked to had a lot of respect for the falcons they liked ryan a lot and wished that they had picked up turner
  15. Sanchez?? a bit of a homer pick to me, i think hes good but not top 5 in the nation, i would put jeremy maclin over him
  16. I live near the atlanta area and im going up this weekend to watch the game. Im ready to see the panthers get beat
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