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  1. look at what people thought last year? and look how we did! im sick of people sayin were gonna win 6 games and struggle....our offense is pretty well IDENTICAL tro last season, and with matt ryan gettin year 1 under his belt. Look out NFL!!! as for our defense, other than a couple holes, we reallly aren't that different from last year! look at it this way...our linebackers as of this second are Nicholas, Lofton, Wire,..is that really that bad?? i honectly IMO think it's already better than last year!, our CB's, Houston, and lets say Jackson, witrh Von Hutchins possibly commin back!, now thats
  2. not sure if u guys seen this yet but would be huge for them, and get him outta our division http://www.profootballtalk.com/2009/03/02/...ay-for-peppers/
  3. There is still quite a few geed free agents out there that would greatly inprove our defense...with that said, i truly believe we will sign a saftey and a LB this week, and possibly wait till the draft to address the DL...now i dont rule out a trrade for someone on the D line, however seems unlikely...like TD said were not gonna be big players in free agency, but i believe we will pick up Safety and LB in free aganecy
  4. if you look at all the teams that are in need of a qb right now, its not that far fetched to say we could get something for vick, i doubted we would get anything until i really looked into it, theres at least a good 6 or 7 teams that are really in need of a QB, now, it is gonnna be tough first of all for him to be in shape and learn a whole new system and scheme, but if there in a rebuilding mode, he could sit the first half of the season until he gets it down pat and go at 'er hard for the rest.. now the contract is a whole other thinbg though, thats the only thing that could stop a trade fro
  5. depending on the whole D hall situation, if he does go, which looks like he might, then i'd say we will need a CB,....but i think that our need it the Oline. no doubt...QB isn't as important (not that its not at all, cuz it is) but i believe redman could do better than any rookie we would bring in, and for the first time in a while i don't feel we need much reciever help, unless we got one in like the 7th round, but i think we need O line help before anything
  6. well i'd take it for a second however i don;t think the browns even have a draft pick at all the first day last i heard so it would be draft pick for next year
  7. i'm hoping he meant TEAM :crying:
  8. bottom paragraph!!!! POSTED 8:41 p.m. EST, February 29, 2008 FLORENCE A JAG? Chargers cornerback Drayton Florence is looking for a new team. On Friday, he visited with the Bucs. But now he's on his way to Jacksonville, and he's expected to join the Jaguars. Per Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune, a deal with the Jags is "all but done." Meanwhile, former Chargers running back Michael Turner remains in Atlanta, and his agent is negotiating with the teams about a contract.
  9. POSTED 4:50 p.m. EST, February 29, 2008 RANDALL GAY DRAWING INTEREST by Michael David Smith Although he won't sign as big a contract as his teammate Asante Samuel, New England Patriots free agent cornerback Randall Gay is drawing significant interest. Mike Reiss of the Boston Globe is reporting that Gay, a native of Louisiana who played football at LSU, is set to visit the New Orleans Saints on Saturday morning. If he leaves his hometown team without a contract, he'll head to a visit with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday. Meanwhile, Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports is reporting that Gay is
  10. Well no idea how long it will take, it depends if he wnats to go visit or talk to other teams to see what they got, but if it gets done today then we'll most likely hear about it not long after it happens would be my assumption
  11. Let's see who goes where in the next little bit
  12. POSTED 9:26 p.m. EST, February 28, 2008 VILMA TO SAINTS? The Lions kicked the tires on Jets linebacker Jonathan Vilma, and were regarded as the favorites to land the 12th player selected in the 2004 draft. But the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports that the Saints are close to swinging a deal for Vilma. Vilma's 2007 season was shortened by knee problems, and he hasn't been a good fit for the 3-4 defense. pft.com
  13. Looks like oakland is gonna try to make a big push to get him, but we are looking at him too "POSTED 8:37 p.m. EST, February 28, 2008 RAIDERS TO RAID THE CHAMPS? With safety Michael Huff, the No. 7 overall pick in the 2006 draft, available via trade, the Oakland Raiders could be a few hours away from signing his eventual replacement. Nancy Gay of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that the Raiders will make an aggressive run at Giants safety Gibril Wilson. Other teams reportedly interested in Wilson include the Eagles, Falcons, and Jaguars." from PFT
  14. I don;t think so, We have snelling who is pretty good and def better than Duckett
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