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  1. FourLoko and a 40 of Icehouse while riding MARTA, and no, I'm not joking.
  2. How am I gonna send 2 tickets to ALL you guys?
  3. I bought them off craigslist and am slightly sketched out by them. Everything looks legit, just checking with you guys
  4. They have less NFC losses, hence their other loss coming from the AFC.
  5. Mine sucks too: QB - Drew Brees RB - Chris Johnson RB - Adrian Peterson WR - Randy Moss WR - Andre Johnson Flex - MJD TE - Dallas Clark Def - Jets K - Rob Bironas I'm in a one man league.
  6. Probably the 08 Bears game just because I was there. I've never experienced such an emotional rollercoaster in my life.
  7. I'd rather meet the Saints with them being 2-0 than them angry that they already have a loss.
  8. I was surprised that so few people understood this, haha.
  9. The Starship in Suwanee? Are we talking about the one at the intersection of Lawrenceville Suwanee Rd and I-85?
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