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  1. I'm not sure if this would work but I was thinking if we could find a stud lt in the draft, we could move baker to rt and pickup a rg or center in the draft, we could have a major overhaul on our line in one offseason. Holmes isn't the answer, not until he can play in the second half like he does in the first. Baker is still a better option than anyone else that we have at rt. Maybe getting Johnson back will change that, who knows. But we need to add at least two new talented pieces to that line next year.

    Baker to Bolivia

  2. Just got into the top ten all time sacks. Congrats, you're one of the greats.

    What ars monkey decided Abe wasn't worth bringing back this year?? Who was that---TD? You should loose your job over this alone.

  3. I am not necessarily in favor of canning Smith, but that numb nut OC from Jacksonville can go, keep Nolan.

    If you fire Mike Smith you may as well start over and thats not going to happen even as much as we all want Arthur to flush this turd season down the toilet.

    I can promise you this, if you fire Smith he will be rehired immediately. Sorta like divorcing your wife and she gets remarried within months. Think about it before you dump Smith. Maybe he needs better coaches??

  4. Heard my first commercial spot for next years ticket renewal.nope, not gonna eat that nasty thing next year. I feel like I flushed my money down the crapper this year anyway. How about you--you going to renew?

    Can't wait for the sweet little voice that calls me to renew my tickets--"I'm gonna ask her if she went to any of the games and what she thought of the Falcons year"

    Sorry, I am mad--just mad at this team mad at some of the moves we made and didn't make, but most of all mad that Arthur said he has full confidence in coach Smith and his staff. Thats like saying I'm shot and bleeding out but its ok, I'll recover and forgive the shooter.

    Grow a pair Arthur and drop kick some of the folks responsible for this shipwreck--at least scowl. Houston has already shown their approval of Kubiak.

  5. Stupid move to let him walk smh. "Sacks are overrated" though

    This is another reason why I have no faith in this coaching staff, they can't even admit they fuked up--god dam spin doctors at flowery branch---fire 'em all

  6. For those who missed it, he was on the playing field and got in the way of a Baltimore punt returner.

    Punishment will likely be a 6-figure fine and possible draft picks.

    I agree 100% with that punishment. He's a coach. That was inexcusable.


    I agree with heavy fine and draft picks and I think that he should be suspended the rest of the year. After watching the video and especially his smile afterwards, he knew dam well what he was doing. What coach has his back to a play where the crowd is raising the roof with noise.

    Thats a shame, I thought he was better than that. Now people will always remember him for that play.

  7. Alright, so, moving on to the next game...the Packers.

    I haven't confirmed this, but, I think it's unlikely that Rodgers will play, so that means Flynn again at QB for Green Bay. Given the penchant this season for the Falcons defense to make average QBs, like Flynn, look like Pro-Bowlers, I'm concerned about both our CBs matching up against Nelson and Jones, two of the best route runnders in the league. Oddly enough, though, Eddie Lacy doesn't concern me all that much as I think Worrilow, Spoon and Bartu will more than hold their own in containing the Packers running game. Quarless may be the wild card for Flynn on offense, so we can't forget about him.

    At the risk of ticking off some of you Clowney-ites and tankerphobes laugh.png , I think this is a game the Falcons can and will win, especially coming off an emotional win against Buffalo yesterday. I look for Roddy, Worrilow, Ryan and A. Smith (if he gets the carries) have a big day. My only question is our CBs against their WRs. Unfortunately, we're gonna need to rely on DeCouldnt to give them some help over the top.


    Agree with most of what you say, I saw the old Falcon team last night except for the poor protection. Roddy played great, Jax was inspired, Antone and Quizz need more touches too, and the whole D played better for the most part.

    Love or hate our safeties we need them right now even with their flaws

    Kinda brought a tear to my eye, then I got mad and said where the hel was this team all season?

  8. Thats funny how the head of the Catholic church with estimated annual revenues greater than Ford or GM at $170,000,000,000 (billion) comments of economics. The Catholic church is probably the richest business in the world.


  9. We can look at Mike Smith's body of work and if you back up he has simply been the best coach the Falcons have ever had no disrespect to Leeman Bennett. He is a great guy who knows the game and has his head in every game every down. I am sure he feels like sheet and wants more than anyone in Atlanta to turn this around not because he may or may not lose his job, but he loves football, this team and this city.

    My question is, "Can you really fault Mike Smith and his staff completely for this colossal fall or is really more of function of the scheme and type of players drafted and the moves made around the draft"

    I think its more of the second, small speed cut block players and ignoring the trenches for an explosive offense, ie selling tickets. I love having Julio but that move alone has hurt us but not sure we would have drafted DL or OL. Would I rather have a couple of players in the trenches versus Julio? Naw, I want Julio but ignoring the pass rush and flushing the OL were inexcusible moves.

    I blame TD more than anyone, and he will walk scott free and get a pass on this disaster. He more than anyone has egg on his face and should be repremanded.

    Just my thoughts---Happy Thanksgiving to all my TATF friends

  10. A little random I know, but I was told by someone that Matt says "let it go" at the line of scrimmage instead of "ready set hut."

    Is this true? I can't seem to find confirmation. To me I believe I clearly hear him saying ready set but.

    They come up with names for hot reads the week before and if Ryan sees a certain defensive set he calls audibles---I have heard Chevy and other random names

    also dink, dunk screen that goes now where and 3 and out

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