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  1. Are we playing for home field advantage tomorrow?
  2. I am tired of CBS & FOX giving us 3rd rate announcers too---we deserve better
  3. So sorry brother--I couldn't begin to describe my story---its stupid and shameful. In short I have a wonderful child and a crap for an ex
  4. Watching Springer today and reading the recent thread about what if someone broke into your home, inspired me to write this crazy what if scenario
  5. my 12 gauge and have my wife call 911 to tell them the intruder is dead take your time
  6. thats awesome +1 Uga_dog1 merry christmas
  7. Spoon has been really effective for a rookie
  8. I like our stlye "all substance and very little flash or drama" oh remember Meangelo and Vick---there was so much garbage each week that it over powered the game
  9. here you go pp---don't think we missed out on much though http://projects.ajc.com/gallery/view/metro/news/lunar-eclipse-122110/
  10. I can't believe in a QB with a 74 rating (Sanchez)
  11. I say we show class and just go about our business like we have bigger things to accomplish (SB!)
  12. Mr Blank has the beat and bopping along with the rest of the team. TD said he is in the commercial but I'll be darned if I can see him.
  13. I totally agree with Dharma's reply however I would have to say Roddy has been a surprise--he was definitely great before but now he is one of leagues elite
  14. I hate the Saints---I hope we knock that stain off Brees' face
  15. Our OL has been stellar all year giving Matt Ryan enough time and opening holes for Turner. This is a huge factor in our winning season. Very disciplined line, few penalties and no injuries. Tony G and Ovie have been great blocking too. The line doesn't get enough recognition for the fantastic year they are having.
  16. I like it "pound the panties" +1 back at you A-TowN
  17. Monday is a perfect chance to show the nation what we are really about. We need to take care of the Saints and secure home field advantage then we can rest our starters and play a preseason game against the panties and expose their vajayjays!
  18. With all due respect Rev the national audience against the Saints is a perfect chance to show the league who we really are!
  19. I was thinking the same thing about Chris Berman---did he have a stroke? He can't finish a sentence and Tom Jackson is just old
  20. Yes and heck yes----Monday night is going to be a war---they know it and we know it. I expect to see a Falcon team playing all out and if we can move the line and keep Turner going----all will fall into place and we win 30-24 Coach will definitely rest the big guns and give Redman Snelling Fin and many on the defense and well deserved rest
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