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  1. murder is more accepted? than a beat down with a hickory stick? who knows
  2. Rev---I actually saw a Panty fan with a #2 Clausen jersey---no kidding---I should have given him a dollar to start a collection for a real jersey----#84 Roddy White
  3. Are they both yours BuccoBruce? Can the second have a play date?
  4. I completely agree Peyton---what a dream it has been thus far. I want it all now. Kinda greedy but we have come this far and the stars are aligned for us so it would seem.
  5. That was funny---old man doing the disco hand dance
  6. Hey we have beat 'em both this season and will do it again
  7. There were three guys wearing hats that looked like the Packer cheese heads but wrapped in foil with a sign on them that said ICE HEADS for Mr. Matty Ice of course----anyone else see this or has it been around for a while and I didn't see it before?
  8. we have a bye in the 1st round and I don't think anyone knows till later tonight
  9. aww---it was pretty much our B team out there---no worries. We could have hung at least 40 on the Panties if we were like say Belichick--but we have way too much class
  10. well the suit that was under a $1000 anyway---lots of love and respect for him I saw him at the game shaking hands and signing autogrphs
  11. Clausen is awful but Dunta had the inside tract and made a really good catch & took a hard tumble but hung on for his 1st interception as a Falcon. He has been taking a little heat for not having one yet---way to go #23! Now lets step it up and hit another gear for the playoffs.
  12. Arthur enjoyed every minute of it, he only wishes he were out there running routes----he is the most respected owner in the league---he doesn't give a crap about his suit. I bet he wore the cheap today anyway just in case.
  13. Thats funny I'm supporting and rooting for the Falcons too---Fox just wants a job
  14. you have a lot of talent and nice life it seems pp
  15. We have an old golden retriever. He sheds like no tomorrow and has fairly bad breath but we love him just the same---oh yeah a cat too who is a typical rescue over eater. similar to this and this
  16. Grimes has been awesome this year--better than Dunta
  17. I remember last year and this years team is a vast improvement---William Moore and Thomas Decoud have been spectacular. My only beef has been the lack of consistent QB pressure which we were promised and Dunta----all in all it is a good D
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