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  1. 2 minutes ago, Psychic Gibbon said:

    It has struggled because it did not address profiteering at the healthcare provider level, it did not include lowering the Medicare age to 55, it did not include a public option (thanks, Lieberman...), and because many Republican states refused Medicaid expansion.

    My main gripe with the law is that it is overly complicated and sticks to a core failed policy of giving insurance companies subsidies instead of ditching that failed market and going fully to a public system.

    See you and I just agreed on the core issues of Healthcare from either side of political parties--why can't congress set aside their differences? Is there that much hate that we'd rather see the country suffer before giving in?


    Maybe we need new polititcians

  2. 2 minutes ago, Psychic Gibbon said:

    Our healthcare system revolves around the government giving insurance companies and businesses subsidies and tax credits to drive prices and costs down. That is something that started in the late 40s when Republicans blocked Truman's singlepayer effort and proposed this system instead.

    Obamacare is just a continuation of that. It does little more than trying to prop up a failed market in health insurance.

    I think you are correct about the subsidies--I concede on this but O-care was a massive income redistribution and employer mandates with unrealistic predictions. It has failed and dragging this countries healthcare down the sewer all the while democrats and republicans can't agree on a fuking thing and we the people (of all race and income) are suffering

  3. 3 minutes ago, lostone said:

    Actually... yes it is.  The playing games with the payments to them is causing the rates to increase.  Uncertainty makes insurance go up...

    I respectfully disagree, his predecessor created this sheet pile and left a stinking mess for us to clean up

  4. 7 minutes ago, Vicious said:

    The left on this board: "show proof"

    Me: "proof"

    The left: "I'm not looking. Did you hear what Trump just tweeted?"....

    That's why I say you guys are insufferable. You overlook the obvious to chase constant disinformation being disseminated from people who professionally disseminate misinformation. I don't believe all of the wacko things all of these sources have claimed throughout the years, but even blind squirrels occasionally find a nut. I have to use them as a source because of the MSM's involvement in all of this. Alex Jones is a nut. Rush Limbaugh is a nut. The sites posting some of this information are obviously a little out there at times, and heavily slanted to the right. The_Donald is the perfect example of that. Wikileaks was always a trusted source until they exposed the left. Now they are "Russian Propaganda". I wonder who came up with that...

    However, this one they have right, and it is being validated by people close to the situation. I can understand your reluctance to listen to any of the places reporting it, but they aren't the sources of the information. They are just reporting it. The mainstream media's reluctance to report on it is even more telling, as they are being implicated in this as well. There is a reason Brennan is sweating the next release from Wikileaks dubbed Vault8. 

    why do you bother Vicious? They aren't listening to fact/logic. Things are moving to the right and the folks on the left will end up looking silly with or without your help.

    I like dropping truth on their post and watching them deny and avoid

  5. 8 minutes ago, bdog 29 said:

    The President of the United States is personally approving conspiracy theories for media outlets to push out.

    That is on-par with attempted collusion with Russia in how big that is. Just nucking futs

    maybe its true and the ground the ground the Dems are standing on is about to be ripped out from under them--ever thought of that? Maybe the President has better intel than you


    Iknow I know you are.................wait for it...................... you are LMAO we get it you laugh a lot

  6. 5 minutes ago, Vicious said:

    I'm done trying to show you guys the truth. You'd rather be morally outraged at everything while you look through your propaganda for the day than to open your eyes and realize that the people you've trusted to provide you with information are completely full of sh*t.

    No matter how much crap we give each other, I think of you guys as pretty intelligent, which is why I cannot understand why you fall for the same bs everyday hook line & sinker. Russia-Trump is a hoax. Obama was a sham. You'll find out soon enough. 

    Don't worry they will see here soon and sadly most will spin the Seth Rich murder even as it drags the last of the Dem party down. 

  7. 4 minutes ago, WOR said:

    Advocating murder is never the truth. 

    You need Jesus. BAD. 

    I am merely expressing the opinions I read about ongoing and obvious upcoming investigations

    I apologise to you only WOR if my post offends you. I too am offended by the overwhelming anti-Trump fake and false rhetoric and trying to express what I believe to be the truth.

    I have Jesus in my heart BTW I care for you and anyone seeking the truth

  8. DGHPvHKUAAAq6a4.jpg:large


    BREAKING: Former Obama White House National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes is now an emerging as a person of interest in the House Intelligence Committee’s unmasking investigation, according to a letter sent Tuesday by the committee to the National Security Agency (NSA). This adds Rhodes to the growing list of top Obama government officials who may have improperly unmasked Americans in communications intercepted overseas by the NSA, Circa has confirmed.

  9. Just now, falconsd56 said:

    Please show where he is being charged with either of those.........



    Notice how the Awan Brothers story was heating up so in response let's make up something about Seth Rich, STAT America.. I Don't buy this for one second!

    To debunk Russia "hack" narrative, Trump can point to the Guccifer 2.0 DNC archive forensic analysis senior ex-NSA officials have validated

  10. 2 minutes ago, falconsd56 said:

    Making a knowingly false on a loan application is more than a boo boo...it is a pretty serious crime.

    As of right now...despite your gibberish that is ALL that he has been charged with. Like it or not that is the actual fact of the situation.


    3 minutes ago, falconsd56 said:

    Making a knowingly false on a loan application is more than a boo boo...it is a pretty serious crime.

    As of right now...despite your gibberish that is ALL that he has been charged with. Like it or not that is the actual fact of the situation.

    filing a false loan app? Pales in comparison to murder and smashing hard drives after being subpoenaed  

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