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  1. Maria Sharpova---but I am sure this has been mentioned already
  2. I am ready--bought my falcon hat & jersey

  3. I am curious to see what moves we make

  4. I am curious to see what moves we make

  5. Kill da Giants

  6. I am looking forward to our high power offense

  7. It only gets easier from here out---keep up the good work
  8. dang---your hitting that? nice! +1 wait your not hitting that
  9. Always a good poster on TATF--Thanks

  10. I need some sort of FA or draft hope to keep me going

  11. OMG---this is the winner of Darwin idiot awards 2010---he crashes his wheelchair into an elevator door repeatedly till finally it gives way and the wheelchair fool plunges to his death http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TI7FZ8RG4Rg
  12. Thats great--thanks bet Arthur keeps that suit and never wears it again---he must be so proud given where this team was a little more than three years ago
  13. Arthur loved it actually--he is one of if not the most respected owners in the league and deserves all this respect after enduring the years prior to Coach Smith
  14. Are they both yours BuccoBruce? Can the second have a play date?
  15. Hey we have beat 'em both this season and will do it again
  16. There were three guys wearing hats that looked like the Packer cheese heads but wrapped in foil with a sign on them that said ICE HEADS for Mr. Matty Ice of course----anyone else see this or has it been around for a while and I didn't see it before?
  17. we have a bye in the 1st round and I don't think anyone knows till later tonight
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