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  1. 14 minutes ago, Gritzblitz 2.0 said:

    Pretty much meaningless when all are re-elected. Everyone hates every member of Congress but their own. 

    I hear ya Gritzblitz and you're probably right. I bet things are different in 2018. I have never seen politics this divisive and frankly teetering on the edge of civil war. I wouldn't be at all surprised if very few incumbents get re-elected. Folks are sick this gridlock & crap

  2. 1 minute ago, lostone said:

    Since this is so open and shut, why isn't anyone going after them?  Why isn't the justice department all over this?

    I don't know Lostone-can't understand anything that happens or trends in DC any more. I'm just a simple fool that still thinks if you break the law then the man will make you pay but seems like if your a politician there are no rules any more.

  3. Loretta Lynch used an alias to evade FOIA collection requests aimed at the official email account. In short, to hide criminal activity. Obama and Hillary used them too.

    All these fools will face justice eventually (when dems finally give up their charade).

  4. 8 hours ago, Sturgil Simpson said:

    Weren't there three documented cases of voter fraud during the election, but they all were people trying to vote for Trump twice? 

    Why doesn't it bother democrats that 11 Cali counties have more registered voters than eligible citizens? 

  5. What if's concerning Trump and whether he blows the lid off the Seth Rich murder and ties to the DNC

    IF (A) Wheeler's allegations are true that Trump is directly involved in pushing the Seth Rich story, and IF (B) Hersh's source described in the leaked audio WikiLeaks tweeted is legit and correct, then it logically follows that:

    1. The Seth Rich/WikiLeaks connection is real, and the Russia narrative, or at least the DNC hacking component of it, is false.

    2. The DNC and MSM may be complicit in covering up a murder, and federal investigation into this possibility will become essential.

    3. Trump was trying to push the Seth Rich story to debunk the Russia narrative.

    4. Trump wanted to accomplish this without it being traceable back to him, for obvious reasons.

    5. Trump therefore couldn't declassify the FBI document/s without compromising his plan, but was relying on an anonymous FBI source, Rod Wheeler, and Fox News to break the story to the public at large. This was successfully obstructed by MSM/DNC damage control.

    BUT -- now that the White House's alleged role has been exposed, Trump has no disincentive, and every incentive, to declassify whatever information the FBI has on Seth Rich. The president can declassify anything he wants, whenever he wants, with no red tape.

    Therefore, IF both (A) and (B) are true, Trump could now blow the lid off the whole thing any moment he chooses and bring down god knows what kind of dominos. IF (A) and (B) are true, the DNC are scared ****less right now, and will be bringing out the big guns to attempt to save their hides. Yesterday's Grand Jury announcement suggests that Trump's opposition have no intention of deescalating on the Russia narrative. Therefore, IF (A) and (B) are true, **** is going to get very very interesting.

    We can debate about how likely we think (A) and (B) are, but if they are true... holy ****.

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