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  1. 7 minutes ago, Leon Troutsky said:

    That photo is fake.  You guys who spout so much about "fake news" sure are posting a lot of fake s*** on the boards.

    sigh what ever you want to believe, all I'm saying is open your eyes to more than your left only beliefs



  2. 1 minute ago, holymoses said:

     You do that's Photoshop or Senator Byrd was about in the clan much later than I presume. Regardless, of course you very publicly renounced the Klan and his association with it. 

     I wonder why you don't know that.  

     When did Robert E. Lee renounce his treason?  Maybe he did, and maybe I am ignorant on this.  Help me out 

    And you would not post a photo shopped picture, would you?


  3. Guccifer was created by a foreign hacker Marcel Lazar currently serving a jail sentence in Romainia He thinks Guccifer 2.0 was and inside job Link http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/08/11/guccifer-calls-fox-from-romania-says-shouldnt-be-sent-back-to-u-s.html If you can stand the truth today or just deny and dance around it as usual

    Meanwhile, in the U.S. as Special Counsel Robert Mueller expands his investigation into possible ties between President Trump's campaign and Russia, Lazar still remains the only person behind bars who has been connected to the Clinton email affair. Lazar does not believe a Russian connection will be found because, "the Russians are more skillful than this, to let the tracks saved in the documents point to them. So, this is made by the other guys who want to put and point to the Russians."

    And as for how President Donald Trump is doing?  "People don't give him enough credit...understand-- the guy is not a politician, but he wants the good of his country. Ok."

  4. 3 minutes ago, Leon Troutsky said:

    Absolutely false.  The two nuclear reactors that were part of the negotiation were not capable of making weapons grade uranium.  North Korea already had, at that time, a large reactor capable of making weapons grade uranium, and they have been nuclear capable for awhile now.

    The deal was for NK to shut down their existing reactor and replace it with the two that could not produce weapons grade uranium.  NK never shut down their previous reactor and there is no evidence that the two reactors you are talking about were ever built.  

    you get my drift, we had a chance to stop this 15 years ago

  5. 6 minutes ago, mdrake34 said:

    You people = Trump supporters. Don't Trump supporters always complain about lefties playing the race card? 

    ok accepted response. Since we're going to disagree all day, lets be civil and not name call. I got a lot of that yesterday because of my political beliefs which opposes most that post on this thread I guess

  6. 1 minute ago, mdrake34 said:

    Nothing Trump does matters to you people, it's all the fault of Clinton and Obama. You show less personal responsibility than a democrat. 

    "you people" thats kinda racial

    Let me ask you a question, does the left ever think they have made mistakes or is this whole thread about bashing Trump with some factual and some fake made up ****?

  7. 4 minutes ago, Optimus_Cr1m35 said:

    Prove otherwise.


    Scaramucci blames Reince Priebus for White House leaks as Trump chaos escalates


    The Trump White House Isn’t Fearing ‘Vengeful’ Reince Leaks—for Now


    Anthony Scaramucci Begins Staff Purge in Effort to Stop Leaks


    Scaramucci Threatens To ‘Pare Down’ White House Staff If Leaks Don’t Stop


    Why Trump’s White House Won’t Stop Leaking



    May 15: Trump discloses highly classified information to Russia

    July 19 and 24: Trump tweets leak confirming CIA program



    The New York Timesreported the existence of a draft executive order that had been circulated within the National Security Council that called for a review of an Obama policy which called for the end of CIA prisons where torture was used for interrogation methods.

    Sean Spicer on Jan. 25 claimed that the document was not from the White House, though the Times reported that was false.

    dude Scaramucci has been fired and yesterdays news   peace out I have to work

  8. 2 minutes ago, Optimus_Cr1m35 said:

    Fact based. Who reported on the Mooch meeting at the WH that caused Mooch to go on his tirade? Had to be one of the people at the dinner, correct? Also, we get leaks all the time pertaining to staff only meetings at the WH. Who could leak those? Drumpf Staff.


    Not to mention the dumble**** on twitter...

    sigh ok what ever

  9. 5 minutes ago, mdrake34 said:

    Leaks about the locations of NK missiles are minutia?  Didn't you just post we're on the brink of war with NK? 

    I said they were felonies--FELONIES. Thats the problem here--you read what you want and not the whole statement. It is small in comparison the subversion, unmasking, spying and yes murder. But all will be addressed. Since you are not a dem, then you won't be too upset when they are essentially wiped out in 2018 and exposed for the fraud the whole Russian dossier and investigation was (Boomerang)

  10. 5 minutes ago, mdrake34 said:

    Do you believe in Trump for retweeting a Fox and Friends story that contained leaks?

    minutia, and most of leaks have come from never Trumpers doing their best to sabotage (felonies) our duly elected president (Obama holdovers)

  11. 4 minutes ago, Optimus_Cr1m35 said:

    Your opinion. Not based on facts, just opinion...

    not true, I am educated by folks and opinions that I doubt you have ever fully listened too because you have it all figured out already and closed your mind?



  12. 8 minutes ago, mdrake34 said:

    Posting memes from your Facebook account isn't expressing your opinion. It's lazy. 

    Thats not the case at all and lighten up a bit. There is so much left/democrat opinionism here I try and open some eyes/minds to what the right thinks and frankly is correct in my opinion

    The democrats seems so angry to any other ideas or opinions that isn't theirs. I guess you guys have been backed into a corner?

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