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  1. Probably the same guy that turned the crowd noise up
  2. for 60K I would have this and this in my own media room and some of this
  3. Who is left to play if we cut 'em all?
  4. you know I could possibly see psl's if this team was a dynasty or won a super bowl, something more than four winning seasons in a row (followed by 2 miserable seasons) and 1 playoff win of recent, but honestly we aren't that good yet. So why in hel would anyone voluntarily pay this huge chunk of money that you are legally married to?? It makes no sense at all total money grab and greed in its purist form from our so called loving owner
  5. Long read but not short on emotion--I don't think the Dr. Smith's of the world are any less of a fan than us poorer brethren; all I am saying is it hurts to walk away. I have been a season ticket holder for the last 5 years and cheered and cussed though good and bad and now I feel like Mr. Blank (who owes me nothing) is saying your commitment is not enough and not wanted anymore
  6. What blows my mind is I have choice between going downtown and dealing with parking and traffic, and high prices for beer and food or simply sitting at home and watching on TVPSL's make no dam sense at all Yet some are are embracing this.
  7. This thread is like herpes & psl's--it just wont go away
  8. I'm impressed with Quinn, now lets go kick butt

  9. mods please delete this thread 1% vs the rest of the world
  10. I see your point doc I love PSL's It's good for our fanbase and builds team spirit, RISE UP crap on the poor haha stupid fans who don't make enough money is their own fault
  11. the last six seasons for me lower level corner endzone section 101. The problem is I am the "blue collar" falcon fan hanging on. Season tics are a big choice for me every year and I have sat through a lot of good and a lot of bad the last two seasons. So, what will I get for my loyalty? PSL's and some corporation taking my seats. Excuse me if I share my dissatisfaction for PSL's the same way you seem to enjoy them. Guess I should have gone to med school (BTW I think you're Reggie Roberts)
  12. +100 ouch show some respect, dude is a billionaire
  13. Parking = $0 Beer & Food = what ever Kroger charges View of the game and taking a nap at halftime = Priceless
  14. ha your right didn't see that, Google image anyway
  15. who is this guy? nothing he is saying makes a bit of sense
  16. Me too and I'm pissed off. Not gonna renew prePSL
  17. Duff man, no not really. He may be an eye surgeon from Tennessee but you have to ask yourself why would he respond over and over to all this hate? I mean if he can afford to pay more (preseason included) for his tickets and not to mention driving 10 hours round trip to "have his PSL meeting for a $1000 (which makes no sense either), why wouldn't he just buy his tickets and hush up"--this whole thread doesn't make sense. I honestly think he is a plant or mole for the Falcon FO
  18. Yeah and we flushed the toilets when the opposing team was taking showers too Pffff F off league officials go back to Boston where the cheaters really are
  19. What's an eye surgeon from Tennessee doing going to Falcon games 5 hours away when you could be a Titan fan? Either you're a mole or traitor?
  20. and one more thing, my dam couch is soft and if you keep pushing these psl's thats where I will be shiting, in my own toilet and eating my own wings!
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