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  1. Thats a good one pp +1---I was talking about horsepower not just horses--ha
  2. It is a rush +1 nothing I have never seen before---controlled explosions, really loud and guys with big balls---especially the motorcycle racers
  3. Got to the Summit Nationals in Commerce Ga. today and sat down to first watch the motorcycles shoot the 1/4 mile in just 6 seconds or 185mph, next prostock at 205mph, then the nitro burning dragsters did the 1/4 mile in 3.9 seconds or 310mph and then the nitro funny cars at 300 mph. The speed was unbelievable but the sound or noise the cars made literally rattled your whole body and I wasn't that close to the start. Ashley Force who did well----she drives a funny car to speeds over 300mph
  4. I feel bad for hockey fans---Remember the Flames and now the Thrashers I thought Glavine was thinking of buying the team
  5. I am afraid to brag but things have gotten a lot better----dang sure saving money this time
  6. Wait---didn't Gaines Adams pass away last year? Lets leave him alone god rest his soul
  7. agree--he had an excellent chance to learn and improve and who knows, maybe the pros but kinda doubt it now Ealey=bonehead
  8. nuff said---excellent post +1 I am beetching just saying we could stand to improve at more than one position
  9. Troubled tailback Waushaun Ealey has been granted an unconditional release by UGA. http://blogs.ajc.com/uga-sports-blog/2011/05/09/uga-starting-tb-washaun-ealey-granted-unconditional-release-by-bulldogs/ Isaiah Crowell and 5th year Caleb King are set to take over any gaps left by this move. Is this a good thing for the dawgs?
  10. I can't stop myself from remembering the GB game---we got tooled with a 3 & 4 man spread offense and or nickel coverage was hopeless (owens)---and I also remember this very question concerning our pass rush prior to last year when Mr. Blank, TD, McKay, and Coach Smith met with about 200 hand-picked fans at Flowery Branch. One question was about where our pass rush would come from since we didn't draft a DE and took Weahterspoon and Peters. Coach Smith said that there would be more DT pressure & LB blitz plays and that seemed to satisfy the crowd and all of us for the time being, but th
  11. Green Bay played a spread offense with 3 & 4 receivers and we countered with a nickel and made Owens look silly partly because we weren't able to put any pressure on Rodgers. I hope Flowery Branch learned a lesson because the rest of the league saw that too.
  12. There always a doubter in the bunch---I choose to believe we are on the front end of a long winning tradition---soon even the unfaithful will see
  13. What happened to Mike Peterson? & don't forget our new 4th rounder punter or kicker
  14. I hear what your saying about the DT's getting a push, but I'm saying the same thing about pressure coming from the ends---so I agree with you Knight of God---we need a good push/run stop in the middle and we need a little better pressure form the ends +1
  15. hmmm-hope Kroy steps it up on the field cause we need him to focus and improve not get all into the fake TV drama crap---kinda makes me sick just thinking how she will represent the Falcons in a way
  16. All true but someone has to bring consistent pressure from both sides to make that QB step forward against his will and that hasn't happened for a while--not knocking Abe's talents or Kroy---but it has to be on every down and go through the QB's mind that he has 3 seconds or be hit, not 5 or 6 seconds
  17. Ugh nothing is jumping out at me---maybe go with what we got
  18. $hit--maybe he is happy--hope this doesn't end up in disaster, she seems a lot like a goldigger
  19. MAKE IT STOP!! OK 4263283193932121 gag-puke
  20. pfff---I guess because we are a democracy I don't get the concept of "royals"--love the Brits but this is their fantasy. When I tell my wife that Kate is just cute and not hot she thinks I'm crazy
  21. WOW! GO HAWKS!!!! very impressed thus far
  22. I am looking forward to our high power offense

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