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  1. I'm impressed with Quinn, now lets go kick butt

  2. This Coaching Limbo is Killing Me & Now They Want me to Renew Season Tic--what to do?

  3. Here we go Rome is burning

  4. Merry Christmas

  5. hakuna matata

  6. Happy Thanksgiving

  7. Christmas comes early--we won!

  8. Its Just Football Draft Big Lineman and run the ball---not that tough to figure out

  9. I can't do this anymore--its making me physically ill to watch this team

  10. Come on Falcons Lets Get it Together

  11. Great win against the Aints

  12. I like our FA and draft moves, I'm looking for a much improved team see you at the dome

  13. Don't be trading Thomas--we need depth

  14. Lets forget last season and get it right in 14

  15. I am a tank now--A big fat tank the season

  16. I give up till April

  17. I feel bad but not as bad as the players

  18. Geez, we better have a pass rush this year

  19. Summer OTA's just around the corner

  20. Ready for the draft

  21. I am now a satisfied Falcon fan

  22. Giants Game Is A Must Win For Falcons

  23. I am ready--bought my falcon hat & jersey

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