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  1. The panties be like this not a chance they win the division and Brees is ancient
  2. Anyone worried about injuries with a shortened practice and preseason?
  3. Pair Kiper's paid to say s*** like that on TV and he needs to get a better haircut. He thinks he knows a lot about player evaluation and talent he didn't know Jack crap
  4. No one on had AJ as our pick did they? I'll refrain from making myself look even more foolish by predicting #47 but I will say this TD will make a trade or two before this is over.
  5. I bet he has lost 30 lbs of muscle
  6. I think TD will get it done but give away a lot
  7. Something tells me they will--Arthur isn't getting any younger and that shelf he built in his office for the Lombardi trophy is getting dusty. Dimitfoff has to make a bold move now, he hasn't done anything spectacular since Julio
  8. An ultimatum saying get it done in 2020 or hit the road
  9. Anyone that thinks Matt Ryan is a problem to this organization or has to go is crazy. I've seen the Falcons over the last two decades and I've seen some real ***** quarterbacks. Matt Ryan is consistent. Sure he has some faults and some bad games but enlarge he's a great quarterback. the problem is it's hard to throw passes or run a constructive offense when you're running for your life. the real problem is the offensive line
  10. May be suspended for the rest of the year
  11. Whatever happens in 2 weeks will definitely see an all out effort by the coaching and players against the Rams. I like our position right now DQ has been put on notice win or get fired
  12. I think PSL's have a lot to do with the empty seats but the crappy performance has more to do with an empty house
  13. Yeah I say good luck in jail with that hate kind of hate--should have off'd himself
  14. What the hel is going on, can't even be safe and pray at church
  15. sadly there is over 100 wars/conflicts documented in the bible https://constantlyreforming.wordpress.com/every-battle-in-the-bible/ I have never understood the word of God including this
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