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  1. I am saddened that Julio will most likely be traded I feel like we missed out on the ultimate opportunity to use his talents better
  2. agree and no one got hurt
  3. Really didn't hear much about AB having his finger in the draft and kind of glad about that
  4. TD was just a Yes Man for blank he didn't have half the vision This Crew has
  5. I think you're spot on what Basham Ojulari we get one of these guys
  6. I'm going to be furious if we draft offense or running back we need to pay attention to the line cornerbacks are picked over any safety you'll do at this point
  7. Yeah well the bills going to come do in about 2 years when Matt is staring down 40 years old
  8. Well said we just got rid of Brees, makes puke just thinking about A -aron in a saint uniform
  9. I'm okay with Kyle Pitts not thrilled that we're taking the tight end even though he's a difference-maker kind of hoping we trade back somebody gets desperate gives up their first and first next year
  10. Goodell will get booed again tonight you watch
  11. Yeah that all sounds great and hoping we do draft picks but what about the offensive line no talk about that Matt Ryan will have to dink and dunk if he doesn't get better protection
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