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  1. Something tells me they will--Arthur isn't getting any younger and that shelf he built in his office for the Lombardi trophy is getting dusty. Dimitfoff has to make a bold move now, he hasn't done anything spectacular since Julio
  2. An ultimatum saying get it done in 2020 or hit the road
  3. Anyone that thinks Matt Ryan is a problem to this organization or has to go is crazy. I've seen the Falcons over the last two decades and I've seen some real ***** quarterbacks. Matt Ryan is consistent. Sure he has some faults and some bad games but enlarge he's a great quarterback. the problem is it's hard to throw passes or run a constructive offense when you're running for your life. the real problem is the offensive line
  4. May be suspended for the rest of the year
  5. Whatever happens in 2 weeks will definitely see an all out effort by the coaching and players against the Rams. I like our position right now DQ has been put on notice win or get fired
  6. I think PSL's have a lot to do with the empty seats but the crappy performance has more to do with an empty house
  7. Me: Joel do mind if I stay at your place? Water has destroyed my home? You have 20,000 sq feet & several wings, you won't even know I'm there! Osteen: NO
  8. listen to this poor woman go off on CNN who ends up looking so stupid
  9. I knew things were bad in Houston but damit now I have to worry about sharks?