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  1. Defenders in the MLS are generally not good. Most team resources are spent on attacking or MF players, leaving the back line to be filled by less than stellar fill-ins. So you're not far off since most of them are stealing money.
  2. Is it Darling and Orsillo?
  3. You said, “he hasn’t been good since July 1.” The entirety of his truly awful struggles have come in August.
  4. ? He had an OPS against under .700 in July. He’s been bad lately, but at least don’t make stuff up.
  5. Man, **** Buster Posey. Dude is like the second coming of Jesus whenever he plays Atlanta.
  6. Posey has been decidedly not good in the month of August as well. Over hitting .254 with a .769 OPS, but is even worse over the last two weeks with a .129/.229/.161 slash line.
  7. They’ve got off the next two days, so wouldn’t need to.
  8. Only one well positioned there was RichRod
  9. Basically rehashed his previous contract.
  10. Nope. You made your bed, now you’ve gotta lay in it.
  11. Smith had maybe like 2 minutes to get loose. Tomlin should be packing his bags to head home instead of BAL.
  12. Am I crazy, or does Riley already have like 23 HRs? 😂
  13. With how close they are I don’t blame you!
  14. English and Dutch are the two prominent languages in Curaçao. Jurrjens and Andruw are from the same Island.
  15. Three outs away from being tied for 1st!
  16. Not true. Braves have lost 12 games that he has appeared in and the only ones he given up runs in are the 6 losses on his record (tonight is TBD).
  17. For sure. I honestly don't think they ever really wanted him back, but the dismal performance by the 'pen to start the season necessitated it. His usage in the playoffs was pretty telling, as he only appeared in 6 games, 3 of which were blowouts, and two were in the middle innings of the last 2 LCS games.
  18. Dieng will probably end up as the BAE signing since his reported $4m is pretty close to that. Might as well use it now on him given that we will most likely operate as a LT team soon.
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