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  1. I mean, barely. The major-league pieces SD dealt were basically the equivalent of us trading Wright, Alex Jackson, and another graduated prospect (not even sure he have anything equivalent to Josh Naylor, who's MIL numbers were severely boosted by playing in the PCL). What we didn't have were the lower level guys like Arias or Cantillo. Shewmake would probably be the comparable to Owen Miller. I will say that Kiley got reassigned to a different post after the baseball operations shakeup in 2017, so I'll just attribute the majority of the snark in his writing (especially that last paragraph) to
  2. It's a solid analysis overall, but one thing it doesn't even remotely touch on is the dearth of talent available in the lower minors for Atlanta, which his precisely where the Padres and Preller dealt from. The international restrictions will ease in this next period, but it will still take a number of good years to build it back up. Until then, let's all be glad that we still have one of the relatively youngest teams in baseball, with a majority of our talent still here for a number of years. For San Diego, while they have bonafide superstars in Tatis and Machado, they are still being b
  3. I'd much rather see a rejuvenated Folty over Tomlin or Touki at this point.
  4. Well you weren't wrong on him getting called up. Taking the place of Touki on the roster.
  5. Fried? Soroka? Tomlin? I mean the guy has been here since last year, which has included an extended absence while he was dealing with his wife's sickness and a global pandemic. Not to mention several Phillies pitchers, including Aaron Nola, were extremely upset when he was let go. It's absolutely not his fault that we are running guys like Robbie Erlin out there or treating some of these pitching prospects like they are AAAA shuttle players.
  6. Have you looked at what Kranitz had to work with in Miami and Baltimore??? Had little-to-no talent to work with during that entire 5 year period. And I would disagree mightily on that assessment with Milwaukee.
  7. I don't think Kranitz has been here long enough to make any type of definitive determination on the job he has done. There is certainly precedent for this team having multiple coaches splitting duties (e.g., Seitzer and Jose Castro), so there is definitely room for both of those guys on the staff.
  8. Bring him on board when he hangs them up.
  9. I really wish Dansby's batted ball profile matched his great production. His actual production in 2019 vs 2020 should be flipped, honestly.
  10. Walks are still an issue for him, but he's getting into more high-leverage situations and his K/9 is around 11.
  11. Wisler has been pretty good in relief for the Twins as well.
  12. He got sent down last season too. I'm not sure when we would have packaged those two together for pitching though..they have both been pretty awful the last two seasons.
  13. Hit that **** on a line twice.
  14. Will gladly admit I was too. If he’d take it, I wouldn’t bat an eye at offering him $18-19m per for 3 years.
  15. While what he did was extremely reckless, I think the biggest issue that clubhouse had was the danger it posed to Carlos Carrasco. Haven't heard much about him in the locker room otherwise.
  16. I like Clevinger and have been clamoring for him for awhile, but that is a ******* haul for a guy with some injury issues and a violent delivery.
  17. In the offseason you ******* about not signing Ozuna when he was available, then when AA signed him, you ******* because it wasn't long enough. It's very apparent that unless we sign someone to a 13-year deal that you aren't going to be happy. That's great, we get it. No need to complain throughout two-three different threads constantly about it.
  18. Holy ******* ****. The trade deadline is over now. No amount of incessant *****ing is going to change that.
  19. I’m pretty sure he’s on the taxi squad.
  20. Wish we would have gotten in on that. He's owed a minuscule $12.5m next year, unless part of the deal is that the Marlins agree to decline the option.
  21. I'd be absolutely shocked if we don't make a hard push for Trevor Bauer in the offseason. Don't know if there was ever an AA-type free agent than him--only looking for 1 year deals.
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