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  1. Anthopoulos will be named GM. Think that’s a home run hire, considering the circumstances.
  2. R over everything.
  3. Saying it is in reference to talent acquisition practices in Latin America.
  4. This is much, much closer to the truth than the initial reports. I thought he would be back after the bye, but it much closer to a pull in severity than a partial tear.
  5. Have you heard about the softball scandal over there? That one alone could take him out.
  6. Reported that Jurich was told to fire Pitino by the interim President, he said no, so both got the axe.
  7. Sounds like a couple of AD's could get the axe, including Jacobs from Auburn.
  8. We just adopted our 4th about 3 weeks ago. We've gone the crazy route and have taken in 3 dogs since March.
  9. I'm surprised that they could only get $10m with the inclusion of Cameron.
  10. Sounds like Minter is getting the call today.
  11. Gladly take Bumgarner off their hands if they are looking to get younger and restock their farm system some.
  12. Are you dense? The other guy dropped it to hit him!
  13. He's not the ******** Pillsbury Dough Boy.
  14. ******** that this assclown on the last page posts **** with a private citizens personal information on it.
  15. Due to a car with an Ohio license plate.