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  1. Well Realmuto wasn’t a free agent, so they couldn’t sign him. Had nothing to do with money.
  2. Meh. Gore is easily the best one, while the rest have some pretty major red flags. Morejon can't stay healthy and while Paddack has put up some gaudy numbers, one could point to his advanced age in A ball as an explanation for that. Not to mention that he's got no breaking pitch. As a righty, even with two plus pitches, not having even an average - above average is typically a deal breaker.
  3. 10 years, $300m. Largest free agent contract in American Sports history. He had an opt-out after the 5th year.
  4. Oh, don’t get me wrong. Not saying he isn’t valuable, but I’m sure he’s looking for dollars that equate closer to 2017 than the rest of his career.
  5. Most likely total dollars for him. He can play a bunch of positions, but outside of 2017, his offense hasn't been outstanding. He's essentially been Markakis (only at the plate), with a bigger outlier season.
  6. If Matt Adams can find employment in this league, so can Gattis.
  7. Dansby is already there.
  8. How did they not make sense? Signing a recent MVP candidate who is prime for a bounce back season at a position we could use a player of his caliber didn’t make sense?
  9. “The Braves are happy with their infield options...”
  10. I don’t know him, so I can’t speak on the veracity of his claim, but it’s out there.
  11. There’s actually a little chatter citing sources on a deal being close. Who knows though. We are the only team that someone would fly into Orlando for. Everyone else is either Tampa or Fort Myers.
  12. The "and more..." must have escaped her.
  13. Per Jon Heyman, the official Scott Boras mouthpiece.
  14. See a few above.