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  1. I’m not so sure I’d want to give up a surplus for a guy like Fulmer. He’s young and controllable, but he’s a low-K pitcher who’s peripherals and advanced numbers are taking a nose dive lately. No telling if the Tigers are going to want to drop their price, even with that being the case.
  2. Since the offered at least 40% (reportedly), they will pick 9th in 2019.
  3. Jenista promoted to Rome already. Hit .250/.348/.500 with 3 HR in 10 games.
  4. Evan Phillips and Michael Reed get the call today. Wisler to the minors and Moylan to the DL.
  5. @K26dp Have you had a chance to see Waters in person since he’s come back from the injury? Missed my chance when Rome came up to Hickory for a weekend series.
  6. Really good article on Markakis and Flaherty. For those of you that don’t know (probably not many), they are brother’s by marriage.
  7. Good.
  8. Sounds like the starter will be Wisler. Edit: Fried optioned back down and it will be Wisler.
  9. You mean when they did it with their older pitchers? Yeah, exact same thing, especially when the kid is saying that he approached the team with the issue.
  10. Not sure about the viability of the market, but it sure would be a beautiful place to build a stadium.
  11. That your Fantasy team?
  12. That makes absolutely no sense. If the team is unhappy with his performance, you send him down to get more work, not force him to skip a start. If this was a veteran who was struggling, a la Colon last season, then putting him on the DL for a breather would make sense, but that's not even remotely close to the situation. And thankfully we have a FO and staff that looks at the entirety of the circumstances, not whatever evaluation you are performing on Soroka.
  13. Per Braves Twitter: Today, @SeanNewk became the only Braves pitcher over the last 110 seasons to allow two hits or less and no runs in three consecutive starts. #ChopOn
  14. Hard to believe a team this young is only 8-7 at home and 16-8 on the road. More games, obviously, but so impressive to see them dominating.
  15. Riley with a 2 HR day. Second was a monster shot.