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  1. Had leads late in 2 of those LA games, so could have easily been 4-2 instead of 2-4.
  2. At least you could potentially hit big on a prop bet. Use some $100 bills to wipe away the tears as you watched.
  3. What was it that Michael Jordan once said?
  4. Ynoa, Smyly, and Minter have all not thrown an inning this series. They'll be able to trot any of those three out there to eat a couple of innings up.
  5. Rosario at least and pretty sure Dansby had a hit yesterday.
  6. Did they really? I am having a hard time even thinking of who was on those teams. EDIT: Just looked back at their squads and now I know why. Their lineup was truly awful. Only good names on those rosters were Brian Giles, Jake Peavy, Trevor Hoffman, Scott Linebrink, and then A.Gon and Piazza for a season.
  7. I didn't see that and figured there was an outside chance he could return. If he was healthy, wouldn't be shocked to see a 3rd catcher. That 26th spot could really be up in the air.
  8. I would go: IF - Freeman, Albies, Swanson, Riley, Adrianza, d'Arnaud, Contreras, Arcia, Vogt (or RP) OF - Pederson, Duvall, Rosario, Soler, Heredia SP - Morton, Fried, Anderson, Ynoa RP - Smith, Jackson, Strider, Matzek, Smyly, Rodriguez, Martin, Minter, Newcomb (or C)
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