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  1. DOB is reporting that actual, available dollars might be closer to $30-35m, rather than the $60m or so that has been reported throughout the season (due to arbitration increases, potential long-term deals for young guys, etc.), but he is basing that off hunch, no from the actual front office.
  2. Snit gets a 2-year extension, plus an option for a 3rd. Don’t know if it’s mutual, team or coach option. Edit: Third year is a team option. Snitker Re-Signed
  3. It’s a pretty sad indictment on our country that things like this are worthy of news, but unfortunately that’s the **** we live in right now.
  4. Guy needed two shoulder surgeries to get it right and had ankle surgery as well. He’s definitely an interesting piece, but acting like he does come with major red flags is being a little disingenuous.
  5. I sincerely doubt he would cost a Bryant-level package, but using the “I don’t know who he is” line of valuation is dubious at best. Haniger, while the definition of average defensively, has been a very good bat for the Mariners, was an All-Star in ‘18 and is relatively young (27) with multiple years left before free agency. He’d be a great target for Atlanta if Seattle would even be open to discussing him.
  6. Names don’t sell unless you win. Besides, if Dansby gets even 2/3rds of the way to where his projections say he can get, he’s going to be one of the most popular players in Atlanta. He still is, even with his lack of hitting. Being the hometown guy is going to do that.
  7. Especially a rebuilding one.
  8. Thankfully, Anthopolous values defense a whole lot more than some around here. Machado is not coming to Atlanta and playing SS.
  9. What the **** are you talking about? I’ve been posting here under the same name since 2004. Besides that, you still refuse to address the post. Not surprising though, since you slinked away after getting called out on the mercury posts. Once a fraud, always a fraud.
  10. Cool story. Why don’t you stop slurping for a second and actually address the post.
  11. That is dumb as ****. Why would we significantly weaken our team by trading two future cogs for one? I don’t think you understand how trades actually work.
  12. Britton would be a terrible addition if we are trying to rely on him as a late-inning reliever. He’s basically an older, more expensive version of what we have now, with considerably less upside.
  13. DOB seems to think there could be some changes to the coaching staff on the pitching side.
  14. We’ve spent money with LM around. We aren’t spending the buckets of money that CHC, BOS, NYY and the LAD are throwing around, but at one point we signed several of our young players to long-term deals (Freddie, Simmons, Kimbrel, Teheran) while dropping FA dollars on BJ Upton and trading for his brother.
  15. You’re right. He wasn’t very good in the games he’s played at 3B this year, but overall he’s been really good there.