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  1. Fulmer. Shedding salary to take on Verlander? Or ****, maybe even a return of Upton?
  2. Fulmer from DET.
  3. He's an official sponsor for Force3 Pro Gear, so it may have something to do with them.
  4. I'd say on the surface it doesn't. Still 6 days before the deadline. We will see if something else is in the works.
  5. DL stint might be coming up for Phillips.
  6. Sucked this year!? The mother ****** has played in what will be his 6th game coming off major shoulder surgery.
  7. I don't know if it's been posted yet, but here's a great write-up on Dansby from Fanrag.
  8. Anderson and Gohara would have a legitimate claim at being a top 3 prospect in most other organizations. ****, probably all organizations outside of the White Sox, Padres and Reds.
  9. Reported that it was Nick Burdi, who recently had TJ surgery. Must not have liked the way he was progressing.
  10. I hate Joe Simpson, but he called it in Jaime's last at bat. "One of these days he's going to connect".
  11. Gotta be ******* kidding me. TOP PROSPECT, HERE WE COME.
  12. America's richest first*
  13. He eventually did, yes, but watch his hand hit the plate and it's almost simultaneous with Grandal's tag. He hunched over when he got hit, but didn't apply the tag initially.
  14. Did Grandal ever tag him before Adams touched home? No one is talking about that, but I'm not sure he did.