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  1. So I guess I can take the reigns again?
  2. Gotcha. Misunderstood your post.
  3. Proof I wasn’t making it up!
  4. If we win the next two and the Nats drop 1 game, then we clinch. Doesn’t require a sweep.
  5. Was placed on the IR Designated to Return, so TBD. At least has a shot to make it back.
  6. Not serious. He got a nice cut on his non-throwing hand and it required stitches.
  7. He’s hurt.
  8. Dayton activated, Minter to the 60-day IL.
  9. In the words of the great Joe Simpson, “he's The Bringer of D.”
  10. I didn’t watch the game until the 9th. Saw the walk, Turner FC, and then the HR. Turned it off, Rendon gets out, turn it back on, Soto gets the single.
  11. Every win against the Nationals cuts our number by 2.
  12. ********. I’ll be honest—have only paid attention to the Nats recently. Did not know we were 12.5 up on the Phillies.
  13. That’s what he is saying. He’d rather play the Nationals in the NLCS instead of overtaking the Dodgers and having to play WAS in the NLDS.
  14. Ron Washington missed last night’s game to be at Michael Young’s number retirement in Texas.