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  1. You’re literally talking about an innocuous comment from a year ago regarding a situation that has no bearing on what is happening on the team now. Smith was given that contract for a reason.
  2. Because they’ve got Will Smith on the roster?
  3. Or he wanted guaranteed save opportunities which Atlanta couldn't provide.
  4. I mean, up until last season, Hosmer was pretty terrible for them. Entirely possible he reverts back to the low .700 OPS player he was his first two seasons in SD.
  5. Well that sucks, but understandable.
  6. Melancon signed with the Padres, so he is off the table. Regarding Jackson, he was just tendered a contract. They can cut him during Spring Training for little-to-no cost if he isn’t performing.
  7. He could always get brought back as a MiL FA if he doesn’t get claimed. Might have been a gamble that teams wouldn’t claim a guy with his potential injury issues.
  8. Wow. That is a long contract for a guy who will be 36 next month.
  9. He definitely had a down year in 2019, but '20 was marred by injuries. Think it could be a sneaky good pickup for them.
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