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  1. I think most of us assumed this, but great to hear that’s the actual plan. Makes our bench so much deeper and versatile.
  2. Didn't he have a perfect game where he went like 9/9 with 20+ points? Also:
  3. The Wilpons have long been fans of cheats.
  4. Yeah. They are still well below the luxury tax threshold though with only a handful of long-term deals on their books. Unfortunately they now have a seemingly competent owner, so they could be the biggest threat in the division soon.
  5. We can take solace in the fact that they still owe him $48m over the next two seasons, although I'd imagine they may find some way to kick that down the road if they release him.
  6. No. It is off their books for the '21 season. Mariners also save the remaining portion of the money the sent to NYM in the trade (~$4m).
  7. Honestly rather that not happen. Don't want to let the Mets off the hook on that salary.
  8. I bit the bullet and did the 27-game pack in the off chance that the All-Star game is actually played here. Don't know if I will get another opportunity to go at any point again.
  9. I'm not sure in what world that proposed deal would ever happen. Hawks giving up the best player in that deal AND the best pick. Nonsense.
  10. Guy looks like he could be AA's 1st cousin.
  11. Speculation is that he could join a potential ownership group.
  12. Can't decide if that's better or worse for him. We all know nothing will come of it, but he stepped in some real **** this time around.
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