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  1. Parts of Italy are a strong barometer for what happens when you don't take the issue seriously. At this point, every country should be following in lock-step with South Korea's policies and procedures.
  2. Man. Really hope it’s not cancer or anything like that. Best wishes to him and hope whatever the issue is resolved quickly.
  3. Can’t disagree. Kid is amazing, but just attack the rim, lay it in, and don’t put your body in unnecessary harm there.
  4. Where’d you see that? Edit: Just saw the story! Agreed to a temporary extension while they work on a long-term agreement. Great news!
  5. I like Hulu in general, but Hulu Live has such a terrible user experience. Extremely disjointed and difficult to use.
  6. He just wore that **** in the back on the neck almost and didn't even make a move toward the mound.
  7. For real. I'd be inclined to switch to Hulu, but they just had their second price-hike in a calendar year and this could only embolden them to do it another time. Not to mention that Hulu Live ******* sucks in general.
  8. That's really interesting considering his struggles at the ML level. Big fan of his, but still interesting nonetheless. It's essentially like us giving $15.5m to Bryce Wilson.
  9. Went from a potential strength and separator in the AL to a serious problem.
  10. He had him 75th on the 2019 list.
  11. Assumed this is what he’d be doing when he announced his departure to ESPN. The Top 100 was a very popular piece for their subscribers.
  12. That's his second PED ban. Wouldn't be surprised if they cut bait with him after the suspension ends.
  13. Doesn’t have rebounding? He’s total rebounding percentage is a full 6 percentage points ahead of Siakam’s and, if he qualified, his career 17 TRB% would rank him in the top 40 of ALL time. **** out of here with that nonsense. Going to games doesn’t entitle you to some special insight into what a player actually does.
  14. Was about as disingenuous of an “apology” as you can give.
  15. Doesn’t effect the ‘21 offseason either, as the third year on Dedmon’s deal is guaranteed at $1m. Essentially acts as a pseudo-expiring contract for next season while providing some quality depth (and leadership) at a position sorely needing it.