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  1. His splits away from Coors have not been kind over the course of his career. He's had a couple of seasons of an OPS over .800, but otherwise he's settled himself in the .750 range, with his 3-year split sitting at .708. They have pretty much equal numbers versus lefthanded pitchers, while CarGo has shown to be a much better hitter against RH's. All of that said, there'd be no sense in signing what would amount to a Markakis clone and lock 1-2 more years into an aging, subpar defensive OF when Nick comes off the books at season's end.
  2. Nothing ground breaking, but we will most likely see higher annual salaries and lower total years.
  3. Not really. He could easily be worth that on the open market, if not more. Signing a guy to a higher AAV with fewer years is a much smarter play, especially with the dollars that get thrown around these days.
  4. Well, Minor and Moore both have above average K/9 rates, so in comparison to the pitchers Texas put out there last year, that is an upgrade. I’m with you on Fister though.
  5. And honestly, with the way Eason loves Athens, I’d be shocked if he went anywhere but home if he does transfer.
  6. Redshirt isn’t an actual legislated term. It’s just used as a simple descriptor for sitting out a year. Only thing that has ruled in regards to sitting out is that he just has 5 years to play 4 seasons (multiple catastrophic injuries not withstanding).
  7. Sorry for derailing the thread, guys.
  8. Just providing some insight on the process. Nothing illegal about any of it. Anyway. Sounds like the kid isn’t signing early regardless, so it’s a moot point.
  9. I work in college athletics, so can assure you it is true. Here is a link to back it up, though! NLI
  10. NLI’s are valid for a week (in the case of football, this doesn’t really apply since the early signing period is only 3 days) and you can back date it to when the signing period ends. You just need to have it in 14 days after the signed date on the form. Financial aid paperwork can be signed whenever. With that being said, even if it’s not announced tonight, there is still two weeks until it becomes invalid. It’s pretty rare, but still an option.
  11. Cash from Dodgers makes this a money neutral trade. Good work by AA.
  12. That’s got to be a lot of cash coming in. Braves assumed at least $74m between Gonzalez and Kazmir. EDIT: Ignore that incorrect info. At the very minimum, the Braves take on roughly $49m, not $74.
  13. In regards to Fisher, they are still paying him his entire salary on the 2-year contract.
  14. Anthopoulos will be named GM. Think that’s a home run hire, considering the circumstances.
  15. R over everything.