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  1. Service Desk technician for a college. However, I believe I'm the only sports fan on my team. I am a Renaissance Man.
  2. Prime Time to Hall of Fame Deion Sanders now gives prime time to kids The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 10:22 p.m. Friday, August 5, 2011 This is a bold new day in the pantheon of sporting immortals. For the first time, a player with a significant amount of Falcons DNA will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. When the speechifying is done today in Canton, Ohio, it will not be the franchise's first-ever draft pick (Tommy Nobis) nor its signature pass rusher (Claude Humphrey) nor one of its trusty former linemen (Jeff Van Note, Mike Kenn) who finally will lend the Falcons some Hal
  3. Did anyone notice how he gushed all over the Saints like they got 5 starters? He even points out that the first 2 picks are really the ones worth noting. But, according to his most humble of opinions, they will soon return to their SB form and had one of the most impactful drafts. What?!? How is that? We got a stud WR and they got a stud RB. We already had a running and passing attack, which we just upgraded. They had a passing attack with no consistent run game. So, because they had less and upgraded then that is measured bigger than ours? Like someone else already said, it's not like we got
  4. In my most humble of opinions, neither side gives a flip about the one party that makes all the wheels truly turn. That is us, the fan. I understand both sides and how they see each as being on the right one. Lost in all of this is that we may not have football. Because when it comes down to it, none of us really care because we don't see not one penny of that money.
  5. Do I honestly expect them to play in 30+ year-old stadiums? Yes, if they have to. I have a 15 year-old car I love and HAVE to drive. I'm not trying to get another one, with the help of tax payers, that is way larger and more expensive then whine about it and say I'm not making enough money now. And as far as outbidding for players...first, they show they don't give a darn about how fans feel. If they didn't this would be a much quieter message board. When has fan griping every got a team to do anything? And you missed the point. The NFL is not truly a group of competing companies like Coke v.
  6. Well, if I had a billion dollars, invested it and returned a gain of about 40 million, I don't know about you but I'd consider that profit. Just as we question the players and what they are doing with their money, why don't we do that with the owners? No one told them to build new stadiums. And no one, especially, told them to outbid each other when it came to signing FA's or draft picks. They are bidding against themselves and then turn around and share the profits of the league with each other to stay afloat and competitive. Actually, that doesn't even sound American does it? P.S-Players do
  7. AJC article Success of new stadium depends on deal with Falcons By Leon Stafford The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 5:58 p.m. Tuesday, March 1, 2011 How the Georgia World Congress Center Authority and the Atlanta Falcons structure the deal will determine whether a new open-air football stadium or an expanded Georgia Dome is a winner or a boondoggle for the state. Industry watchers said that the negotiations -- for a new stadium, and less so for an expanded Dome -- will involve who owns the facility, how much the state will have to pay for new construction or expansion, team lease terms, a
  8. Well gee, a 10-6 team just won the Super Bowl. So maybe we should have just lost those games then. And we still would have had back-to-back-to-back winning seasons for the first time EVER. So I guess our man-eating defense was responsible for the wins since it wasn't Ryan...or was it Turner blazing speed? Man, are you even a fan of this team? I'll be as critical as it's warranted but try to at least act like you know football.
  9. He overpaid because it was the market. He was the best corner available and we had the greatest need. How was TD gonna negotiate the price down when the player had the leverage? And I'm not throwing Robinson away on one season. It wasn't like he was consistently burned. Heck, they almost never went to his side. He battled two injuries and adjusting to a totally new scheme. In my most humble of opinions, he was worth his money this season. Now, without improvement then that changes things. That is why an investment is measured over time and not instantly.
  10. I know he's overlooked by many on this board. But has anyone mentioned that game against GB was probably the worst one Grimes had all year. He seemed a step off. Also, Williams may be a better cover guy than Owens, However, I don't think hard-hitting Owens will miss many opportunities to knock Rodgers on his arse. I know he's overlooked by many on this board. But has anyone mentioned that game against GB was probably the worst one Grimes had all year. He seemed a step off. Also, Williams may be a better cover guy than Owens, However, I don't think hard-hitting Owens will miss many opportunitie
  11. Why are the Falcon's getting tips? They are the number 1 seed. They are at home. They had the bye. Oh, and they beat them already this season. Could it be because Aaron Rodgers just won his first playoff game? Or maybe because they "finally have a running game?" Oh, I know. It's because they are the Hot Team. Please Falcons, just win for your city and fans. I don't even care anymore about what anyone else thinks.
  12. Article link This was the meat of the article so that's what I posted. Click on the link to read the rest. Now, I'm an Atlanta native and lifelong fan so I've had my heart broken on too many occasions. But sometimes it is what it is. This team is not like the ones before. They play solid, smart and consistent football. Whatever happens, I think they'll leave it all on the field. But from this current owner, GM, coach and core of players, I expect greatness.
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