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  1. I propose we do what we have to do to sign Brady for one year, then sit his butt on the bench for the entire year. Our year will be trashed, but maybe that will erase the SB LI curse
  2. I used the cards the first 2 games, and then just put my tickets on my Apple iPhone wallet from the app before the game. It makes it really easy, worked flawlessly at the gates, and also makes it easy to transfer my second ticket to whomever I want. I vote no cards!
  3. One of the many things that I like about being a Falcons fan is that almost all of our players seem to be "good humans". Although rare exceptions occur, I almost never have to feel the need to apologize for their off-the-field actions. Victories in games come and go, but being inspirational to others in life has lasting consequences. Thanks for sharing your story! I'm hoping Vic will end up in a good place and be successful.
  4. Hot dogs were $1.50 this year. Keep up!
  5. Not saying that Hooper is same as Kelce or Kittle yet, but in their weekend playoff games, Kelce had 3 catches for 30 yards and Kittle had 1 catch for 19 yards; neither very impressive (although it turns out they weren't really needed very much). Hooper seems to have really improved over the past 2 seasons. Some on the board were calling him a bust before last year. I predict he's a Falcon next year.
  6. Write it in Sharpie, Freeman will be a Falcon in 2020
  7. Can we please vote this clown off of the island?
  8. Ok, so I entered this into Google Translator because it made no sense. Here’s what I got: The Atlanta Falcons NFL team has had some difficulty defeating the New Orleans Saints NFL team’s starting quarterback. That quarterback makes a claim that he believes that he can win two additional NFL Championships. The author of the post is skeptical of this claim, but questions if his favorite team will compete for said championship. He is not enamored with the current leadership of his team. The author is forced to comment ...(unable to translate gibberish). Author claims ignorance of gibberish question.
  9. That appears to be the price of tix for the year, not PSL prices.
  10. I’m not sure where the map came from, but I’m confident it is not selling price for PSLs. There is no way 50 yard line Clubs are selling for less than 9k.
  11. LOL, when we are down, we have to find joy in the failures of our rivals. Kind of like Saint fans can’t quit talking about 28-3.
  12. You are a hard grader! Not an awesome year, but finishing with 6 wins out of last 8 games and 2nd in Division doesn’t feel like an F. And, it is all about what I get out of games. My attitude doesn’t determine whether the team wins or loses.
  13. I guess you get out of games what you want. I love going to games with my friends or kids, and always have fun. For many, going to any NFL game is a lifelong dream; I vow to never take it for granted.