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  1. After Turner retired, there was a great deal of talk on the Board about how he was gobbling burgers, fat, and in terrible shape. I saw him at the Benz last weekend, and I have to say that he is in great shape and looks ready to fill in for an injured Freeman. Great job, Burner!! We miss you.
  2. OP lost me at “I think Bucs will win the division”
  3. LOL, if you can’t handle an opening game road loss to the reigning SB champs then you might want to pick another way to spend your spare time!
  4. Wow. Just Wow.
  5. If you haven't found it yet, download the Falcons App. on your mobile device. Click on "Tickets" at the bottom of the screen, then "Purchase Parking", then "Purchase a Parking Package", then "2018 Atlanta Falcons Full Season", then "Buy Package". Enter your account number for your season tickets in the request line, and you will see which lots are available and that you are eligible for.
  6. I think your house analogy is good, except that it is like the seller of a house going back to a buyer 2 years later and asking for more money because the house appreciated in value. Julio could have taken a one-year deal (I guess) if he wanted and renegotiated each year for his current market value. He took a multi-year deal because that gave him some insurance (the guarantee), even though there was a risk to him that his value would increase. I don't have any problem with the ownership renegotiating with Julio if that is what they think is best for the organization, but I also have no problem with holding a hard line or trading if that is what they think is best.
  7. My guess is that ParkMobile read our board, determined that no one goes to the games, and was understandably overwhelmed by the huge number of requests .
  8. The 17.5% number actually includes tickets given to player families, Falcons staff and management, VIPs, etc. Relatively few are available for season ticket holders (now PSL owners) through the lottery.
  9. The NFL had the same deal last year in Houston. I believe it is a commercial partnership between the NFL and a marketing company. It may be marketed to PSL owners first, but it was actually offered to anyone who wanted to purchase the package. Last year it provided tickets, pre-and post-game experiences, and access to a hotel room near the stadium. If the Falcons are in the Super Bowl, I would imagine that a small number of tickets at face value would again be distributed lottery style to a few PSL owners. The lottery tickets last year were, of course, a good deal, but they were not actually very good seats. They were all (I believe) upper deck end zone seats.
  10. So...what do you guys think about Ryan's new contract?
  11. Couldn't agree more. We are blessed.
  12. How do you know how much Ryan is being offered? You act as if Ryan is holding the team hostage when he still has another year left on the contract that he and the Falcons ownership agreed to 4 years ago. I haven’t read or heard anything that implies that the new contract negotiations are contentious except on this board. Ryan has been nothing but a positive for this team and we are very fortunate to have him. Most teams would give up almost anything to have him as QB.
  13. I was able to purchase my regular Falcons seats instead of getting a code. Expensive, but in a nice location (C212)
  14. Here's where there are still tickets (PSLs) available:
  15. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by the "unforeseen cost" unless you are referring to the commission of selling your PSLs through the marketplace. I haven't seen any additional costs after the first year. Of course, the selling commission only applies to those people who choose to use the marketplace (a voluntary cost) and don't want their seats after only one year. I have thoroughly enjoyed the new stadium and am looking for additional seats in my section C212 if I can find them. The Georgia Dome was great, but it had become very dated. I in particular really enjoy getting to actually see replays during the game in the Benz. The food choices are much better (and cheaper, for the most part) and lots of beer choices as well. Getting out was easier at the end of the year that the beginning, but still needs some work. No regrets to having seats yet!