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  1. I assume you did! The Julio saga was definitely not a good look for the Falcons, and that was discussed in the clip. We lost a great receiver because of management problems with personnel or the cap. I love the Falcons as much as anyone, but you have to admit that, as they say in politics, "mistakes were made". An offense with Julio, AJ and Derrick will be impressive unless Julio gets hurt.
  2. LOL, maybe they are trying the “Falcon’s formula for success”. 40 points per game and hope the D holds opponents to 35.
  3. I watched it all. Mainly Sims describing the pros and cons of the trade. Bottom line: Titans will be amazing this year and then be in big cap trouble; Falcons did what they had to do-would have been better off if Julio traded last year. Don’t really disagree with anything they said...
  4. But, if we draft a transformational player tomorrow, we could be better this year and win more games, ruining our tanking for next year’s draft. Maybe the best strategy is to draft well, but redshirt our 2021 draftees until we tank our way to an all star team.
  5. I think a lot of fans don’t really understand the purpose of a PSL. Of course, it is used to raise money to build a new stadium. Most cities, including Atlanta, do not want to use too many public resources on projects as the MBS when they are already hurting for funds for necessary services. Cities do contribute with some tax money, usually from purchases made by visitors such as hotel taxes, but that’s not enough to build the stadium. The main reason for PSLs is to sell, for the life of the stadium, almost every seat without having to repeat the sale every year. Selling seats can be a c
  6. I don't blame him either, but I think it's unfair to expect the NFL to have a specific plan finalized with the COVID situation changing so quickly. It is not true that the NFL only recently started working on one, unless you mean recently=3-4 months. My practice was virtually closed by state mandate (no elective surgeries, only urgent or emergency care) less than 3 months ago, and now we are working 100%. A big outbreak in Tennessee over the next few weeks and we could be shut down again. The plan depends on conditions at the time. Who knows what conditions will be in September?
  7. Our AFMB members really seem to have a problem with change. I am amused at how many complained about the Georgia Dome and now talk about it fondly, and how many hated our uniforms (preferring the throwbacks), and now hate the new ones. Some are hard to please...
  8. Twitter response: Shut your f'ing filthy mouth you (I used a word here that required my mouth to be washed out). Facebook response: My cute Shar-Pei puppies are predicting an awesome season. AFMB response: We will NEVER make the playoffs until Matt Ryan is fired, all PSLs are refunded, and the Benz is leveled and the Georgia Dome rebuilt exactly as it was. And we get our old uniforms back. And we start losing on purpose to get better draft picks. And DQ and TD are run out of town. And Blank sells the team.
  9. I'm happy with our picks so far. LOL, unlike the OP, I'm happy we didn't pick receivers in our first 2 rounds.
  10. Thanks for doing this! The new uniforms are going to be great. I agree that the gray pants do look really good. My preference for away unis would be white shirts/gray pants/red helmets. Next time!
  11. We actually played really well the last half of the season; it's just that we were so terrible the first half that it wasn't good enough to make playoffs. If we could play the entire year as we did the last 8 games, I would take that.
  12. Fans who don't actually go to games. If you were at the game, you would have wanted them to win. I always hope for a win. I can't imagine watching the last game against Tampa on TV and being unhappy that Debo won it with a pick 6.
  13. You have to click on the Twitter link to see the full picture. Jamon Brown was 14th best.
  14. Me likey. Unfortunately, I’m betting we only get to see them on TV this year and not at the Benz.
  15. I propose we do what we have to do to sign Brady for one year, then sit his butt on the bench for the entire year. Our year will be trashed, but maybe that will erase the SB LI curse
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