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  1. Lord, this season can't start soon enough...
  2. I will forgive him when he asks me for forgiveness and demonstrates that he is truly sorry by repaying me back what I paid for tickets the Petrino year. and...I think the Administrators need to institute the "Twitterish" rule: no posts more than 140 lines.
  3. What the Falcons have done in the past in the Georgia Dome for unsold club seats is offer them as single game tickets to those with club seat contracts. I would not be surprised if seats with unsold PSLs were sold as single game tickets to PSL owners (first come, first served). I would be very surprised if they were dumped on the open market .
  4. I'm also sorry that some fans were not given clear or accurate information. I have seats in the cheapest Club Section (Piedmont) and was able to purchase seats for the Alabama/FS game and the TN/Georgia Tech game. They are the same seats that I get for the Falcons games (Section C212). Apparently only club seats get options for these games? The tix are not cheap, though: $285 each for Alabama game and $190 each for TN game.
  5. Nobody. We are blessed to have him.
  6. Nice save!
  7. That article actually links to him being Offensive MVP. I think it jumped the gun on actual MVP.
  8. My understanding is that you did get extra entries for each year that you had season tickets, but there were still a lot of people "entered" and really not all that many tickets. It's kind of like increasing the number of Lotto tickets you buy; it does increase your odds, but you are still unlikely to win. It does look like prices are trending down though. Many of the "cheaper" seats are partially obstructed view, so be careful,what you buy!
  9. Congratulations! That is awesome. I assume you meant "Super Bowl" tickets instead of "season tickets". Yell loud and Rise Up!
  10. Prices on StubHub have trended down a little today, but still looking at 4K/seat after fees to sit in upper end zone.
  11. I bought 2 in the Loge level corner end zone from Stubhub before the Patriots/Steelers game got to halftime. It looked obvious that tickets were going very fast and I felt that there were going to be a lot more buyers after the second game was over. The first 2 sets of tickets that I tried to buy sold before I could enter my information on the site. I got tickets cheaper than they are now, but certainly no bargain. Next year if we look Super Bowl worthy, I'm going to buy them as soon as they are available and just resell if we get knocked out.
  12. I sadly lost too. There has been a recent trend in concert venues, and now with NFL special events, where the owners/performers feel like they should benefit from the "true value" of the tickets, not just the face value. If the owners sold tickets at face value, many are resold on sites such as Stubhub for multiple times more than face. If they sell them as an "experience", then they can recoup the true value. Some concert promoters now sell the best seats as VIP sections for more like what the resale value would be (considerably more than face on less desirable seats).
  13. If you can get them for $2500, you should take them! See post above.