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  1. Ryan has 5-7 years left. I’ll worry about his replacement later. Much later.
  2. Wow. Not sure what triggered the personal insults. I used to think better of you. Choose to be unhappy if you want, that’s just not my thing. Don’t bother to respond, I’ve blocked you.
  3. Nope. We won, I’m happy. You’re the one who’s crying tonight.
  4. Sorry, but I can never hope for the Falcons to lose, not even strategic losing. And, you should really learn how to spell “idiot” before calling people that.
  5. No. We have a great QB who will be around for quite awhile.
  6. FYI...more money would not have kept Shanahan here. He got an opportunity to be a head coach in San Francisco and took it. I certainly don't blame him. OP must not have actually listened to the words of the song. It is about overcoming adversity, not about griping about everything he doesn't like in the world of Falcons football.
  7. We won. I’m happy. I doubt Panthers and Bucs are celebrating their improved draft status tonight. There are no meaningless wins; just wins. I’m actually really proud of the team for their performance the last couple of games.
  8. I don't believe that there is such a thing as a pointless win. The purpose of playing the game is to win, and I will ALWAYS prefer a win to a loss. Those of us who go to the games have more fun when the team is playing well. The fans deserve the best effort that the team can give, regardless of the record. If the purpose is to improve draft picks, we would be better off tanking from the beginning of every season for 4 years, then make a run at a Super Bowl with all of our accumulated, yet unused, talent.
  9. I got an email this week noting that I had attended every game this year and could pick up my “wings” (a special pin, I assume) at a desk outside of gate 1 at game today. This year, it feels like they should be giving out Purple Hearts LOL.
  10. Looks like Josh Harris now out for year for a hip injury. The hits just keep on coming...
  11. They will both happen at the same time when the Falcons win the SB with an undefeated season.
  12. After Turner retired, there was a great deal of talk on the Board about how he was gobbling burgers, fat, and in terrible shape. I saw him at the Benz last weekend, and I have to say that he is in great shape and looks ready to fill in for an injured Freeman. Great job, Burner!! We miss you.
  13. OP lost me at “I think Bucs will win the division”
  14. LOL, if you can’t handle an opening game road loss to the reigning SB champs then you might want to pick another way to spend your spare time!