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  1. Antoine Cason, Charles Godfrey, Brandon Flowers, Patrick Lee, Justin King or Tracy Porter should be available in the 2nd...
  2. Not me, those two femmes fighting back and forth was beyond pathetic. it was pathetic but funny as he11...until we got flagged for like 3 penalties
  3. patience my fellow fans......the time to rejoice Hall's departure will soon come upon us :cool:
  4. Hall hypes up the D...our defense is gonna be like blah w/o him im so gonna miss Hall & Steve Smith getting into it :w00t:
  5. "Georgia" by Ludacris/Field Mobb pretty much is the song
  6. In addition to the Packers, free agent Mark Brunell is reportedly drawing interest from the Saints and Falcons. New Orleans may consider Brunell a fallback if Trent Green signs with the Rams, which seems likely. He could back up Chris Redman or a rookie in Atlanta. yes/no?
  7. he was just signed by the broncos Broncos agreed to terms with the Broncos on a five-year, $17.5 million deal, including a $4.3 million signing bonus. He'll make $8 million in the first two years which is surpisingly big money for an inconsistent talent. He'll get to play with his brother Champ and compete to start. Bailey has fine physical skills, but couldn't stay healthy in Detroit. what a bummer :P
  8. LMAO J-Webb & Lewis Sanders :w00t: Patriots signed CB Lewis Sanders, formerly of the Falcons. Sanders hasn't made a big play since 2005, but can play corner and safety, a trait the Pats value. He'll battle for a roster spot this summer.
  9. go to the home on the black bar, then go write under your picture it should say change or upload photo. thanks much mang
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