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  1. Congrats SIr, it's truly a wonderful thing, all the best to you.
  2. I think that ship sailed when we resigned Gonzo. Not much more money for the O.
  3. The first one is obviously a forward pass, so maybe it was karma.
  4. It's not the fans being bad, it's the city being attractive. People come to Atlanta from all over the country and even the world, for jobs, weather, etc. They bring thier alliegence with them. It's an amazing sports city, but it very diversified. We have several top tier college programs in the area to compete with as well. It's not a bad problem to have from a fans perspective. We are also accomodating to our rivals fans, and everyone has a good time at the game. I have been to many ballparks across the country (though I admit I have not seen a home Saints or Panthers game, and I imagine they
  5. Check this play, 1:57 left in 3rd quarter: Matt Ryan pass to Roddy White for 17 yards to the Atl37. Asomugha led with his head - it was helmet to helmet contact. Where is the outrage?
  6. You hate white people,you have for years and through a million different accountts. We get it. Any real Falcon's fan knows that Thomas Dimitroff is the best thing that ever happened to this team. Get over Vick. He is doing well somewhere else, the Falcon's never wronged him, and HE ADMITS that he didn't try when he was here and he regrets it. It's all in the past, just like you.
  7. Me too. He is a goood kid. It would be great for the program and for the NFL. With the new reasonable rookie contracts, draft day can be exciting again, even more so if the number 1 from the year before does well.
  8. Preseason games are broadcast on local affiliates, so the TV blackout rules in the Network TV contract do not apply. Lots of preseason games around the league don't sell out. They are on off nights, against teams that are not traditional rivals, don't mean ****, don't showcase starters, etc and so forth. You're a Saint's fan, remember not so long ago when both our teams were really bad? Your preseason games (and ours) were still broadcast, just like they are now.
  9. It's not crucial at all to extending players. This years cap is not next years cap. The numbers are almost always very different from year to year as front end money comes off of cantracts. Extending a player later in the year affects next years cap or even beyond that.
  10. Sorry but BVG called a good game against the Packers, and a few weeks earlier called a great game against the Saints. It's not his fault that the players failed to execute. If an "elite" pass-rusher gets his hands (BOTH HANDS)on a QB in 3rd and long that should be the end of a drive. That happened with Abe twic and both turned into TDs for GB. BVG got him there and Abe missed the tackle. And that's just Abe. We missed at least two more deep sacks, one was Bierman, can't remember the specifics of the other.
  11. Or Brady, since he does it every year. I hate Brady.
  12. That's good news. If he was hurt at all they would hold him out just to be safe.
  13. They probably won't win again until they play the Skins.
  14. Could not disagree more. Nothing he could do would make him deserve any respect after the way he acted.
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