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  1. Whew. I was worried that Graham was going to be this year's Collin Mooney (or Bradie Ewing). Sure, he primarily plays TE, but he was playing FB in a late pre-season game, which seemed almost to be a jinx back in 2014/2015.
  2. My choice too, OP, but no way we were going to keep KS. He was offered an HC job, and he took it. I wish we could have kept him too, but would it have been wise to do what Tampa Bay did? I don't think so.
  3. The Birds might not be quitters, but they sure do a lot of dumb crap. The latest stuff? .... Justin Hardy lining up in the backfield on the Wild Bean play. He's not a rookie. He should know better. A rookie should know better. Foyesade Olokuon Unnecessary Roughness. Is he deaf? Plus more false starts and hard-count-sucker syndrome
  4. Or with the injuries they need to play more man coverage? Hmmmm. Six javascript console errors.
  5. I also liked How To Take Yoga Pictures For Instagram
  6. Even ignoring the deficiencies in his coverage, that Unnecessary Roughness penalty near the end of the 2nd quarter was inexcusable.
  7. I'm sorry. Just saw this topic on 9/30. Life and NFL football are not equations. Lots of things can still happen. Is the defense good? No. Can the OL push an opposing DL back a yard or two to get a 1st down? No. not when DQ/SS can find an alternative (ugh!). But there is a good deal of games left to be played and no-one. not even a self serving self-promoting false prophet football t*rd know what is going to transpire. So enjoy the games. Agonize over some of the play calls like I do (though I do not profess to know better than Sark or Manuel, do any of you think you're better than these professionals?), and Be A Fan!
  8. I'd thought that I'd have a lot Les Snead for this thread, but it was too mesmerizing to Duckett.
  9. And @Disco, at the end of the movie, Blutarski, goes on to become a member of the U.S. Senate ...
  10. Except for all those crucial situations in Q4 when a 1st down would make a difference. So far, either the 2018 OL not as good as in 2016, orrrr MR2 is holding onto the ball too long for some reason.
  11. Here's a small comparsion of Richard Jarvis' measurables against some other LB:
  12. Groin injuries aren't typically of the season ending variety. They can heal quickly or take weeks. Even mild injuries can be quite painful. There is also the possibility that the injury is not limited to the groin, as in the case of John Abraham.
  13. As I recall, Abraham played one phenomenal game against Carolina in which he injured his groin near the end of the game. The injury ruined his season. He finished with 4 sacks. Yes, he was a force in his second, third, fifth and sixth seasons with the Falcons, but not the first.
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