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  1. All you can do is keep on enjoying Dago, high road as you usually take as much as possible, and move on. Know the feeling. I hope the NFCS wins the lombardi every year, but still don't think the Panthers have paid enough dues yet, so Falcons first. Did they make a DVD yet? Better be giving the bucs some props for lighting the fire in their azzez for that loss at the tail end of the season .
  2. Agreed, I hope they plant that five head little ***** in the ground all day.
  3. First of all, congrats Saints fans, lots of QB pressure won that game. Do the same against Peyton-takes a dive-Manning, and the SB will be yours. I don't think the Saints will win as opinions go, but who knows, should be a great game, with alot great Offense, and Defensive matchups to exploit on both sides, especially if the Saints try to blitz all day. Enjoy the ride MOFO's!
  4. The Cowboys are the team the Saints will have to beat. Not hating, and definately not hoping, but that team is on a run.
  5. Somebody mention "Won Superbowl, bucs"?
  6. You're certainly not welcome Have to give some props to your Oline, I critisized them earlier, but they played well today. MVP today is Jason Snelling-probably won't get the credit he deserves, but he is a Truck. Your Dlne-Davis, babs, even that MIA DE showed up early, and shut down the run, pressure most of the day. Your Secondary-Somewhat Freemans poor decisions, but they finished the plays. Like owens tackling ability. Good game, and congrats falcons.
  7. Well, I just mention the Cowboys because even though the Saints kept it close with the score, the boys were the only team I saw this year that just wore their azzes out in all 3 phases. Whole new game in a playoff re-match, and could be completley different outcome, would be a matchup I would like to see. Yea, that punter was at a bad angle, but you know the ref problem? A feel good bone for the victims.
  8. The only way the Pro bowl will ever be right again is to get the fan voting out. Look at the Coaches, and players votes, those are your pro bowlers, the fan vote is and always will be a popularity contest. Is the vote seperated somewhere? Beason > Vilma MLB, but, it's a good thing they don't both play on the same team. Unless it was the bucs. Beason is just missing out on the hype.
  9. Just f'n with you Nola, this place is definately a better to read with you, than without, whatever the reason. Keep the faith with your team. And sorry to hear about your girls loss.
  10. Your team lost because your kicker choked. Your D-line is weak compared to the bucs Oline, and....the back 7 on your D looked like they were running a chinese fire drill on Caddys TD, while your Dline was punked. The refs did throw a good block on your punter though...but you can still blame them if you want. I will give you this, the Saints lost the game against the bucs, but the Cowboys soundly beat them for 58-59 minutes.
  11. And you heard that on a TV at the funeral home?
  12. I expect to see their D take it up a notch in the playoffs. Alot of them have been there before, and the new additions are better. The Colts D sucked all through the reg season, and stepped up in the playoffs. They can win, and should have everyone healthy with being locked up now, and then a 1st rnd bye. Missing starters does make a difference, with who is left out there having to cover for lessor talent. Just can't use it as an excuse, because it is going to happen to all teams, shyt happens. No reason they can't win, statistics are for losers, each individual play is what matters, and they have not been played yet. I do think it is the D that will have to win it for them though, it looks like everyone has caught up to the Saints O. And these teams left are all good.
  13. Congrats to the team, and the City of New Orleans!
  14. No doubt about that. He will never get the credit he deserves in the NFL unless the Panthers win the big game. Been looking forward to that guy leaving in FA for years, but he is a team player, and appears committed to the Panthers win or lose until he retires.
  15. Ya know bucman, and JB, and some others are on the front lines, and deal with rival fans in person at the games. There is a difference I think when you got fans chanting stupid who dat stuff at you, and I'm pretty sure I would be thrown out of every game if I went to them. There is going to be a little less forgiving attitude for them, and you can see it in their forum posts. I'm heavily armed in full compliance within my 2nd ammendment rights in event of full scale war, just break the glass and pull the alarm boys.
  16. Meh, I know you all want to see that go away, but it really don't mean shyt. The Falcons have a good team, and it so happens they are on the road for the game to get that supposed monkey off their back. All we ever heard was our curses for years, but when the team was right, winning below 40 degrees went out the window in the biggest road victory in bucs history. Shutting down Veterans stadium, and their Rocky Stallone fantasy land. Didn't run a KO back until years after a Championship, etc, etc. I just look forward to a good game, and the bucs playing well with all the Falcons talent in place. I guess I could try to feel good if the bucs stop that B2B thing, but doubt I really care much in the long run, the wins going in to next year are much more important.
  17. I don't think people really consider the next 15 years of hearing about Rhomo if the boys win, or maybe they do, and are really cowboy bandwagoners. If they do win, I would be happy for Wade Phillips, that dude has paid his dues in the NFL. I would rather see McNabb win out of the east if I had to pick one, he paid also. I got my popcorn ready to watch these forums if the Saints win it all though, considering the 2 teams history. If the Falcons win one first, I don't think any Saints fans will be here for a few years. All said and done, I hope the NFCS wins every sb for the next 20 years, with the bucs winning the most of course, and always in the lead.
  18. Yea, I saw your posts REV, you never get to up or down, and let the games decide itself on the field. These forums are not winning anything, just shyt chat from fans. I know, and you know, how the Saints fans are feeling, and the season is far from over yet, but when expectations are so high, these losses are definately tough to take. Not to mention if/when? they get dumped in the playoffs.
  19. Their Offense does not look the same right now, guess that has to do with PT missing, and possibly that TE who the Giants didn't need a couple of years ago to win it all. Congrats on you alls win, couldn't have happened to a better bunch of New Yorkers.
  20. You know those mugs are worried too, especially with AP, the Cowboys run game, even beenie wells somewhere in their future. Them boys better wake up quick...
  21. Good thread to welcome back Spurlock. breaks one of our marathon curses, possibly keeps another one going.
  22. Worse that can happen is they play on the road at Viqueens. Saints Offense is not looking good, yea I know, DUH , but them MOFO's better wake up or you get no SB DVD. This bucs win should be featured as a season saver for you if they make the DVD, at least 15 minutes of feature film of this beatdown today. WAKE UP!!!! I know you guys are like WTF right now, and the season appears to be going down the shytter, but this all will be forgotten once the playoffs start.
  23. Bucman is right about wins more being more important, regardless of whether it is the Saints. There is future talent at least to the top ten in the draft, and I'm not sold on any one player, especially on the Dline fixing all the ills no matter how great he may be personally. The Cowboys were the better team Sunday against the Saints, and the Saints lost. I don't think a bucs win will have any adverse effect on their homefield advantage, and would probably wake them up real quick to how quick this season can go down the shytter for them again. The Vikings appear to be going in the tank anyway. Not so sure anymore about the Saints after Sunday, even with homefield, but you just never know. There is definatley some players on the Saints that deserve a Lombardi, and alot of longtime fans.
  24. They deserve props for the win against the Saints. The Saints will be worried should the matchup occur in the playoffs. Could be seeing the Giants type team from a couple of years ago ready to make a solid run through the playoffs. Kiss your Rhomo doll, he played well.
  25. I was exagerating the score(a little). I agree Redman could start for alot of teams also, he, like Moore didn't make stupid mistakes. Ryan is better, and will show alot better as the Falcon Oline gets corrected in the draft, and FA.
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