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  1. I just thought that would be the dream scenario to have a LB group of Jones, Simmons, and Chaisson on the field at the same time. Each one can play multiple positions, and the three can play both the base and sub packages, as Simmons can drop into the secondary. It's just opens up tons of possibilities for getting creative and disguising.
  2. LOL, actually it's even worse! I traded down TWICE from 16, each time one spot down The simulator allows you to do that for the right price!
  3. The simulator is fun; unrealistic but fun!! I traded next year's first:
  4. Traded our first next year, but still happy with it!
  5. Oops, 42,000 now. Obviously way overblown!
  6. He's gonna get another ring with the Browns ...
  7. Of course they are modeling Covid-19 already, it's unimaginable that they aren't. That's were those 100K-200K death tolls under ideal scenario are coming from. All being early in the game does is that it gives much larger uncertainty range to the predictions.
  8. Not correct: "CDC conducts surveillance for people who see their health care provider for flu-like illness through the Outpatient Influenza-like Illness Surveillance Network (ILINet); a network of thousands of health care providers who report the proportion of patients seeking care for flu-like illness weekly to CDC. This system allows CDC to track levels of medically attended flu-like illness over the course of the flu season. CDC does not know exactly how many people get sick with seasonal flu each year. There are several reasons for this including that ILINet does not include every health care provider and monitors flu-like illness, not laboratory-confirmed influenza cases. Also, flu illness is not a reportable disease and not everyone who gets sick with flu seeks medical care or gets tested." And they combine that with mathematical modeling, but still the data does not capture asymptomatic cases.
  9. This aged well!
  10. If you want to make that argument, then you also concede that the spread of the virus is far greater than officially detected and reported. In that case, you would have to assume that most Americans will get it, which means that even a number far smaller than 1% still means hundreds of thousands of deaths. For what it's worth, the actual fatality rate is most likely smaller than 1%, if you include asymptomatic cases. But that is still a very large number, and an order of magnitude larger than flu, because by that approach, flu also has a fatality rate far smaller than 0.1% reported ion you include its asymptomatic patients.
  11. The problem with this is how recovered cases are defined, and I don't know how, or if there is a universal way to define them. Are they recovered hospitalized cases, or recovered confirmed cases. It's difficult to imagine that it's the latter.
  12. Why is he dresses like a chef??
  13. Pretty impressive, seems to be the type that this front office would drool over.
  14. Why are folks arguing if he's better or worse than Vic? How is that relevant? Are we settling for better than Vic?
  15. He’s thinking I’m in this job on borrowed time anyway, so let’s mess with TATF board members. Few things in life are more enjoyable after all!!