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  1. My favorite part was Schwartz dropping the F bomb
  2. Freeman still sucked, and so did Jake except breaking that DB into half.
  3. Can we come out on the right side a 4th down play? No can't be ...
  4. This is really not good for my health , not good at all ...
  5. I would have been more entertained by a 45-20 score right now
  6. Way too much time left for me to exhale
  7. It's your mess Matt, clean it up ...
  8. So is Quinn going to find a way to be outcoached again?
  9. Why would they trade him in division?
  10. If they really cared about the score, we would have lost 35-0 or 42-0.
  11. I actually feel like we will make a game out of this, and probably even win it!! I know, doesn't look like it now ...
  12. I’m confused, I thought your entire argument on this board was that receivers don’t matter but now Billy is a genius for signing the Diva receiver?
  13. That’s great, but 97% guaranteed?!!!