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  1. Remember Ryan was the QB who got us to the SB with an MVP season and had the highest QB rating in a SB ever?
  2. LOL, didn't see your post, just say the same thing!
  3. Browns should take QBs at 1 and 4 to improve their odds! I mean if you're Browns, you have to take extreme measure
  4. Former marine, law school, I see the resemblance
  5. This is just unbelievable! Why would anyone accept a job working under this guy? Nobody's career (or reputation) would ever recover from this. Why would you voluntarily walk yourself into inevitable self-destruction and humiliation?
  6. Yeah, and I think one of these he will just lose it and fire him over tweeter too
  7. Announced on twitter no less ... SMH But you know what, every one of these guys (Sessions, Tillerson, ...) deserves to be humiliated like this.
  8. I bet she doesn't.
  9. This is one of the favorite quotes I have recently read: "Comeuppance is a complicated subject in this presidency. Here is a leader who crowds out scandal with more scandal, who tends to insist that the buck stops elsewhere, who boasted of sexual assault on tape and got to the White House anyway. It is not quite that nothing sticks to Mr. Trump; it is that so much sticks that nothing stays visible for very long."
  10. Just let them have gun at school.
  11. Time to move from JM for Donald was 4 years ago.
  12. Why would the Rams pass? Worst case, they would tag him, at least for a year, or to get a first or more out of him. This is a moot question.
  13. Oh well it's Bedwetter ...
  14. Nobody is saying we shouldn't try to make schools safer, but that treats the symptom rather than the cause of the problem. Also, what will become of our country if we accept to be the only developed society where kids are raised in constant fear behind walls and bars and guards? To say that repealing 2nd amendment is a non-starter (not that we need a repeal to make significant improvements), is a stance that makes you responsible for the outcomes, good and bad. If you truly believe that guns on balance save more lives than take lives, good for you; you can take pride in your position, but you would still share responsibility for these deaths.
  15. If you can watch this girl and still continue this discussion then there is something wrong with you ...