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  1. What I don’t get from this piece is whether Fontenot had a say in hiring Smith, like a GM would. Still impressive that they could land these two simultaneously.
  2. No better example of this than Aaron Donald vs Jake Matthews. That’s how you let Hall of Farmers slip through your fingers.
  3. You guys are reading too much into this - neither of those guys had the final say on their draft, not even the second voice.
  4. It’s so much fun that I’m thinking of rooting for them in the regular season to get to the playoff 😅
  5. Two questions on Fontenot: - Is he gonna pull a Parcells? - Is he willing to say F$&@ the aints?
  6. I received the large one (not the x-large) as a gift, and it is fantastic!! Everything tastes better, even pizza!
  7. Just the thought of Blank on the sideline is enough to make us the worst opening.
  8. Seems Dekalb is in and they are almost tied wuth 5% to go
  9. So by my calculation, Ossoff needs to win the remaining votes (~400,000) by a 70 to 30 ratio to pull this off. Doable but not a given.
  10. Good point, I think you’re right. The tweet was with more of a mixed bag of counties left. The smaller, more republican leaning ones have now reported.
  11. But that’s not what the tweet says, or did I misread it? It doesn’t seem realistic either.
  12. I don’t get the math here. 15% of the vote is left; that’s about 700,000. They say dems are to win those by 10 points, that’s 70,000. Purdue’s margin over Ossoff right now is 100,000. I don’t really see how this works.
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