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  1. I don't think that line is necessarily a racist jab. There is truth to that statement, plenty of it. The structure of power and wealth in our society has always, always, even today, favored the privileged. As the whites were the privileged for so long, that statement, especially from a black person's perspective, is valid, even if it's harsh. Now you can take that statement with a racist agenda and use it that way, and that's maybe what Wright did, I don't know. But you can also take it as an acknowledgement of a bitter reality and to move in the right direction. All indications are that the latter fits Obama's profile better than the former.
  2. These idiots are the fiber optics of fake news, without them it won't work.
  3. “White folk’s greed runs a world in need”… This is hope? Throughout his Presidency Obama launched disturbing racist attacks against White Americans. Only a racist would identify people by color in the manner that Obama did throughout his Presidency. America thought that it was beyond racism and the color of an individual’s skin when it voted in its first black president. Ironically, Obama and the Democrat Party tore into America and never let up with his gibberish about the victimhood of race. This man with a Harvard education was lecturing middle America about privilege. Except those are not Obama's words, but what can we expect from an alt-right Trump supporter except faking quotes?
  4. You realize that 94% of that reduction is due to increased holdings, not reduced debt, right? In other words, only a small fraction is actual reduction in debt, and most of the change in balance is the stock market being at a higher value. The number you should focus on is the debt held, as the holdings fluctuate with the market all the time.
  5. The guy being beaten seems to have been carrying an anti-trump poster ...
  6. The only smart person in the entire White House is gone. He was disgusting but smart.
  7. This is the most stupid line of argument by some republicans, that historically democrats were the party of slavery and anti civil rights. That is an argument in favor of Democratic Party you're making for them. You're conceding that democrats have evolved from the wrong side of history to the right side on the topic of race. Can you say the same about Republicans?
  8. Says Mr. I don't care about sources!!! Dude, they have the original photo, which is from demonstrations in Greece back in 2009. AP did a factcheck too.
  9. Not sure of posted. Photo of ‘Antifa’ man assaulting officer was doctored, analysis shows
  10. Am I the only one who sees two Kushners here? Did I have too much to drink?!!!
  11. LOL!! If you march with Nazis and supremacists and chant "jews will not replace us", you are a nazi and/or supremacist. How is that difficult to understand? So when Trump says there were fine people marching, he is in fact saying that some of the nazis and supremacists were fine people. That's how logic works.
  12. It's ridiculous to suggest Antifa is a terrorist organization. They simply haven't had a history of terrorism, or the level of violence to qualify them. Property damage does not mean terrorism. They are violent no question, and it's also fair to call them fascist, but I don't think they are terrorists, not yet. Ironically, neo-nazis and more modern white supremacists are not philosophically terrorists either, but since they have resorted to blowing places up and running people over, I think they will be called terrorists more and more. Specific attacks by their supporters notwithstanding, I'm not sure their designation as terrorist groups would be accurate either. The thing about Antifa is that you can never have extremism only on one side, and historically Antifa has been more a reaction to right wing extremism, rather than an ideologically coherent political group.
  13. Did this post really have to be there at 500 page milestone?
  14. You guys should read the transcript of Trump's interview, it sinks much better in!! Of course he's the greatest orator ever but : Before he got going: "This is going to happen quickly. That’s what I’m signing today. This will be less than two years for a highway. So it’s going to be quick. It’s going to be a very streamlined process. And by the way, if it doesn’t meet environmental safeguards, we are not going to approve it. Very simple. We are not going to approve it. Maybe this one will say, let’s throw the other one away. Would anybody like it from the media? Would anybody like that long, beautiful chart?" In response to whether he plans to visit Charlottesville: "Does anyone know I own a house in Charlottesville? It is in Charlottesville. You’ll see." "It is the winery. [cross talk] I mean, I know a lot about Charlottesville. Charlottesville is a great place that’s been very badly hurt over the last couple of days. I own actually one of the largest wineries in the United States. It’s in Charlottesville."
  15. Trump is doing his best to validate Hillary's "basket of deplorables" comment. Seriously, in light of new events, I looked to see how many of Trump supporters don't fit in that basket, and out of two dozen or so that I know, only two I wouldn't consider deplorable. This thread is a good sample too. Oh, and I hate Hillary as a politician.