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  1. Can't take joy in that, even if the kid is a Saints fan. If it was a grown up, maybe, but that's just sad.
  2. Dude is a good player. And right now, my favorit player
  3. That was all Diggs!! Sorry, my mistake, that was all Williams
  4. They got nothing on us after this clusterF&%*!!! Wow
  5. Please show Payton's face!! Pleaaaaaaaaase
  6. Wow just wow!!! That was some comedy level **** up!!!
  7. Are you kidding me?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. That was Quinn level game management by Vikings in the last two series.
  9. They pulled a Shanahan there. Why didn't they run in those 3 downs?!!
  10. I really see no way the Vikings can win this now.
  11. Well, there you go ...
  12. STFU Payton!!
  13. We should put in that play for Sanu, it's perfect for him.
  14. Is Keenum going to fold?
  15. No sprint out to the right?!!