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  1. So you’re against cross training, but want Gono to play LG?!!
  2. True, they have been quite transparent that he’s not part of their longterm plan.
  3. Why not? We seemed very interested in him back in 2017.
  4. Haason Reddick. OK, Reddick is not exactly a bust, but he has been disappointing in Arizona and the team seems determined to move on from him. He's in his last contract year as Cardinals declined his 5th year option. With Simmons in the mix, he's not likely to be a contributor over there, so he can probably be had for very little compensation -- probably a 6th, or at most 5th. Rumor has Carolina interested. There is no question Reddick is talented and in that year Quinn was obviously intrigued by what he could bring to the table. He was not a good scheme fit in Arizona, but seems to fit the mold of LB we like (well, not exactly as he's shorter) with his speed and coverage. He brings some pass rush as well. Most importantly, he's one more first rounder for our collection
  5. We’re just collecting first round busts at this point!
  6. He did speak of a fiancé in another video though.
  7. He didn’t ask THE question, do you read the AFMB?
  8. Wow, I don’t think I have ever seen a UDFA deal that high!
  9. Their draft looks like an AFMB draft, not an actual front office one.
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