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  1. Sooner or later they should start taking into account that it's the Falcons.
  2. It wasn't. It was heads up play by the D. No one expected a run and they just wanted to get to FG range.
  3. It seems the “Shy Trump Voter” phenomenon is a real thing despite it being debunked and dismissed by various studies and pollsters. I don’t know why else can explain these polls.
  4. So those people will be allowed to vote on Tuesday if those earlier votes are thrown out?
  5. We should sign him to an extension sooner rather than later. It’ll just get more expensive and possibly out of our range.
  6. Can there be a way to mess this up? There must be a way
  7. you guys don't learn your lesson!! Hard-learned lesson.
  8. Just let them score quickly so we have some time left on the clock.
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