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  1. And your position on Israel is unique and individualized!!!
  2. You guys are all losing sight of who the real victim is here. Trump is thrown into a really tough and unfair situation, to have to call these people.
  3. Amazing and frightening at the same time how much control a tiny country like Israel has over American politics? That's one area where Obama's foreign policy was praiseworthy, in being the first post-war president to stand up against Israel's bullying of American politics and politicians.
  4. Is De'Vondre trying to be our Richard Sherman? You just came off of a terrible game, a bit of humility won't hurt.
  5. Seems Shanahan was the most important Falcon last year.
  6. Seriously? After today you think Falcons not winning the division is shocking?
  7. So how did Grady cost us the game? Weren't there two penalties on the D on that play?
  8. It was a good pass. A good TE/WR should make that catch. Dolphin's defense was stingy, so if you see that opening you have to try it. Can't fault Ryan for that.
  9. And what did the offense do to help? They went three and out and sent that tired defense back on the field as soon as possible.
  10. And a bit more discipline would be in order. This team is playing with so little focus and mental toughness and discipline, it's difficult to believe they are the same team of last year. It seems Quinn is losing his grip on this team. I mean how can you give so many INTs off of receivers hands at critical times of so many games? How can you give other teams first downs on so many occasions with stupid late game penalties? How on earth can you let Jay Cutler, let me repeat, Jay Cutler and not Tom Brady, come back from a 17 point deficit to beat you at your home? How can you let Dolphins of all teams bully you? How can one of the best offenses of all time fail to score any point in second half? why do we expect people to stop bringing up 28-3?
  11. Vic is playing? I'm shocked!
  12. Eagles are the only NFC team I do not want to face in the playoffs.
  13. Being 28th in turnover differential could have something to do with it.
  14. 10 Hurricanes in 10 Weeks: With Ophelia, a 124-Year-Old Record is Matched
  15. Sorry, but I think somewhere along all these pages I missed the unicorn jokes raining on dh! What's the deal? I feel left out.