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  1. were about are you from in canada

  2. has harrington attempted a pass over 10 yards? i was just looking through the play-by-play deally and i dont see any attempts that dont have the word "short" in em...
  3. haha nfl.com originally said that d-hall recovered the fumble and returned it 70 yards for an atl td.
  4. joey short pass incomplete right joey short pass incomplete right joey short pass incomplete left..................
  5. glad to get a win. the defense played great and made big plays when we needed em. milloy had an outstanding game. dunn with 100 yards not bad at all but if norwood had the same # of carries that dunn did he woulda had 170 yards rushing assuming his avg staye dthe same. (i realise he was injured but still) at the beginning of teh year i was all for giving joey a chance and putting some of teh blame on a porus o-line, but i am not so optimistic anymore. overall i was glad to see some of the guys people(including myself) have been raggin on making some plays. a win against the niners is still a
  6. i don't know all that much about redman but i'd like to see him take a few snaps in this game.
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