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  1. Good Lord yes, I get an email with each one, and I forgot to turn that off. I never knew you guys cared
  2. The badasses of the left. We Trump supporters better recognize.
  3. I don't care about insults. I do care about death threats to the president and rape threats to the First Lady. I never saw one threat to lynch Obama, if I had, my reaction would be exactly the same. That so many others are different now should cause those people to pause and examine how far we've sunk.
  4. You gloss over the literally thousands of such examples on social media, but it's no big deal to threaten and wish death on the president. Ask Statick, Trump has other **** he should be worrying about.
  5. Nah, it's the left. Look to your party's leadership as an example, or to your party's propaganda arm, or to your party's violent thugs posing as protesters for months on end now, or to your party's actual protesters for months on end now, or... you get the idea. The left has won the battle for the biggest crybaby b*tches by a sizable degree.
  6. http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/324263-mcdonalds-tweets-to-trump-you-are-actually-a-disgusting-excuse
  7. I think this helps McCain's legacy. All this time I just thought he was a huge piece of wishy washy Rino s**t. It turns out that he's ******* senile or maybe just insane. For that, I can have sympathy for him...not much, but some.
  8. I can take the crying, pissing, and moaning. That's what has come to define the left, but the daily barrage of death and now rape threats? Not so much.
  9. Not the wisest business move, but I still laughed. Speaking of disgusting though, have they never tried their own food?
  10. It always comes back to being somehow on him? Nothing about the piece's of crap making these statements\threats, Not just Madonna, Snoop dog, or BW, but the many, many examples on a daily basis on social media, they just get ignored or brushed aside as you do here. Threats to kill you or rape and make your wife a sexual slave. Meh, doesn't he have more important things to worry about? GTFO
  11. Is this accurately reported Terror Warning: Several Injured in French School Shooting So, in your opinion is Breitbart in fact a "real news" organization, or was sobeit's point valid? You can't have it both ways.
  12. More than anything else this is the type crap that I find most annoying http://thehill.com/blogs/pundits-blog/media/324233-violent-threats-against-the-president-is-ok-now Violent threats against the president are OK now? Turn on TV or browse your newsfeeds on social media, and you will be bombarded with polemics about the sky falling and credible threats of violence against conservative figures. The FBI investigated a threat to kill Milo Yiannoupolis for the audacity to want to speak on a college campus. Threats against former Labor Secretary nominee Andy Puzder’s wife cause
  13. Then had I directed this joke at you, you might have a point, but I didn't so you don't.
  14. No really good place to drop this, so this thread will do. Just sharing some pride.
  15. That's no way for a Hillary supporter to speak of the woman he chose as his ruler.
  16. They said the same of Trump, yet here we are with the media still looking for the red boogieman Part 12.
  17. From this morning. I want to see him put something forth to back this up.
  18. You don't say. So Canadians have common sense about something obvious (minus their liberals), just as we do (minus our liberals), ...who would have thought it.
  19. When the baby entered in the walker. Dead. My wife and I watched this and were laughing ourselves sick because it hit so close to home, to them interrupting my teleconference meeting, so the baby following the older sister, to the panicked wife realizing in terror they slipped away and where they'd gone. Never on this scale obviously, but **** near the same thing has happened to us.
  20. Trump has always been a RINO, I've never argued differently. I don't need a conservative purist in office in order to support him. I do appreciate someone who keeps his campaign promises and follows through on what he tells the people who supported him that he would do. The funny part about this to me is that Trump, who pretty much everyone agreed is no conservative, has been more consistently conservative in his policy than any of the so called conservatives whose "consciences would not allow them to support him" ever were.
  21. I think he wants to get on to tax cuts and his many other projects, but I could not disagree him more in being passive in how this is being handled.
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