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  1. Has Northern Va been counted yet? That is a far left leper colony. Many here would love it. I doubt Trump takes Va.
  2. Fl is done. It's been called by DecisionUSA and Newsmax. I trust both more than Fox News Va call.
  3. What's up bud. So glad to finally see you on. Yea, I'm back for the night because I was here in 2016 and you know like Crash Davis said: Never **** with a winning streak
  4. You're assuming that Biden takes the Rust Belt, that's not a given
  5. **** you. I hate when I have to admit you're right.
  6. That is a pretty important distinction, no? Was it an attack as many are presenting it, or was the black truck being forced off the road? His motive for being in the lane are indeed debatable, that he was in the lane is not.
  7. Truly, I'm not spinning anything. I think the Trump supporters were wrong and behaving childishly (not recklessly). That's not spin, that's my opinion. The media, and some here are stating that this was an attack. Again, that's not spin, that is a demonstrable lie.
  8. You were just shown exactly what happened. Say you believe an obvious lie all you like, it's still a lie. WTH does anyone care if someone is incapable of admitting that.
  9. I don't agree with several opinions expressed here, but none are unreasonable, and all are debatable, as they should be. For myself, I was solely addressing the ridiculous and transparent lie being put forth by much of the media and by several people here that this was an "attack".
  10. This is a valid argument and I won't try to justify the Trump supporters screwing with the bus. Wrong and childish. That said, the narrative being put forth regarding this incident by both the media and people here is a complete and utter lie. Not a misunderstanding, a lie being perpetrated either through outright deceit or ignorance of what actually occurred. The latter would rather piss and moan about how horrible the other side is than do ten seconds of research to see how full of **** what they're saying is.
  11. It would be completely unacceptable... if it were what happened, but as is this case in almost all incidents that causes liberals to **** their collective beds in fake outrage, the narrative being put forth is garbage. A simple breakdown of the video exposes (again) that these leftists "outrages" are ******* jokes being screamed by petulant, lying children. Keep howling at the moon over the lies though. Hit the 3:14 mark
  12. That was directed at the post above mine, not at you. Unless you're Big_Dog? Either way, just making a joke.
  13. When you spread more far left propaganda than even Snopes, where do you go from there? ABF I suppose. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/donald-trump-hat-china/
  14. Right as rain. My little baby daughter is 12 now, going on 19 she thinks. Otherwise doing great.
  15. Very likely not. Ca, NY, and NJ are too populous, and I think they are all still staunchly blue, no matter how many Trump boat parades are organized. I live in Fl, it will be razor thin here I think, likewise I don't think Trump scores many blowout states to avoid a popular vote loss, but at the end of the day... who cares, a EC win is a win? At least for now.
  16. Lol, if not for the dates on the posts and exchanging a crooked hag for a senile potato, this thread may as well be an archive from 2016. Same players, same proclamations.
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