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  1. 2 minutes ago, stizz said:

    I live in Florida and thought it was insane that Biden chose Kamala when he backed himself into picking a woman and Demings was right there to help him with Florida.

    His campaign wasn't as bad as Hillary's, but I don't think the VP pick was actually his, especially considering how Harris attacked him at that debate.

    He honestly would have been better off going with Abrams

  2. 1 minute ago, The Monarch said:

    I was told that Biden's strategy of mostly not doing **** and making the election all about Trump was wise.

    I think he overplayed his hand with the shutdown talk. People are sick of shutdowns, especially in PA and Michigan. This is why I hopeful Trump pulls one of them.



    1 minute ago, The Monarch said:


    That this election is not a landslide is just ... if dem leadership is not entirely broken down and rebuilt, like a ******* tanking NBA team, then it's entirely over. 

    I'm not piling on at all man. A Trump win is FAR from certain, but I heard this same argument all over the place in '16 by democrats, and they put their money where their mouth is by nominating a 47 year in Washington bureaucrat because he was super serious about effecting change this time.


    At least Bernie is a true believer. I think he would be a disaster, but he has an original thought in his head.


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