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  1. He honestly would have been better off going with Abrams
  2. Trump 52% 1,374,630 Biden 45% 1,207,240 Virginia 97.18% reporting Win or lose. How ******* stupid does Fox News look now.
  3. So, we're going to have a Speaker AOC. No way Nancy holds the position.
  4. On the plus side, Stacey Abrams just declared that she has won Georgia.
  5. I think he overplayed his hand with the shutdown talk. People are sick of shutdowns, especially in PA and Michigan. This is why I hopeful Trump pulls one of them.
  6. We still need a Rust Belt state brother. Far from certain.
  7. Neither. I obviously misunderstood your post. Apologies
  8. I'm not piling on at all man. A Trump win is FAR from certain, but I heard this same argument all over the place in '16 by democrats, and they put their money where their mouth is by nominating a 47 year in Washington bureaucrat because he was super serious about effecting change this time. At least Bernie is a true believer. I think he would be a disaster, but he has an original thought in his head.
  9. It was a joke man. I would be very much surprised if it were not in response to tons of insults on Twitter. You should see what I get from liberals there, and I'm a ******* sweetheart. Lighten up.
  10. Based on this Tweet? Granted I know nothing about the guy, but I hope your threshold for a Nazi is higher than this.
  11. It was a joke about Susan Collins. Who cares who wins. Dems have both candidates in Maine.
  12. I know you guys totally trust OAN, but they just retracted the Va call for Biden that they made earlier.
  13. Uh yea, about that leper colony comment. Present company excluded.
  14. Dems are winning in Maine. Susan Collins has a big lead.
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