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  1. His practice is a business. He provides a service. Not even physicians seem to agree with your take on this point. https://www.kevinmd.com/blog/2020/04/support-your-local-private-practice-physician-theyre-a-small-business.html
  2. Refusing care to patients based on their choice of immunization is heinous. To then hide behind "I don't want to see them die like that" makes it all the more so. Refuse service to the obese and drug addicts by this flawed logic. I did read the story and beyond that I think this doctor cannot refuse service as it looks to be against Alabama law as of May 24, 2021. Tell me if you read this differently. https://www.alabamaag.gov/Documents/news/AL COVID 19 Vaccine Guidance.pdf 4) it prohibits businesses from refusing to provide goods or services, or refusing to allow admission, to an individual based on the customer’s immunization status or lack of immunization documentation.
  3. and here we go, from a heinous "what if" this morning to reality the same afternoon. Good luck with that in Alabama buddy.
  4. Fair point, but then they should not release data that purports to have an accurate and up to date count of Covid-19 cases over a period of time (the past two weeks in both these examples). I would wager that they are just as aware of the failing in data that you point out here, yet rather than explaining this, they release what they have as factual and up to date statistics all bundled in pretty graphics for the masses to consume. Does that appear to be a honest and responsible execution of their Constitutionally protected obligation to the public, or partisan hacks putting out deadline bs for advertising numbers with quick Twitter clicks and likes?
  5. That's a different point. I live in Florida. I (knock on wood) have not been the hospital since December so I'll concede all points you make here. If you're also a Fl. resident, you would certainly know better than I. The graph referenced by mdrake was about new cases, not hospitalizations, as was mine. Either NBC News or the NYT is full of ****... or they both are... as is most all media was the only point I was making.
  6. I agree, make sure your modem is in bridge mode, but since the issue just recently began, that is probably not the problem. I ran TP Link Deco, then "upgraded" to a Orbi system. Twice the price and no better on performance... but both are very solid on performance and no drops. I just recommend the Deco for the price. If you want to sink a little money in, you might consider Ubiquiti. Rock solid performance and scalable to your needs: cameras, phones, whatever you want are available. Security is much better in my opinion as well. https://www.ui.com/
  7. Another example of not being able to believe anyone. I thought Florida was on Covid-19 Fire and DeSantis was personally injecting children with it, yet NBC News graphic shows no change in cases, while the NYT shows an 11% increase during the same time period. I know I'm repetitive, but they all are garbage and in no way worthy of anyone's trust.
  8. Exactly correct. The latest in a long line of examples of why the media is utter garbage. What conclusion would you arrive at from this headline? That the doctors did this before or after their shifts? The media is garbage.
  9. Both valid points. I'm honestly not quite the same as I was before. I can't run nearly as long without getting winded after training like **** to try to get back. I forget more than I used to. I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but with that said, mandating that people take a vaccine that they are either morally or physically opposed to is wrong. This same argument has gone on for years (minus the morality aspect) regarding the Flu vaccine. Many refused, but the mob did not clamor for them to be slapped with a Scarlett Letter as a result. Everyone has had time now to make an informed decision. People can do it or choose not do.
  10. Not that I recall, but I wouldn't be shocked if I had.
  11. Sure, assuming that every man, woman, and child in the U.S. is infected.
  12. Just so you know, I took my daughter after three days of exposure and they said you could test negative for up to two weeks after exposure. Again, no idea which is accurate, just something to be aware of and ask.
  13. I don't know. I wish I did. One suggestion would be to not close down debate, and answer questions honestly. Reject the us vs them mentality that is so pervasive. If you want to be vaccinated, then do so. Same with a mask, but stop with the vilification of those of disagree. Stop with the mockery and snide comments of those who are genuinely afraid or cautious and do want to wear a mask or get vaccinated. I'm really not trying to say one side is worse than the other.
  14. and was booed for it. Deep help beliefs are not going to be easily changed even by a person they voted for.
  15. I worked in a hospital over the past five years. I contracted Covid is December, developed pneumonia and they had no ICU bed for me. They treated me with a simple IV drip, oxygen, and steroids. I have seen it. I don't want to repeat it. I could have easily been in that 1%, but it still would be a 1-2% overall death rate. I would wager that I'm more fit than most people on these boards. I jog and surf daily. It just hits some harder than others. I lost the lottery on this one, which weighed heavily in my decision to get the vaccination. Some doctors are not as forthcoming as mine, because I do work with him. Lying is not the right word, but I know several doctors and many nurses who refuse to be vaccinated. Again, no one truly knows the long term effects of this vaccine with no well researched clinical trials. The first Pfizer CT's were set for a '23 release, if I remember correctly, yet the FDA is pushing the approval forward to now. I don't fault people who see this as an actual problem. I don't fully agree with them, but I don't wish them harm or even death because of that disagreement.
  16. I more agree with the first paragraph than not, however there is genuine, and in my opinion, well founded mistrust of many of the people pushing the mask and vax mandates the hardest. As for the second paragraph, some truth with a heaping helping of hyperbole. The survivability rate remains 98-99%. I'm not belittling the seriousness of it by pointing that out. In fact, the barrage of anecdotal stories being passed as widespread evidence of the deadliness of Covid is further evidence of disingenuousness, not less.
  17. The animus that some here display towards people who do not believe or trust what you do never ceases to amaze. Get the vax if you believe it demonstrates your superior intellect, don't get it if you think it's poison. You're both opposite sides of the same extremist coin. I'm somewhere in between. I fully recognize that Covid is real and potentially dangerous. I further recognize that it has been used as a political cudgel and precautions have been hyped beyond all reasonable measures, as has any questioning of the motives of those most responsible for that hype. It is amazing that politicians and media pretend to not understand why they are not believed and even mocked when they push a narrative and invasive action with such ferocity. Maybe they're being genuinely truthful about Covid. I don't think they are, but I may be wrong. I chose to get the vaccination. It may have been a mistake, it may not have. I still don't know because I don't trust anything I read about it. It's mostly propaganda on both sides and to weed through the pro and anti bs is staggeringly difficult. My doctor told me he certainly would not advise me not to be vaccinated, but he shared my concerns. It was noncommittal, but at least it was honest, because the truth is "they" don't know, and neither do any of us. Just stop pretending that you do, it's tedious and obvious. You're regurgitating what you've read, who tf knows if what you read or saw on television was true or not. I think the vax is probably better to have than to not, but I don't know, and neither do those here who claim they do. Do what you think best protect yourself and your family. If people want to point their finger and ***** about it, **** em' they'd point their finger and ***** about something else if they didn't have this.
  18. He honestly would have been better off going with Abrams
  19. Trump 52% 1,374,630 Biden 45% 1,207,240 Virginia 97.18% reporting Win or lose. How ******* stupid does Fox News look now.
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