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  1. Chuck Norris made fire by rubbing two ice cubes together.
  2. I'd cite the statistics that shoot this nonsense all to ****, but I've already been informed that the actual numbers don't matter so whatever. If paranoia keeps you and yours safe, then be paranoid. I've had a cop threaten to kick me down a flight of stairs because I tried to tell my side of an argument. I guess I could have tried to throw him down them instead or told him to go **** himself, but I did the smart thing. choked it down, and left the premises as ordered. It hurt my pride, but if I had made a fight of it, it would have only gone worse for me. The fact that you dismiss my caution because I don't believe the police are out looking to kill me (or you) when they clock in each night is equally ridiculous. No one likes to see a cop in their rear view mirror. no one. Most every time though, there is a valid reason why they're there, and usually the fault for it is our own, not theirs. That night with the stairs, I was the one who was wrong. He was still a d ick, but he was also right about me.
  3. Compelling arguments put forth, but not enough to change my mind. I tend to not go for criminal justice conspiracy theories though. I doubt you are, but if interested
  4. It was meant to be crazy. They would show up to arrest me, beat my *** (hopefully) if I resisted, and kill me if I threatened their lives. I won't argue the history of racism by the police, but I watch my back around them just like anyone else, and I respect and support the **** out of them. I have also will have "that talk" with my children that the media tells us that only black people have to suffer through to respect and obey police at all times, because it is just common sense and good parenting to do so. The same as my dad had with me when he said he would kick my *** if I ever disrespect a cop.
  5. I know, I'm above the law. I don't have to worry about obeying lawful commands when I'm pulled over because I'm almost white. Laws, smaws. That's for minorities to worry over. If I commit a crime, the cops show up for a beer, not to arrest me, and their bullets, tasers, or *** kickings won't work on me anyway. I'm almost white. Maybe, just maybe it's you that doesn't get it as much as you think you do.
  6. I don't choose to ignore your opinion on why things are the way they are, I just completely disagree with it. Big difference. This is the case with the vast majority of people in this country. Ironically enough, you continue to miss that point.
  7. ^ misses the point that police also have the same presumption of innocence as everyone else and must be proven guilty in order to have committed criminal acts. Self defense or reasonable use of force (even if it's ugly) are not criminal acts. There are exceptions, but they are just that, not the rule.
  8. Everyone else always does when they do not jump on the "cops are the real criminals" train. It's easy and requires no effort, honest statistics, or proof. You just have to keep saying it and your point is made, to the choir anyway. It convinces no one else.