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  1. So the streets should burn, the businesses should be destroyed and the business owners attacked? You think you sound inclusive, thoughtful, or reasonable. You sound like an anarchist, or at very least an enabler of it. Protest all you like, but your free speech ends where my nose begins. You guys huddle up and tell each other that you're reasonable and right, many people would not agree. Life extends beyond this bubble you all have created for yourselves. No matter how often you guys tell each other otherwise, these protests last week were not mostly peaceful. The riots were coming each
  2. You call it authoritarianism, I call it restoring order in the streets. Saving lives, cities, and businesses from being looted and burned. The president has expressed nothing but support for the peaceful protests, but to call these "mostly peaceful" last week was the height of propaganda. Once violence breaks out, your peaceful protest is over. It then becomes time to reestablish order, and you can come back the following day and peacefully protest again. I believed this when it happened in Charlottesville, just the same as when it happened in Minneapolis.
  3. I have nothing on him. I know little of him beyond a very general overview of his service record and his time in the Trump Administration. I have nothing disparaging to say of the former. The latter was underwhelming, though I think he did the right thing in resigning. His job is not to make policy, but to push forward the policy of the president. He did not agree, so he resigned. As a civilian, he said he would keep his opinions to himself until Trump left office. He lied because according to him Trump lied. So his holier than thou reasoning was to lie to combat the president's lie(s).
  4. The same as always. Your way is not the only way.
  5. Also, I thought TDS was limited to the leftists who hated him beyond all comprehension.Like CNN, MSNBC, and ABF I didn't know you guys used it as well. So you say the rabid Trump supporters have TDS as well? I did not know that. You did teach me something today.
  6. Nah, neither. I have YouTubeTv (awesome service by the way, **** Directv). No OAN available so I've never seen it. The Q freaks are as demented as the Bernie Bros
  7. That's just hyperbolic rhetoric with no basis in fact. I don't doubt you feel it's true, but that does not make it so.
  8. The winner is our country. I believe Trump is the best possible option and holding your nose to vote for someone who does not share your convictions is a recipe for disaster. I did it with Romney once and have always regretted that vote. I was playing team sports then, not now. As demented as it may seem to you, I believe in the direction this president is trying to take this country wholeheartedly: energy independence, a robust economy, a strong military (even including The Space Force), prison reform. That's not college football to me. I believe it.
  9. Is that directed at me? If so, I sense a bit of snarky sarcasm. If this is referring to me, I've never claimed to be intellectual and certainly not reasonable so I would honestly agree with the sarcasm on both points, so well done. If this is regarding someone else though, a difference of opinion does not make that person wrong, hateful, nor racist... he\she simply see's the world differently. You can choose to try to see another point of view, or mock that person and his\her\zir\hir\eir\vis\tem\eir opinion while cuddling safely within your own bubble, but that is not very construct
  10. I see what you meant, this place is like little Twitter these days. Do you guys still talk, or pretty much just tweet (other people's tweets) at each other exclusively?
  11. Yea, just as I said: Best president ever. That you've mischaracterized pretty much every example you've listed is suspect. One or two could be chalked up to an honest mistake or difference of opinion. To be so completely and utterly clueless about each and every one though... I don't know, but it smacks of an intentional effort to deceive, or perhaps just an incredibly *** backwards way of looking at the world around you. Tomato- tomato(e). It's almost impressive, five years later and you haven't changed
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