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  1. Show me the thread where I can sign up again. You guys really are ridiculous.
  2. So you follow a think progress editor and MSNBC producer on twitter? I'm glad you finally learned to love yourself and came outta the liberal closet at long last. Good for you. Truly one of those "we've all known for years anyway" type moments.
  3. He may be that one in a million though. I am constantly amazed at the good sense and logic he displays here, it just ain't natural for one of "them" people.
  4. Fixed it for you, and if he knew, absolutely not. I would however bet a lifetime ban from this site that he did not know. Sloppy twitter etiquette to be sure, but no reason for some people to pee themselves in indignation.
  5. Doing great my Saints loving friend. I hope you're well
  6. Great news!!
  7. The National Enquirer never gets anything right. Right John? Right FACT CHECK: National Enquirer broke 11 Sex Scandals Edit: and not the NE.
  8. No we didn't and yes he did
  9. Bannon lasted 49 Scaramuccis
  10. If you're not even going to read the article, that's fine, but stop trying to sound informed as you argue against the point it made, you know, because you don't... at all
  11. We're here, you just can't see us through your bubble, or hear us outside your echo chamber.
  12. Way to ignore the point, but it was just to illustrate how completely ****tarded this entire latest faux outrage is, even more so than the last few liberal faux outrages.