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  1. Great news!!
  2. The National Enquirer never gets anything right. Right John? Right FACT CHECK: National Enquirer broke 11 Sex Scandals Edit: and not the NE.
  3. No we didn't and yes he did
  4. Bannon lasted 49 Scaramuccis
  5. If you're not even going to read the article, that's fine, but stop trying to sound informed as you argue against the point it made, you know, because you don't... at all
  6. We're here, you just can't see us through your bubble, or hear us outside your echo chamber.
  7. Way to ignore the point, but it was just to illustrate how completely ****tarded this entire latest faux outrage is, even more so than the last few liberal faux outrages.
  8. A New York Times article Cuomo Says Confederate Names on New York Streets Should Go An article on the origin of the name of the city and state New York Is Named After A Slave Trader Ruh' Roh
  9. Kinda like he was going to drop out in the middle of the campaign because he did not really want to be president anyway. You've really slipped down that rabbit hole in my time away.
  10. So he is going to be where they said he would be the first time? Wow, that's really bad news. Are we really going to go through the whole, don't believe the bs you see in the media stuff again? His agenda will increase his support in the black community, not decrease it. A little secret, Don Lemon lies his *** off and does not have his finger on the pulse of the BC, stop pretending otherwise.
  11. If you're going to f**k up my signature line before I even have the chance to deliver it, you don't deserve to see it.
  12. I know that we are all guilty of something. Throw in the Trump smear machine, and this garbage will never end. Its not persuasive, its annoying. I was lukewarm on Trump in the beginning. I voted against Hillary as much as I voted for him. Now, thanks in large part to the "resistance" (I still cannot even type that s hit with a straight face), I'm dug in up to my neck. I am Trumps advocate and supporter beyond any measure I ever thought I would support any politician. Whatever the h ell your guys think they are accomplishing with this smear campaign, obstruction, and "resistance" , again, that term. I promise you, in all sincerity, it is back firing badly.
  13. That I agree with, but not what you insinuated. He did in fact commit a crime, just not one that he should have ever been asked about by Ken Starr.
  14. Fair point, and in hindsight, I have the same problem with that as I do with this farce. SP's are given far too much latitude in these matters. They should be limited to the scope of what they were appointed to investigate. Not engage in a fishing expedition over a person's entire life searching for dirt.