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  1. Obviously Trump Jr f***** up by releasing his emails. He should have deleted them all, wiped his server with Bleachbit, smashed all his phones with hammers and the honest media would have then lost all interest in the story and declared him innocent. Meh. Live and learn
  2. Best one yet
  3. I'm just glad to see that they have not thrown a straitjacket on BigDog and hauled him away...Yet
  4. Oh, Hello eatcorn
  5. Two conservatives against a nest of message board liberals seems like a pretty fair fight to me. So glad you're still here Marla.
  6. Considering that he has done nothing illegal and can therefore not be impeached... this is a pretty safe prediction. In fairness, he does wear his watch a bit tight for my taste
  7. Congratulations my friend! Sincerely, congratulations.
  8. That's more like it. Now this feels like home.
  9. There he is. How's everything going. Still surviving the first Trump term I see. I can't tell you how relived I am. I worried a bit for you Hillary supporters.
  10. I bet that hurt to say. What's up PG? Good to "see" you.
  11. Thanks buddy.
  12. Good Lord yes, I get an email with each one, and I forgot to turn that off. I never knew you guys cared
  13. Look forward to speaking with you again.
  14. Lol, what's up pal?
  15. The badasses of the left. We Trump supporters better recognize.