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  1. So I decide to stop in to say hello. One page, literally one page of reading the ramblings of you lunatics. See you guys in a year or so.
  2. Thanks bud, but I was much more of an a sshole on here than I like being, except to Graham. I really don't care what anyone says about you, you're a great guy who I learned a ton from over the years. Thank you.
  3. Truly mdrake. Congratulations again on your new baby. I wish you all the best pal. I just didn't want it to seem that I was taking a shot at you on the way out. Not my intention.
  4. I have not even read back far enough to see what happened, but I've seen this exact scenario play out enough times to say that's just mdrake's schick. Belittle a position, pick fights with the few conservatives here, all the while taking the most screwball liberal positions possible. Then when someone fires back, he informs you that he is a republican, and cites his voting record as proof, while agreeing with or "liking" the lib comments that insult you heinously. I used to get angry with him, but I let all that go, so I have no problem that he is a republican, just the same as I have no problem that Caitlyn Jenner is a woman. I used to find the arguing fun, but this place is just too much of an echo chamber. The debate\attacks are not the good hearted trash talk they used to more or less be, they've just become vile. I can't deny that I'm guilty of my part in that as well for which I have no excuse, so my advice, step away. I stop by now and then just for the most part to see if you and WFW are hanging in there. I love arguing with friends no matter how they think, but I finally realized that many here truly hate people who think differently than they do and are emboldened by their numbers to behave in the way they do. I could still argue with them, but why? I always knew I would not change their minds, and the animosity took most of the fun out of it. Now I yell at Lindsey Graham on Twitter and the libs there rarely display the venom I see here every time I stop by. I'm not asking any of you to stop or change, just giving someone I like my opinion. I've truly missed a few of the people here, but the place itself... not even a little. Now, no need to tell me to do so. I won't let the door hit me on my way out again. Keep fighting the good fight fellas. You're this close to getting Trump out of office.
  5. More crumbs Apple expects to invest over $30 billion in capital expenditures in the US over the next five years and create over 20,000 new jobs through hiring at existing campuses and opening a new one. Apple already employs 84,000 people in all 50 states.
  6. No argument with that, so if this were 1977, you would be correct, but as it stands Episode IV is called A New Hope
  7. You're technically wrong, but morally right
  8. My new order from best to The Force Awakens The Great 1. The Empire Strikes Back 2. A New Hope Very good 3. Revenge of the Sith (Yes, better than Return of the Jedi) 4. Return of the Jedi (but not by much) 5. Rogue One Bad 6. Attack of the Clones S hit the bed 7. The Last Jedi 8.The Phantom Menace (Rose is not quite Jar Jar, close, but no one is Jar Jar, plus the lightsaber duel was cool) 9. The Force Awakens (At least TPM was an original script, and it didn't have Rey in it)
  9. I'm late to the party but my pros vs cons are Pro's Beautiful to look at. Some of the scenes were just breathtaking. The Luke and R2 scene on the Millennium Falcon when he played Leia's message to Obi Wan was genuinely touching and proper "homage" to a past great movie, rather than Abrams **** fest of just ripping off the plot and calling it homage. I still don't hate Finn. He is bordering on ridiculous, but I'm trying to find something to like, and I don't hate him yet Mark Hamill was still great. If he had a better script, he could have made Luke Skywalker as epic as before. The scene with Luke and Leia was also touching and well written When Kylo turned on Snoke, they had a real opportunity to do something new and different then they completely **** the bed on that which leads me to the Con's Kylo or Rey turning would have been something a great arch to continue into the next movie. TLJ should have ended there, Rey joins Kylo, and the entire next movie is set up with how Luke will react, will they be dark or light, so many possibilities, just flushed away. Kylo Ren. Still a whiny sad sack Emo Ren crap villain. I don't care what side of the force he ends up following because I think he would just change again whenever he got a hair up his *** to do so. Leia...wasted, the whole Leia Poppins thing is deserved. The worst scene in a major studio movie possibly ever. Then one of the coolest characters in Star Wars history slept for the next 1/3 of the movie, then woke up to stun Poe with no possible knowledge of wth went on while she was napping, and backed this hair brained purple haired harpy's idiotic, and above all TOTALLY secret plan to sneak away in small ships undetected, which was of course detected and got 90% of the resistance\rebels still alive killed. I could go on for ages, so a quick synopsis of garbage before the two worst train wrecks: Force Ghosts can now call down lightning, Luke f'ing Skywalker (the man who spent an entire movie believing in the redemption of the most evil being in the galaxy, and then redeeming him) just said **** it and decided to kill his nephew because he sensed the dark side manifesting in him or sumsuch**** (WTF), The purple haired twit in the evening gown, the stuttering idiot master hacker that just happen to be in the same cell as those sent to find another master hacker, the never before seen ability to take out a star destroyer by jumping to hyper space through it... well ****, the war it won, just send in droid piloted ships and have them hyper space their way to victory against any armada, The ENTIRE casino side mission. Completely unnecessary, accomplished nothing, meant nothing, just meaningless filler and putting a check mark for another race represented, which does segue nicely into the last two most grievous offenses Rose, the most useless pos character ever to **** up scene after scene that they somehow allowed her and even paid her to **** up by her mere presence. She even managed to **** up the one scene for Finn that could have been really emotionally powerful when he was going to sacrifice himself, here comes the Star Wars killing blob to co ck block his character from redemption because she had some fat school girl crush on him. Ridiculous on each and every level, but she is not even the worst part Mary Rey Sue herself, from the beginning of TFA till the end of TLJ is about a week and a half, in this time she beat the jedi killer Emo Ren in a duel, that's bad enough, but they decided not badass enough, in TLJ she beat Luke F'ing Skywalker in a duel with sticks, but still, her wooden a ss beat Luke Skywalker a week after thinking that he and the force itself were just made up legends. Remember in The Empire Strikes Back when Luke struggled to call his lightsaber to save himself from the wampa? This was after all the time from The New Hope till the beginning of TESB...Luke, the most powerful jedi ever, but Mary Sue is moving a mountain to free the "rebels" a week after learning this force stuff was real. Awful, awful, awful Not making the list of cons, but along that same line, the stable boy at the end effortlessly calls the broom to his hand using the force. **** Disney, they have truly ruined what I thought could never be ruined. Also, Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you have a spectacular New Year
  10. So you follow a think progress editor and MSNBC producer on twitter? I'm glad you finally learned to love yourself and came outta the liberal closet at long last. Good for you. Truly one of those "we've all known for years anyway" type moments.
  11. Fixed it for you, and if he knew, absolutely not. I would however bet a lifetime ban from this site that he did not know. Sloppy twitter etiquette to be sure, but no reason for some people to pee themselves in indignation.
  12. Great news!!