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  1. Matt Ryan is not going to the pro-bowl. He will be worrying about the Superbowl and won't go. I'm telling ya.
  2. I think that was the original idea back in the 60's. lol It was such a good idea it's still going even through a logo change.
  3. I'm not worried about the Pro Bowl. None of our players will be playing in it anyways. We'll be too busy focusing on the game after the Pro Bowl. The Super Bowl
  4. Sounds about right. Who cares. Haters gonna hate and keep thinking that we never have a chance until we soar into the Superbowl. With our QB, RB, and starting WR all in the top 10 in the NFL how can we be stopped?
  5. I'm not worried. They almost lost to Barfallo at their own house. You can say we almost lost to the 9ners but if I had to choose between playing the 9ers again or the Bills I'll take the Bills. They looked tough last week after a bye week and Miami team that didn't even show up. Now they barely have anytime to prepare for a much better team in a way tougher road environment.
  6. I know we're gonna win. Matt Ryan is 17-1 now with the 12th man in attendance. It's gonna be a low scoring defensive game just like the Pittsburgh game. We are gonna be the ones on top at the end though.
  7. This is simple. Vick playing for Falcons: Cocky, arrogant, rich, self centered, with a very vicious gambling problem. Vick playing for Eagles: Fresh out of jail, one chance, trying to redeem himself which leads to better practice and play. Vick wasn't trying with us. Roddy was being lazy. Jenkins was young and Alge was okay. You can say we didn't have a good team with Vick but that 04 season we had a very good team. The defense was relentless and the offense was #1 in the league............In rushing.
  8. We might play the Saints in the NFCCG. They just better hope Arizona don't make the playoffs.
  9. I'm stuck with the Washington game. Link would be great.
  10. That's like asking Obama where his change is. Lol
  11. LMAO...Helen Hunt might know alittle somethin bout that as well...
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