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  1. LOL They cant go 5-12 its a 16 game season. Ill give you a game and call it a 5-11 season. Would they really ban me because the foulcons have another losing season?
  2. 15 winning seasons 30 losing seasons 3 seasons where they were even 48 seasons total Do you know the question to this answer?
  3. New Orleans holds a 12-3 advantage over the Falcons since 2006. I say the trend is your friend Saints - 31 Foulcons-10
  4. Should have called it Soft knocks for this season. Foulcons are a soft team
  5. All those teams have a super bowl win in there history. Ya'll need to quit wanting someone to give you something. Its earned respect
  6. The foulcons have been in the league 48 years and only have 15 winning seasons. Medias are not gonna boast about thatkinda team
  7. http://espn.go.com/blog/chicago/blackhawks/post/_/id/4680201/quenneville-tice-excited-for-derby-hopeful Good luck to you and your partners today on your horse (Midnight Hawk)in the Robert B Lewis Stakes today. Chicago Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville will be rooting for a Hawk to win on Saturday. It just won’t be his Blackhawks. Quenneville is part owner of Midnight Hawk, a three-year-old gray/roan colt, who will be racing in the $200,000 Robert B. Lewis Stakes at Santa Anita Park on Saturday. Midnight Hawk is undefeated in three career races and has created some Kentucky Derby buzz. Quenn
  8. On a bright side he now has an opportunity to play with a team that's a contender
  9. Its more amazing how close most games were in 2012 with the starters in
  10. you just could not resist sticking your head up Ryans rump could you
  11. Happy Birthday and hope many many more to come The Big White Cat says Happy Birthday Too
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