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  1. you should come towards the beginning of the season. it's beautiful down here when the weather is nice.
  2. This. He's a sure handed, tall guy that runs good routes but doesn't get many yards after the catch or have the speed to beat out smaller faster DBs on deep routes. He's pretty much exactly like Finneran. Love this pick. Another smart, hard working player.
  3. We should try to get Lang, Peek, and one of those top 2 kickers. Also surprised that Donovan Warren, Harry Coleman, and Ciron Black are still available.
  4. http://www.draftcountdown.com/ScoutingReports/S/Shann-Schillinger.php He had 108 tackles, 4 INT his junior year; 90 tackles, 4 INT his senior year. Me gusta.
  5. Sounds like a great player, and a possible steal for where we got him. But imo the bigger steal would have been Griffen.
  6. Even with Babineaux's possible suspension and Jerry's injury history, I don't understand why they felt the need to address the DT position with THIS pick and with THIS player. Beyond the two starters, we have Johnson, Lewis, Walker, and Jamaal to use in our DT rotation. WTF made them think we needed this guy with our 2nd pick?!?
  7. This is the first pick TD has made since he took over that really upsets me. Not only is DT not a pressing need for us, but I don't understand why of all DTs available we picked him. Every scouting report I looked at points out several weaknesses and doesn't really mention any strong qualities that stand out. It sounds like we've picked an average player at a position not of strong need with our 2nd highest pick.
  8. Tony Moeaki seems like a pretty good prospect as well. We might be able to get him in the 4th.
  9. I bet he'd be thrilled to know how many fans want him to have Keith Brooking's number.
  10. I really want Dennis Pitta, but I don't think it's as much of a priority as C and DE, and I doubt he'll be available to us in the 4th. It's important that we get a good young tight end with Gonzo getting older and only having a year left under contract. Who do you think we should get or where do you think we should address the position?
  11. Don't think it would be worth it when we can still get a good DE somewhere in the 3rd. This draft is somewhat rich in DEs...I'd be stoked if we got Brandon Lang w/ no. 98.
  12. Yeah I'm not at all down on Nicholas, and I'm not 100% locked in on Pete still having as much value as I think he does. I just think considering Pete's role as one of our leaders, he deserves to be in there. Honestly I think it's going to end up being a rotation in the LB core. Lofton, Spoon, and Pete are all very versatile LBs. I think between the 3 of them and Nicholas, we will see some rotating. They'll all get plenty of playing time.
  13. I would love Matt Tennant at 83 and Brandon Lang at 98. I don't think we'll try to get Dunlap...he was arrested for DUI back in December. I wouldn't say that's a huge deal or that he has "character issues", but I just don't think we would pull the string on a guy with a red flag like that.
  14. It needs to be Nicholas. Mike Pete was a big playmaker for us at times last season, which is something Nic just isn't (a playmaker). He's a solid player but there's nothing about his game in which he stands out as being particularly good in...sure, Pete hurt us a little in coverage last year but Weatherspoon's presence and versatility will make up for it. And the young defense needs the energy and enthusiasm Pete brings as a leader.
  15. I completely agree with you OP. I think Pete has another good year in him this year, but we do need a clear replacement for him. I like Spencer Adkins and hope the best for him but at this point you can't assume he's gonna be the man for the job...and Nicholas is a solid player but not a difference maker like Spoon will be. And I do agree we have some good depth at DE. We won't for long though because Abe might have another 2 years or so as a starter, and it's clear Jamaal isn't going to be around here too much further into the future. I believe Kroy will be a good starting DE from here on out
  16. Decent mock, I like most of the picks...but I think we'd be smart to take Matt Tennant with one of our 4th rounders, maybe a guy like Dennis Pitta with the other one. And there's no reason to draft a kicker, especially not early in the 6th...most kickers go undrafted. like the Spoon, Selvie, Lindley, Troup, and possibly Decker picks. I'd probably rather us take a taller receiver than him a little later in the draft, but if we ended up with Decker I wouldn't complain.
  17. The marketing internship that they're currently hiring for is a paying one, but it's year round.
  18. Yeah I've applied for the Community Relations, Corporate Sales, and Ticket Sales internships and am feeling good that one of those will work out for me.
  19. That's the 2nd time somebody has posted the name of a 3-4 OLB trying to prove me wrong when I'm talking about defensive ends. Had no one actually read the post where I said I believe Graham would be better suited to be a 3-4 OLB? btw, I just rejoined this convo after a while...dude talking about 1st round rookie DE's, that's a strange argument you've got there man. lol EDIT: nvm, Dumervil was a DE for a couple years, didn't realize that.
  20. Spending money is fine with me as long as it brings in the talent.
  21. I don't care what they say either, I think Biermann is just fine and he & Sidbury will be our DE's of the future.
  22. Well dern, guess I should quit watching football since I have absolutely no knowledge of it even though I played it and have been watching it for years. Thanks for the exaggerated insult though. I'm not arguing against leverage, I'm saying a player of his makeup is better suited to be an edge rushing OLB. This is a deep draft for defensive linemen so it would be smarter to find one in one of the middle rounds than to pick one first who is 2-3 inches smaller than the DE's we've drafted in the past two years, who have both been labeled undersized.
  23. LaMarr Woodley is a 3-4 OLB, just like I said Graham would be better for... okay you got me there, those are 2 great DEs. But the odds are certainly against someone that height playing that position.
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