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  1. since this is your final draft, what would you do with the top 3 picks if trading down wasn't an option?
  2. Smith doesn't necessarily make players better than they really are. Ryan Tannehill isn't actually the player he was under Gase, that was Gase holding him back. He's not an amazing QB but he's a pretty good one. Like top 20 in the league or so probably. Corey Davis and AJ Brown are both good. Jonnu Smith is really good. Derrick Henry is probably the best pure runner in the league. The OL has good talent across the board. Smith isn't some kind of miracle machine, his whole gimmick is spamming play action more than everyone else. It's a great trick but if you have to rely on it you're kinda setti
  3. how good was the offense when trailing? Because it's the type of offense that's great at maintaining a lead as long as you get out to an early one. But against elite offenses, you've got to be capable of digging yourself out of a hole. TEN while trailing in 2020 was 10th in the NFL in offensive success rate. Trailing by 8+ they were 12th. They aren't built to win from behind, much like the Ravens. Play action spam is nice but it also doesn't work when you're in such a hole that the defense knows you're going to pass.
  4. this is proven untrue. if you act like you're going to run, you don't even need to actually do it, because defensive players are trained to play the run first, pass second. Multiple studies have been done proving that there is no correlation between run game frequency or effectiveness and play action effectiveness.
  5. very grounded take here, be more like this guy
  6. just about anyone would kill in his system, as much play action as he uses, it's basically designed to be extremely high floor with the ceiling determined by how good the QB is. The issue isn't having a good offense under Smith, it's having a good enough offense to compete with the actual elite offenses.
  7. I was definitely exaggerating, full disclosure. I'm just frustrated that guys who run the ball as much as Arthur Smith does are getting rewarded with promotions. It's a passing league. Running a bunch and relying on opponents' mistakes to win is such a Mike Smith/Mularkey mindset. At the very least, Smith loves his play action, which is huge. I just absolutely despise that people are talking about finding an RB to fit the system as if the reason Tennessee's offense has been good these past 2 seasons was because of Derrick Henry. It's an extremely frustrating discourse so the whole "Smith
  8. kind of hilarious how Matt Ryan has experienced Mike Mularkey both from 2008-2011 and now all over again in 2021 and forward. Assuming he's still the starter this year, that is. You never know if a new regime will want to pick "their guy".
  9. you realize why though, right? This fanbase is absolutely scarred by the 2016 season. Top 10 all-time offense, but the HC was a defensive guy and you can't just fire your HC after the most successful season the team has since 1998. Shanahan left and the team hasn't been anywhere close to the same since. If you get an elite offensive mind like Shanahan as your HC, you don't have to worry about him leaving. EDIT: My vote is the same as it was last year. Joe Brady.
  10. it's odd to me that Matt Ryan as a woman could pass for Kristen Wiig
  11. meanwhile, no team expanded their analytics division last year more than the Ravens. I guess that worked out pretty OK for them too. 🙄
  12. Every time I think we as a community are past the old "run x times a game and you win" and "run to set up play action" tropes, I come back to see replies like the ones in here and lose my faith all over again. The teams that make the playoffs are more likely to be teams that run a lot not because running gets you to the playoffs, but because winning does, and when a team is really good, they tend to run a lot more in the 2nd half to kill the clock and secure a win. Most of the time these teams are getting leads by passing, and then just sitting on the ball and not letting the other team g
  13. more along the lines of, I'm a stats/analytics nerd, and I already had a spreadsheet that I made earlier this year ranking QBs going into 2020 and distinctly remembered Brees being higher than Ryan, and just wanted to correct what I perceived to be a mistake. 👍🏻
  14. so you're projecting based on the end of 2018 despite the fact that Brees was still the better QB in 2019. Weird.
  15. I'm sorry but if a dude is so good through 3/4ths of the season that his subpar play for the other 1/4 still isn't enough to make his numbers look worse than another guy, that first guy is still the better player.
  16. I'm genuinely not sure what point you're trying to make. You're looking at the latter half of 2018 as if 2019 didn't happen...but 2019 happened and Drew put up 7.88 YPA to Matt's 7.25, more TDs despite only throwing 378 passes to Matt's 616, and even adjusting for volume, threw INTs at a lower rate than Matt. I just don't get why it's so hard to accept that Drew is straight up the better QB, even if his arm isn't what it used to be.
  17. Then how does he still consistently put up higher YPA each year than Matt? 2016 is literally the only season Matt has ever had a higher YPA than Brees.
  18. Did Drew Brees suddenly stop existing? I love Matt but he's still the clear cut 2nd best QB in the division. Brees threw 27 TDs and only 4 INTs in 2019. Completion percentage 8.1 points higher than Matt's. 0.7 higher Yds/Att. Brees is still the best QB in the NFCS, but Matt is pretty clearly the 2nd best going into the 2020 season.
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