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  1. DT Youhanna Ghaifan looks like an elite 3 tech prospect who could very possibly fall into our laps in next year's draft, even if we're picking in the late 20s or (ideally) early 30s again. DE Carl Granderson is an edge rush prospect who I genuinely feel if he was playing for a bigger school like a Clemson, Alabama, A&M, etc, would be getting Clowney/Garrett type hype. He's awesome. LB Logan Wilson looks like a next gen NFL LB. He can thump against the run, he can cover, he looks to have sideline to sideline speed, I really like this kid too. All three of these dudes helped a Wyoming team with the 105th ranked offense in the nation, still maintain the 9th best defense in the nation. I'm really excited about their 2018 seasons and all three of them declaring (Granderson has to, the other two have a year of eligibility left) for the 2019 draft.
  2. Vic is objectively undersized to play 4-3 DE. We're going from a 285 lb DE in Clayborn to Vic at 245. Vic struggled as a rookie - people were ready to call him a bust - at DE, and it's only when they officially moved him to the left side that he blew up in 2016.
  3. Our DL undoubtedly got worse this year. We're going to be relying on a bunch of question marks next to Grady where we had Poe last year, and we're going to be very undersized at DE with Vic+Takk taking over the starting mantle and Clayborn gone. Not saying it's bad, and 27th is definitely not giving the D enough credit, but our pass rush and run D could both be really really bad this year.
  4. now if only Hoop could get open against man coverage without needing the defense to forget about him.
  5. Hooper might never become a high quality tight end. He doesn't exactly have the kind of ingredients that add up to anything special.
  6. 2016 Atlanta Falcons average WR Height: 5'10 3/4" 2017 Atlanta Falcons average WR Height: 5'11" Now for 2018, I'm projecting our WR room to be Julio, Sanu, Ridley, Hardy, Hall, and Gage. 2018 Atlanta Falcons average WR Height: 6'0 1/8" if Devin Fuller makes the team over Marvin Hall it makes our WR group even taller as a unit. It's nice to finally have more than 2 WRs on the team who stand at 6' or taller. It's also kind of funny because mainstream media personalities automatically assume that Gabriel was our slot receiver because of his size, and because of that they also assume Ridley will play in the slot this year. I'm pretty sure Ridley is going to be outside at flanker (Z receiver) in 3 receiver sets, allowing Sanu to kick inside to play slot in those situations.
  7. I own zero consoles and only play madden on PC. Specifically I play a heavily modded version of madden 08 that uses up to date rosters & updated graphics and stuff. I don't expect much from Reggie Davis but you might be right, idk. arbitrarily including a TE doesn't really make sense
  8. I have no clue dude, wikipedia says he is but he's not listed on the roster page on the team site.
  9. Quick/shifty doesn't need to mean short. Ridley is probably the "quickest" WR on our team while also being 3rd tallest.
  10. I don't even know if WR height is meaningful, but it always just bothered me that we only had two WRs over 6' tall.
  11. our depth looks really bad at a lot of positions. We're doing pretty well at WR, LB, and DB, but honestly every other position is screwed with an injury.
  12. Next year's DT class looks incredible. Ed Oliver and Dexter Jackson at the top, awesome talents that will most likely be available to us in the late 1st round assuming we pick there like Youhanna Ghaifan, Daniel Wise, and Marquise Copeland, next year is definitely going to be the year of the DT. That said, this year's DT class is really, really bad at the top. There are a couple of smaller school day 3 guys I love, and would love for us to draft as early as the 3rd round if it means preventing other teams from getting them (namely Bilal Nichols and P.J. Hall), but with Maurice Hurst's pro day numbers being as mediocre as they were, I really don't see any ideal DT talents after Vea for us to take at 26 this year. I think a better strategy would be to grab a FA DT or two, maybe re-sign Rubin and grab a guy like Tony McDaniel, draft Nichols or Hall in the middle rounds, and just fill out the other holes in the roster we either have now or will have after the 2018 season with guys leaving in FA. WR, receiving TE, 5 tech, maybe even FS, I think this year we should focus more on pure BPA than trying to fill needs with the draft, because I'd rather pick a good player at a position we don't need this year but might next year, than a mediocre player at a position we need this year and then be committed to that guy to the point that we can't draft a much better player at that position next year in a better class. This is very similar to 2016 when everybody thought we should go edge in the 1st round and I said the edge class past Bosa/Floyd was very weak, and the 2017 edge class would be much better and that we should wait for our edge guy until then. The FO did the right thing that time, I really hope they do it this year as well.
  13. doubt any of them make the team but if any of them do I think it's most likely to be one of the OLBs other than Winbush. Ellerbee or Jarvis.
  14. The Browns released this kid after refusing to use him last year. Apparently the incompetent Gregg Williams was more interested in using their version of T.J. Ward, Jabrill Peppers, as a deep midfielder, playing 15-20 yards off the ball when he plays more like a LINEBACKER, than letting Kai Nacua play. We've gotten major returns from players the Browns didn't know how to use before, and Nacua is an absolute freak from an athletic standpoint, not to mention the 12 INTs he put up in his final two college seasons at BYU. I don't think Nacua is a guarantee by any means, but this is the kind of guy that, if given a chance, could legitimately supplant Ricardo Allen at FS and provide a rangier, more athletic option while playing special teams in the meantime.
  15. tier 1 OLB yeah, too old to be a tier 1 DE tho. He had 4 sacks as a rookie at RDE, then over 20 over his last two seasons at sam LB playing LDE in nickel.
  16. you think he'll play every down? Okafor is still there isn't he? EDIT: Hendrickson too.
  17. based on the research I've done, he'll probably get 5-8 sacks this year, but blow up year 2 and maintain it unless he has to deal with a major injury. He and Cam on the same line is disgusting.
  18. see I didn't have Chubb as a pure edge rusher, I had him as a 5 tech who can kick inside to 3 tech in obvious passing situations. Basically a 3-4 DE or a strong side end in a 4-3. He was #1 on that list for me, but to me he and Davenport play distinctly different positions with different responsibilities. Other guys on the same list as Chubb for me were Taven Bryan, Sam Hubbard, Rasheem Green, and Tyquan Lewis, whereas the Davenport list has Harold Landry, Josh Sweat, and Arden Key on it.
  19. are you just talking about edge rushers? I used the 2007-2013 edge rusher classes to create my criteria, and since then the only tier 1 DE prospects who actually went to 4-3 teams have been Danielle Hunter, Joey Bosa, Stephen Weatherly, Myles Garrett, Solomon Thomas, Derek Barnett, Daeshon Hall, Jordan Willis, and now this year we have Davenport, Sweat, and Key. Out of that group the only guy looking like a whiff so far is Weatherly, but he should get playing time this year rotating with Hunter and Griffen, and my method looks only at rookie contract, which Weatherly is only halfway through, so we'll see.
  20. not sure what you mean. Can you be more specific?
  21. Davenport was my #1 graded edge rusher in this class. I comp him to Robert Quinn, who had 45 sacks on his rookie contract. If the Saints get anywhere close to that kind of production out of Davenport, and he is capable of it, they won big. Davenport was my #1 graded edge rusher, Smith was my WR7 (and I think he's going to be a very good X for them with Thomas at Z and Meredith in the slot), and they also got my RB10, Boston Scott, in the 6th rd. I also think Rick Leonard was a decent pick, given his size+power.
  22. this is just silly. I'd rate them the same if you flipped the teams upside down. Saints B+, Panthers C-, Bucs D
  23. Not up for repeating myself to you for the hundredth time. If you want my response, go into my comment history and find it yourself. We've had this discussion multiple times before and I'm not wasting my time on it again. Bye.
  24. if you're gonna keep misrepresenting what I do in public just to try and discredit me, I'm done. We've been over this countless times, I'm not going over it again. Keep being a ****, I'm ignoring you.