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  1. Next year's DT class looks incredible. Ed Oliver and Dexter Jackson at the top, awesome talents that will most likely be available to us in the late 1st round assuming we pick there like Youhanna Ghaifan, Daniel Wise, and Marquise Copeland, next year is definitely going to be the year of the DT. That said, this year's DT class is really, really bad at the top. There are a couple of smaller school day 3 guys I love, and would love for us to draft as early as the 3rd round if it means preventing other teams from getting them (namely Bilal Nichols and P.J. Hall), but with Maurice Hurst's pro day numbers being as mediocre as they were, I really don't see any ideal DT talents after Vea for us to take at 26 this year. I think a better strategy would be to grab a FA DT or two, maybe re-sign Rubin and grab a guy like Tony McDaniel, draft Nichols or Hall in the middle rounds, and just fill out the other holes in the roster we either have now or will have after the 2018 season with guys leaving in FA. WR, receiving TE, 5 tech, maybe even FS, I think this year we should focus more on pure BPA than trying to fill needs with the draft, because I'd rather pick a good player at a position we don't need this year but might next year, than a mediocre player at a position we need this year and then be committed to that guy to the point that we can't draft a much better player at that position next year in a better class. This is very similar to 2016 when everybody thought we should go edge in the 1st round and I said the edge class past Bosa/Floyd was very weak, and the 2017 edge class would be much better and that we should wait for our edge guy until then. The FO did the right thing that time, I really hope they do it this year as well.
  2. If we're talking day 3 DT prospects, and specifically the 3 tech type prospects, we gotta talk about PJ Hall. Dude is dynamite. His pro day is Monday, I can't freaking wait. He might actually run 4.7 and jump 10' broad, and he's 6'1 315.
  3. Here's him vs. Cam Jordan, based on athletic numbers and college production the lower TFL% I think can be explained away by just pointing out that Bryan played inside in college while Jordan played edge. It's harder in general to get TFLs on inside runs than outside runs. Bryan is stronger and more explosive, Jordan is faster.
  4. John Franklin-Myers looks a lot like Datone Jones. Do with that what you will.
  5. at 6'5 291 lbs, he had a 9'11" broad jump and ran a 7.12 3 cone. He's only 22 years old. He's not as athletic as JJ Watt, but he's closer athletically to Watt than he is to the average NFL DLineman. He actually looks a lot like Cameron Jordan, athletically, only slower, and Jordan plays 5 tech DE for the Saints.
  6. I don't really have "tier" guys for positions other than edge rusher and QB yet. Still in the process. But the tier 1 edge rushers in this class are landry, davenport, key, and, believe it or not, taven bryan.
  7. I appreciate the thought you put into this post, but I definitely agree with a lot of it. For starters, I don't think it's fair to group 3 techs, 4 techs, and 5 techs together. To me, Taven Bryan can be a 4/5 in the NFL, but Hurst and Brown are both strictly 3s, and Rasheem Green is strictly a 5. Hand is probably best at 4, since he doesn't really have the athleticism to be a great 3 or 5. That being said, out of the 10 guys you listed, I genuinely do like two of them: Taven Bryan and Rasheem Green. Vita Vea is a freak athlete but had questionable production at Washington. Da'Ron Payne is a lesser version of that. BJ Hill isn't even athletic and was somewhere between Vea and Payne production wise. Harrison Phillips was an awesome college producer, but looks like he's running in mud on the field and his mediocre-at-best 40 time backs the film up completely. Nnandi isn't even on my rader, because frankly he's not an NFL caliber athlete. Hurst is undersized, and for an undersized player to work at 3 tech he has to be a pretty freaky athlete, which, as we found out today, Hurst is not. Brown doesn't have an NFL caliber first step. Hand is stiff as a board, and put up basically no production at Alabama whatsoever. The defensive trench guys I like in this class are Bryan and Greeh at 5 tech, Bilal Nichols at 1 tech, and PJ Hall at 3 tech. I feel like everybody on this board loves BJ Hill and I'm just like, "no! You're literally 2 letters away from what might be the actual best DT in this entire class!" lmao
  8. I don't see Bryan as a DT, I see him as a DE. Whether it's a pure 3-4 DE or a 5 tech DE in a 4-3, where in either situation he's kicking inside to play 3 tech in obvious passing situations, I don't want him between the tackles on downs where I'm concerned with stopping the run. you bring up production on the field, Takk had some of the best pure production from an edge rusher in NCAA history across the board. Mo Hurst, not so much. Believe it or not he was actually a lot better against the run at Michigan than he was as a pass rusher. But yeah, athleticism matters in the NFL, and Hurst is too small to not be a special type of athlete, which we now know he isn't.
  9. pound for pound, I would rather have Bilal Nichols than Da'Ron Payne.
  10. I wasn't expecting him to, and this year he did even better. 20 sacks through 2 seasons is very impressive no matter how you slice it. I still think he's due for a regression but even if he gets another like 8 sacks in 2018 and 6 in 2019 he hits 34 and that's exceptional for a rookie contract player.
  11. what do you want from me? I can't fast forward time to prove that the players that look good in my model are actually good. Bosa was a tier 1 guy, he's been great, but he got drafted early. Hunter was a tier 1 guy, he's been great, he went in the 3rd round. The only other tier 1 guy prior to the 2017 class was Stephen Weatherly who ended up on the same depth chart as Brian Robison, Everson Griffen, and Danielle Hunter, and hasn't seen significant playing time. Ngakoue was a tier 3 guy, he's exceeding expectation. Clark was a tier 2 guy, he's playing up to expectation. Again I'm not sure what you're expecting here.
  12. They weren't anomalies, they were predictably good players that got overlooked for various reasons.
  13. Houston, Woodley, Jones, Hardy, Hunter, Ngakoue, Clark, and Smith were all selected outside the top 20.
  14. I don't like Shepherd, Payne, or Brown, and Hurst just bombed his pro day. I like Bryan as a 5 tech, only want him between the tackles in obvious pass rushing situations.
  15. That's what elite edge rushers do. Von Miller, Justin Houston, Robert Quinn, Aldon Smith, Clay Matthews, Khalil Mack, LaMarr Woodley, Ryan Kerrigan, Chandler Jones, Greg Hardy, and Ezekiel Ansah all had at least 32 sacks on their rookie contracts, and Beasley is on pace for it, as well as Danielle Hunter, Joey Bosa, and Yannick Ngakoue. I wouldn't be surprised if Frank Clark and Preston Smith both hit it as well, and there were a good 7 edge rushers in the 2017 class that I projected to hit 32+.
  16. I absolutely did not say he'd never top 8 sacks, I said he wouldn't top an average of 8 sacks per season on his rookie contract. It absolutely blows my mind that you guys try to cling on to everything I say and still manage to get so much of it wrong.
  17. yeah, lots of teams are going to regret drafting DT early this year, I hope we aren't one of them
  18. I just imagine after the 2019 draft our front 5 from left to right being Beasley-Bryan-Jarrett-Ghaifan-McKinley and it blows my mind
  19. I don't want Payne at all. Don't get me wrong, he's an athletic guy, but for most of his career he looked like a day 3 guy, then suddenly he has an all-world performance against UGA and I'm supposed to fall in love? Absolutely not.
  20. I never hated Takk. I was angry about the trade up and then that we took a guy I felt wasn't the best option at his position. It was never "NO TAKK SUCKS", it was always "trading up was a terrible decision, trading up for the 4th best guy available made the decision even worse"
  21. before today I thought Hurst could be an elite pure 3 tech regardless of defensive formation. Put him at 3 tech in base or nickel, doesn't matter. But now I'm really apprehensive about his pass rush upside.
  22. we don't need to draft a guard as urgently anymore with Fusco at RG. Our OL is as good now as it was in 2016, if not better.