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  1. he was an offensive assistant for the Saints for 2 years before going to LSU and completely transforming the offense. It's not like he'd be a complete NFL newbie.
  2. that never happens in the NFL. If a team has success early into a regime the HC never gets fired. Best chance of bringing in Brady as OC and being able to promote him to HC is if we'd keep Quinn around and even then, the defense would have to be absolute garbage for Blank to be willing to ditch Quinn and promote Brady from within. That's just not something that ever happens in the NFL, and especially not with traditional owners like Blank.
  3. I explained that. If a team makes him OC, and the offense blows up like LSU's did this year, he's going to get signed up by some other team as an HC immediately.
  4. he's the difference between the 2018 LSU offense and the 2019 LSU offense. Alabama passer rating allowed... 2009: 87.65 2010: 103.56 2011: 83.69 2012: 103.67 2013: 116.84 2014: 116.53 2015: 105.22 2016: 106.47 2017: 96.79 2018: 115.79 2019 pre-LSU: 106.10 so it's not as crazy as the pre-2013 numbers, but it's still right on pace to be in the same range as the 2013-2018 Alabama pass defenses. Or at least it was, before, LSU shredded them. Probably looks a lot worse now. And even still, going into that game, Bama was allowing the 17th lowest passing YPA, 12th fewest passing yards per game, the 8th lowest passer rating against, and the only SEC defenses that have any claim to being better are Missouri, Texas A&M, and maybe Auburn. I agree, he's my 2020 QB1 as well, I think he's a very good player. I also recognize that QBs are very dependent on the play calling, and Brady has been the mastermind behind that LSU passing game this year, and the only difference from the 2018 staff to this year's. this is such a loser mentality. Nobody has ever made progress being scared to try something new and different.
  5. he's the passing game coordinator and the only significant change in the offensive staff from 2018 to 2019.
  6. I like Burrow, he's probably going to be a very good NFL QB, but Brady is the Joe that every NFL team should be coveting, AND he's the one that every team has an opportunity to try and sign. If the Falcons, as well as a bunch of other teams who haven't found their offensive guru HC, don't throw everything that they possibly can in Brady's general direction to try and bring him in as their head coach, those teams aren't really trying to win. This applies to Lincoln Riley as well, but to a lesser degree, because Oklahoma's offenses under Riley have just kind of had more talent top to bottom than everybody they face. LSU's offense is talented, but that offensive roster is NOT significantly more talented (if at all) than the defenses of Texas, Florida, and Alabama. That's the difference. Riley's advantages are both having an excellent offensive scheme AND a huge talent advantage. Joe Brady is doing this with a very good QB, and everything else is just kind of solid. They have WRs that can make plays, but none of them are necessarily big time studs. The OL is good enough, but they're actually below average as a unit in the pass blocking department. NFL teams need to be doing everything in their power to hire this guy as their head coach. Lock him down. He's 30 years old. I don't even care if he's a great "leader", you don't want to sign this guy as an OC and have him get scooped up after 1 year to be some other team's HC. Go all in on him, fully commit, and look like a genius when he transforms your team's offense into a well oiled machine. This dude is on the forefront of offensive football and the team that decides to ride that wave is going to be the next dynasty.
  7. No. Brady as OC would just lead to him getting signed by some other team to be HC like what happened here with Shanahan. Not again. Straight to HC.
  8. yeah combining tite with some zone/blitz concepts is the rage rn in college. Showing pressure off one side, bringing it off the other, that kind of stuff. But to OP's point, you really do need the right personnel to run it. We have a "good enough" interior DL for it, and Debo is a perfect LB for it, but we need Keanu healthy as a $B and really need to get a proper "Jack" backer (or 3) for it to work. Not to mention the absolute garbage coverage unit we're fielding rn, we really are probably 2 years away from being properly set up to run the "defense of the future" competently.
  9. that's interesting. I'm glad you're around because I've never seen any other team run it, whereas you watch a ton of tape. Much appreciated my dude.
  10. honestly, given that Quinn would only get hired as a DC by any other team in the league, we should ask him to stick around in that role and hire an offensive minded HC. We're basically the only team I've seen run any tite front in the entire league right now so if we aren't keeping Quinn around we should be looking to college defensive coaches like Dave Aranda rather than trying to find another DC with NFL experience.
  11. Dallas started the season off great. I would have grouped Kellen Moore in with Reid & McDaniels if their entire season's game plans looked in any way similar to their game plans in the first 2 weeks. Sadly they've been running more and more ever since, most likely due to influence from Zeke, Jason Garrett, and Jerruh. Regardless, they've also faced an insanely easy schedule (2nd easiest in the league after NE) so it's probably too early to tell either way. "Balance" is a myth. Line up like you're going to run and if the defense wants to defend it like a run, pass it. If the defense catches on and starts trying to play nickel against your heavy set, force them back into base with the run.
  12. San Fran, Baltimore, Dallas, and Minnesota all run the ball too much. That might work against bad teams (which those teams have mostly faced) but it's not how you beat good teams. Therefore, it's not how you win in the playoffs and most importantly, it's not how you win a Super Bowl. Houston & Seattle also run too much but have awesome QBs who bail their play callers out. LAR & Jacksonville are too predictable with their run/pass selection. If they come out in a passing set, they're going to pass. If they come out in a heavier set, they're very likely going to run. They need to start passing more out of heavy sets and stop using 11 so **** much. Buffalo's offense sucks and I will not be told any differently. They've scored 90 points, ranked 26th out of 32.
  13. the problem here isn't "we aren't investing enough resources into the defense" the problem is "we're investing all these resources into the offense, WHY ISN'T THE OFFENSE BETTER?" offensive play calling in the NFL is just atrocious, almost across the board. The only 2 teams that are doing it right are KC and NE.
  14. every team's fans should want their opponents to run the ball, running is less efficient than passing in general