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  1. trade Julio - rebuild keep Ryan and draft Pitts = win now idk why you conflated drafting an elite offensive weapon with "rebuild" when there were multiple top notch QB prospects available that we passed on to get him
  2. Cordarrelle Patterson at RB is a huge W.
  3. "competitive" as in "playoff contender"? Could be as early as this year, believe it or not. "Competitive" as in Super Bowl contender? Not until the entire current staff is cleared out and more of an emphasis is put on analytics.
  4. Corral is my 2022 QB1 so this thread (and his performance tonight) was nice to see.
  5. it's a pretty bad class after Pitts. Grant is a really good football player but he's not anything special as an athlete, which could make deep midfielding difficult for him in the NFL. The rest of the dudes are just JAGs in my eyes.
  6. I personally think Zaccheaus is more talented as a WR than Gage. I think if he got a fair shot, he'd be the #2.
  7. wasn't J'Mon Moore one of the 3 WRs the Packers drafted a few years ago alongside MVS and St Brown?
  8. can't believe nobody's mentioned him yet. Olamide Zaccheaus.
  9. a la Brandon Brooks. But that might just be the rarest type of player in the NFL.
  10. bigger is only better when it translates to improved strength and doesn't detract from mobility
  11. I feel like this line of thinking is just as (if not more) delusional as the people who thought we'd draft a QB this year. This QB class was actually really good. Lawrence is as close to a sure thing QB as I've ever seen. I think Fields is extremely likely to succeed too, and Trey Lance is in a situation where it'd be extremely difficult for him to outright fail. Zach Wilson has a really nice supporting cast to work with, although I do think he was the worst QB drafted on day 1, and Mac Jones is learning under Bill freaking Bilichick. Don't get me wrong, I don't think all 5 of them succeed, but I'd be very surprised if at least 3 didn't. I also think there's a very good chance Kyle Trask and Ian Book end up being good in a year or two.
  12. y'all know I can be pretty antagonistic with my takes but how in the world could somebody believe so strongly in something as absurd as "the falcons are going to draft matt ryan's replacement even though they can't reasonably cut him for another 2 years" that they get confrontational about it
  13. this Ravens draft is actually insane
  14. pass rushers don't care about play action, coverage players do, which is what matters. If you just don't block Anthony Barr you're gonna have a bad time regardless of the play call.
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