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  1. a la Brandon Brooks. But that might just be the rarest type of player in the NFL.
  2. bigger is only better when it translates to improved strength and doesn't detract from mobility
  3. I feel like this line of thinking is just as (if not more) delusional as the people who thought we'd draft a QB this year. This QB class was actually really good. Lawrence is as close to a sure thing QB as I've ever seen. I think Fields is extremely likely to succeed too, and Trey Lance is in a situation where it'd be extremely difficult for him to outright fail. Zach Wilson has a really nice supporting cast to work with, although I do think he was the worst QB drafted on day 1, and Mac Jones is learning under Bill freaking Bilichick. Don't get me wrong, I don't think all 5 of them succeed, bu
  4. y'all know I can be pretty antagonistic with my takes but how in the world could somebody believe so strongly in something as absurd as "the falcons are going to draft matt ryan's replacement even though they can't reasonably cut him for another 2 years" that they get confrontational about it
  5. this Ravens draft is actually insane
  6. pass rushers don't care about play action, coverage players do, which is what matters. If you just don't block Anthony Barr you're gonna have a bad time regardless of the play call.
  7. yes it did, it gave us a 28-3 lead. The entire team (and most specifically, Jake Matthews) fell apart in the 4th quarter. You'll recall it was 39 and 27 yard passes to Freeman and Julio that put us in NE territory up 28-20 with 4:40 left in the game in the first place, and then Shanahan called a run play on 1st down, which got -1 yard and put us in a 2nd & obvious passing situation, which allowed NE to pin their ears back and sack Matt, leading to 3rd & 23, another obvious passing situation where Matthews had to hold to prevent another sack. It was brutal to watch.
  8. he didn't have a QB but neither did DJ Chark who still managed to actually crank out almost 900 yards. Not saying Gage is trash but when he was on a team with a super productive receiver it's giving him way too much benefit of the doubt to blame his lack of production on the QB.
  9. also provably false. The defense will bite on play action on the first play of the game, regardless of how effective your run game is, and they won't stop biting on it no matter how many times you use it. We've literally never seen an NFL team use play action so much that the defense stopped biting on it, so if there is a limit to how many times they're gullible to it, we can't know what it is. It's not lower than like 14 though.
  10. this is literally provably false. You win by passing in the NFL.
  11. there's kind of a consistent tone in your message that I feel undervalues depth too. WR and CB aren't positions that 2-3 dudes are enough at. You need a strong 5. You need 5-6 WRs that can consistently beat man and you need 5-6 good CBs, with ideally 2-3 GREAT ones mixed in there. I also have no reason to believe we'll be trading back, much less drafting both Farley and Moehrig. And frankly even if we did, AJ Terrell himself might end up being decent but he was a mediocre prospect and had a mediocre rookie season, so I have no reason to actually believe that he's overly likely to be. And havin
  12. you need a good (pass) defense to win a super bowl, but the problem with that lies in the inconsistency year to year of defenses as a unit defense (and especially coverage, which is also the most important unit on defense) varies wildly from year to year. If a team is top 5 in sacks or interceptions one year, you can usually bet money on them regressing to (or even past) the mean the following year. Teams generally aren't able to sustain good defense over multiple years in a row, ESPECIALLY pass defense, which again, matters more. Variance is very real and defense is basically a slave to
  13. I don't think "balance" is really the best goal either. I'd rather commit 50% of our resources to passing offenses, 30% to passing defense, and 10% each to run O & D than 25% to each.
  14. Rattler & Howell are better prospects than any QB in this class other than Lawrence & Fields imo
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