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  1. "Jake Matthews is great" they said "Wes Schweitzer and Ben Garland are both starting guards in the NFL" they said "Jake is totally worth the 5th year option and a new contract" they said "We don't need to draft a RG" they said
  2. the most underrated player on our defense is absolutely Keanu Neal. Nobody EVER talks about how great he is, yet he's arguably the best player on the defense. He's #2 on the team in solo tackles (49 to Debo's 51) and does a great job in coverage most games.
  3. Miller is super fun to watch but there are so many red flags. He didn't play a game in college until 2015 when he was already almost 21 years old. He didn't really break out until 2016 when he was almost 22. He'll start his NFL career at almost 24 years old. Breakout age is the most indicative metric you'll find for a WR and Miller's is one of the worst ever.
  4. This does literally nothing good for the board. All it does is force people to come up with the dumbest possible "replacement" curse words in their place. Go into any given forum or thread and you'll see countless instances of people typing things like "$hit" "@$$" "ayuss" "beeyotch" and other stupid work-arounds to get past the completely unnecessary censors on this forum. Frankly there's just no point to it. Any kids who go on this message board will be on tons of other boards being "exposed" to language that isn't necessarily parent-approved, it just doesn't matter at this point. All these censors do is mildly inconvenience people who want to speak their mind freely. There are also even more subtle work arounds like stretching a word out ("fffffuuuuuuuuck", "biiiiiiiiiiitch", etc) or adding a bold letter to the word ("shit", "ass", etc) that really do just make the word filters used on this forum completely pointless. Just remove them and let the people in here speak freely without having to figure out dumb ways to get around the unnecessary censorship.
  5. the jets are a better team than the dolphins so if it didn't break loose after the loss to the phins it shouldn't if we lose to the jets either
  6. in a round about way I'm still doing that. My analytics aren't focused on trying to predict how many sacks a player will get through 6 games, it's focused on predicting how any sacks a player will get through the first 4 seasons with the team that drafts the player. I despise hasty generalization.
  7. I don't care if he goes on IR, acting like someone is a bust because they didn't have a ton of stats as a rookie is ignorant. Let's wait til year 3 to make a final call on whether Takk is a bust or not bud.
  8. T I N Y S A M P L E S I Z E
  9. a rub route in that situation would have been such a better call than handing the ball off to a WR and relying on the defense being incompetent/slow to get your TD
  10. not just a jet sweep, but a jet sweep with no RB in the backfield to keep the LBs honest.
  11. Poe hasn't been mediocre at all, he's been great. He consistently holds up against double teams, collapses the pocket, and does his job very well, it's just not always helping because of someone else on D messing up or not doing their job properly.
  12. idk about that, poole seems to be our best tackler at CB so it makes sense he'd stick at nickel corner
  13. Did you actually watch the game? Those Ajayi runs in the 4th quarter, our defensive alignment gave us a numbers disadvantage on the side that Ajayi was running to. What do you want these guys to do when there are 4 guys and 4 blockers plus the RB?