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  1. to be fair, I wasn't saying Coleman is a better runner than Freeman. The guy I was quoting said the only thing that Coleman had over Freeman was straight line speed, I was merely pointing out the other traits that Coleman has over Freeman. I do think that Freeman is a slightly better runner, while Coleman is a better option to pass to because of his ability in open space, but yeah Freeman is more likely to break/elude tackles than Coleman for sure. No denying that.
  2. Coleman also has better vision and is more decisive than Freeman. Freeman does a lot of tip-toeing behind the LoS when a hole isn't immediately available and it leads to way too many TFLs. Coleman finds the hole when it's there and when nothing is available he's usually still good to get a couple yards out of it by just pushing/falling forward. Plus when a hole is there Coleman's insane long speed makes him more of a home run threat as well.
  3. the "disagree" was in reference to the "Re-signing Freeman was a mistake" statement. I don't think we shouldn't have re-signed him, I'm okay with the deal we gave Free, I'm okay with us having re-signed him. I still think Coleman is the more talented player between the two, but that doesn't mean I'd rather only have Coleman, I like having both of them.
  4. what are you talking about? I've literally been on the "Tevin is better than Devonta" train for years.
  5. 2015 points scored: 339 2017 points scored: 353
  6. yeah, sadly guys like Lamp (who I also liked) and Siragusa (who I loved) wouldn't have helped us to win this season since they're both on IR, but the entire point is that we didn't even try. We settled for a mediocre athlete in the 5th round.
  7. getting by is what we did tonight. We shouldn't be looking to just get by, we should be looking to dominate. That's my entire point. You can get by until you come up against a DL like Philly's.
  8. our FO did a terrible job this offseason of reinforcing our blocking positions. I was saying all offseason that we need to draft/sign a starting RG and draft a backup interior OL or two because our OL is the bread and butter of our offense. Today, our RBs and OC didn't lose us the game, our OL and FB did. Obviously Freeman missed a block and was ineffective up the middle, but at the end of the day the OL and Derrick Coleman weren't opening up holes up the gut, they couldn't move Cox and Jernigan, and we couldn't find any room to run in the middle of the field. The only runs that did work were outside runs and if you do those too often they start getting tackled for losses. I know it's easy to blame the guy with the ball in his hands but our guard situation and our FB were absolutely atrocious today.
  9. right? As long as Toilolo and Schweitzer exist and are starting at least.
  10. nah, those were stretch plays.
  11. except when he does, which is most of the time. The problem tonight wasn't "Freeman can't run and Coleman can", the problem was the playcalling. We were only ever running Freeman up the gut and off tackle, while Coleman was getting all the outside runs - sweeps, tosses, etc. So in truth Freeman is still a good player, but we couldn't run up the gut on this Eagles front - it's not a RB problem, it's an OL problem. We're missing Levitre and as much as I hate to admit it, Chester.
  12. for some reason I thought that was his second bowl, but yeah you right.
  13. I don't disagree that Coleman is better, I just disagree that we shouldn't have kept Freeman. I think Freeman means more to the team than just a RB who does his job relatively well, he's one of those "heart and soul" guys that you want in the locker room and we aren't paying him an egregious amount to keep him around.
  14. worth noting, year 1 under sark was better than year 1 under shanahan.
  15. disagree. Just think we need to give Coleman a longer deal, back load it so he makes most of his money after Free leaves, and let Free walk in 2021.