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  1. um...yes please. Kendricks is amazing in coverage and when healthy can be an elite will LB.
  2. dude it literally says in the post oct 16 2017
  3. I honestly don't even know what to think about #26 anymore. I like next year's DT class way more than this year's so taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture I'd rather draft a later round DT or two in this class, see if one or both of them work out, and potentially draft a high end DT in next year's draft which is loaded at talent at that position. With guards I don't love any of the top guys, plus we don't need a starter right away anymore now that we got Fusco. I think a TE or WR at 26 would make sense, and guys I would want at that spot would be Goedert at TE, or DJ Moore or Christian Kirk at WR. Either one of those guys would be a perfect WR across from Julio - Moore is a guy I think is going to be one of the best WRs in the NFL very quickly, and Kirk is a very good WR prospect and has the added dimension of elite return ability, 7 total STs return TDs in his 3 year TA&M career. Goedert is just a mystery box to me, because he was an FCS guy. I'm hesitant on him but if he's athletic (waiting on his pro day results) I'd be happy to grab him at #26. CB wouldn't make a ton of sense since we have Tru/Alf locked down through 2021, Poole has another year left on his rookie deal and then he becomes an RFA which means we'll keep him through 2019, and we just re-signed two of our depth guys. Maybe the FO finally looks for a Rico Allen replacement at FS? Justin Reid is a guy I like a lot if we go FS at 26. Maybe we go sam LB since Vic is going back to being a full time DE? I don't know if Harold Landry will be available but I certainly wouldn't mind him at 26. I dunno, there aren't any options that really stand out to me. DT wise, I do like Hurst to a degree, my biggest concerns with him are his heart and frankly, his age. He'll be a 23 year old rookie which isn't horrible but undoubtedly has to raise concerns. Taven Bryan I like as a 5 tech more than at 3 tech, because as good as he was as a pass rusher at 3 tech, I feel like he wasn't as good against the run at Florida as you'd like to see from a college prospect. My two favorite DTs in this class are both smaller school guys. Nichols is one, and P.J. Hall from Sam Houston State is the other. He's an absolute freak. He's 6'1 315 and played RDE in college, and still produced like a mad man, to the tune of double digit sacks each of his first 3 years, 19+ TFLs all four years, and 31+ solo tackles all four years. He was at the E-W Shrine Game and absolutely dominated the better competition there. I can't wait for Sam Houston State's pro day in a little over a week.
  4. from what I've seen, it's not an effort problem as much as it's a stamina problem. He seems to get tired later on in games, but he also plays every single snap at 0 tech and gets double teamed on every play and occasionally tripled. In a rotation, which is what our goal is, he'll be just fine.
  5. from what I understand, for the agility & burst ones, he equally weights the two drills that measure that athletic trait, and then adjusts it based on the player's body mass density.
  6. the columns in order are: Name - School - Position - Bench Reps - Explosion Score - Speed Score - Agility Score - Athletic Red Flags as you can see, Phillips is the only G with all three athletic traits above the 80th percentile, and he has the highest speed score and 2nd highest burst and agility scores in this class. So really, using these numbers (not my numbers - look up Jimetrics on twitter) he's actually the most athletic guard in this class.
  7. man, you make great points. I think I'm just still stuck on him being a day 2 guy and wanting to fill a hole at G, but neither of those things are necessarily true. I also think Will Hernandez would be a great C in the NFL so that's two power guys that are projected as guards that could be potentially great centers in the bigs.
  8. you're right on both of those points but still, phillips to C would only make sense if he failed at G, which isn't something we can predict with certainty this far out.
  9. no cut ups but the game itself is on youtube. and if you want cut ups of him vs. decent competition, here he is against a MWC team: and here he is against a Pac-12 team:
  10. He didn't look great against Bilal Nichols but he played well against Harrison Phillips. Nichols is unstoppable one on one and Skyler Phillips is a really good guard, but Harrison Phillips is also a really good DT. Skyler still played well against him during the senior bowl game. Dominated him on a few plays, got beat on a play or two, but in general didn't look out of place. I don't think anyone in here thinks Harrison Phillips isn't good. Skyler also dominated Justin Jones, NC State DT, in the run game, and handled Tyquan Lewis relatively well in pass pro, riding him past the QB.
  11. first of all, he shouldn't be available in the 6th second of all, he isn't a center, he's a guard
  12. watch the senior bowl, g-dawg. South team, #79. He played RG and got his first snap at the ver end of the first quarter. It was actually really interesting to watch because he was matched up a lot with one of my favorite DT prospects in this class, Bilal Nichols.
  13. dude NFL.com's scouting reports are trash this year. They've got Christian Kirk listed as a 4th-5th round guy, they've got scrubs like Tim Settle, Deon Cain, and Jamarco Jones ranked above legitimate studs like P.J. Hall, Courtland Sutton, and Brian O'Neill. I have no clue who's doing the scouting reports for that site but my lord are they terrible this year.
  14. right? And he's doing exactly what we hope for smaller school guys to do when we're scouting them for the NFL. He's absolutely dominating. Similar to what Marpet did at Hobart.
  15. how are we talking about conference strength when Will Hernandez is unanimously considered to be a late 1st round pick, went to UTEP, and like I said, just a couple years ago we had Ali Marpet from friggin Hobart college, a D3 school, and he's been great in the NFL so far.