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  1. no opinion
  2. I'm not a fan of drafting RBs in general. Rather get OL depth in the 4th than another RB.
  3. yeah Snell's fine too. Not as good of a pass catcher as Barnes though.
  4. I mean yeah, you watched one of his worst games of the year, watch him against Baylor or ISU and you'll see more
  5. check out Alex Barnes. I get Kareem Hunt vibes from him.
  6. exactly. The Patriots get so much wrong. They make a lot of bad decisions. But the system covers up for it. They try and base their entire philosophy around versatility because they can go into any given game with one game plan, and the following week have an entirely different game plan based on their opponent.
  7. sometimes it feels like new england is just the only team in the league that game plans to attack the other team's weaknesses. Even so-called "genius" coaches like Payton for the Saints does really illogical things with his gameplans, like against the Rams. The Saints gashed the Rams running the ball out of 11 personnel during the regular season, yet most of their runs weren't out of 11 personnel in their playoff game. The Pats gashed the Chiefs in 21 personnel during the regular season, and abused that in their playoff game. I don't get why every team doesn't do this kind of stuff.
  8. unblockable is unblockable. Big is big. The two are not mutually inclusive, and frankly the history of the league has shown almost the exact opposite. It's actually a lot rarer that you find a gigantic 330+ pound guy who turns out to be dominant in every phase of the game, than a smaller <300 lb guy who can move like a 240 lb guy. And that's not even a new development, arguably the greatest pure DT of all time Alan Page was 6'4 245, and he played in the 60s-70s when most interior OLinemen were easily 250+. He was the Aaron Donald/JJ Watt of his time.
  9. you don't draw double teams by being fat. You draw double teams by being too difficult to block by one offensive lineman. Guys like Aaron Donald, JJ Watt, and Geno Atkins get double teamed way more than guys like Danny Shelton and Vita Vea.
  10. "too athletic" isn't really a thing. You can never be "too athletic" in the NFL. More athletic players wouldn't be worse at blocking Aaron Donald, they'd be better at it. A big reason why Donald is so dominant is because he's an absolute freak of an athlete and a complete mismatch for just about every interior OLineman in the league. The only interior OL in the league right now who's on an even similar level to Donald athletically is like, Brandon Brooks for the Eagles. I think looking for big hulking OL would be a huge mistake unless it's with the qualifier of "also extremely athletic", which is just kinda rare. But buying into this idea that bigger = better in the trenches seems like a great way to just revert to the Mike Smith regime that tried to generate pass rush from the inside out with guys like Soliai and other mediocrity of the like.
  11. Means is an explosive guy.
  12. I don't think Quinn is an ELITE coach, but I do think he's a good one. The team is still severely lacking in depth in the trenches. OL injuries are devastating to the offense as a whole and the DL just isn't all that good, period. Grady is a one man band, with Takk and Crawford occasionally offering support, and nobody else really doing anything. Even Vic has been largely disappointing since his 2016 season. And in a league where you really need 6, 7, even 8 good bodies in a rotation on the DL, having 1 great guy, 2 pretty good guys, 1 inconsistent, sometimes good sometimes transparent, guy, and nobody else contributing, the DL is falling flat in a major way.
  13. I can't even imagine getting this worked up over a bad post
  14. when I notice the same guy posting stuff I think is dumb frequently I tend to just use the ignore function
  15. how was it dumb for a team with two very good RBs to pass on him