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  1. I remember hearing somewhere that the ultimate goal is to get the Super Bowl in March so that more cities can host and more revenue be generated. With an extra playoff week, then the 18 game schedule that needs be worked in, add an extra bye week, and there it is. With the draft already being moved and now an extra playoff team, this seems to be heading that way.
  2. It was a completed pass in bounds and under one minute. Would've forced them to take last timeout. Didn't end up mattering, but still.
  3. I realize how arm length is crucial, but if I remember correctly his arms were something like 1/2 inch shorter than Long's and others that came out that year, which is like a knuckle and not a major concern. He's playing worse than just that excuse. His foot work off the snap is horrid and needs to open his stance slightly to already have a small head start on the DE. I think his reaction time needs to improve, or focus on the snap count better.
  4. Think the lack of running game may be due to Turner's great year last year and defenses now putting 8-9 in the box? Notice when the they were able to run was when they started running off tackle to the edge with Norwood because they were clogging the middle. I am nervous too about our pass defense but have been good in the red zone where it really counts. You have to play with what you have and I think they have done great thus far with lack of great talent in the secondary and generating a pass rush with a changed-up d line. Start looking at the game from a coach point of view rather than looking at the stats.
  5. Okay, I see you're trying to be smart one here. You said that age has nothing to do with how fast you can run. Take any sport's fastest person including Joey Galloway over say age 30+, and I guarantee you could find a least five players faster than him that are younger. To say that speed does not decline with age makes you sound ignorant.
  6. I realize this fact, but who else is in the West besides maybe Seattle. Like I said originally, I think San Fran will be better, but in the end I think it is Arizona's division to lose (how many times has that been said in history )
  7. Yes, I agree that time of possession is one but definitely not the only thing wrong with the Saints D. I think they put too much focus on trying to out-shoot the other team rather than game planning a better defensive scheme. Their first 2 levels of D are not that bad. It's just their secondary doesn't cover very well at all which makes the LB's and Safeties unable to get up on the line because they have to be ready for help coverage.
  8. I am bored at work, so I decided to do a preview of some NFC teams and divisions on what I think has a good chance of happening this year. I went into more detail on the divisions and teams we will be playing as well as some potentially surprising teams and why I think that. NFC South: Atlanta: It comes as no surprise to people on this board, but I think we have a great all-around setup in offense, defense and special teams. Defense has improved where they should be able to be competitive, maybe not great, but we don't need them to be great. TG adds an incredible security blanket for Ryan. I think it greatly accelerated Ryan's advancement that he did not have a great TE in his first year. It forced him to look out to the edges more, which advanced him in NFL IQ. If you look at new QB's in the league, normally they dump a lot of passes to their TE because that is what is right in front of them, and when they begin to sense pressure, they look for the closest target. Control the ground game/clock, and the Falcons could be knocking on the Super Bowl door. Carolina will be at the top with the Falcons this year, but I don't think you can rely on Delhomme. The team goes as he does as much as, if not more than any other QB in the league. If he is on, Smith is on and they are tough to beat. But too many times he is not on, making them vulnerable. Their running game is good and defense is stout. However Carolina did not do enough to keep the South title ans should hand it over to the Falcons. Saints: Same story as every year- great offense, lack defense. I actually think if they tuned down their offensive aggressiveness, their defense won't be on the field as much, giving them more time to rest. They score so quick sometimes with a long pass, or miss on that pass and go 3& out. Either way, the D gets no breather. TB: Rebuilding year. See Falcons from 2 years ago. NFC East: I think Giants will take a step back. Nicks is no Burress at this point, and although Usi Umin...? is back, they lost Spags as their DC. Manning I don't believe has enough weapons or talent to carry his team if he has to. Dallas is a wild card. If they can swallow their pride and not think they have to score right away on every possession, they have great talent. I think they should become a run first team with Barber, Jones and Choice. They have a serviceable #1 in Roy Williams, and a great TE. But somehow Romo will figure out how to let a few games slip away that he shouldn't. Skins just don't have the "it" factor. They have good talent on both sides of the ball, they just always seem to lack the mental drive required for the full 60 minutes. Maybe this starts with the HC. The Eagles are most hated by me, but they should win the division. Injuries may play the biggest role for this team more than any other with McNabb and Westbrooke. This is another team that does not seem to show up for every game, something a championship team does not let happen. I seemed to say this last year, but if Reed and McNabb don't make another deep run, they will be gone. NFC North: Vikings will go as far as whoever QB takes them. I think Favre will be the QB, but how long can he manage the offense beofre he starts slinging it around costing a few games. If he can stand not being the focal point on offense, they are a dangerous team. Chicago will be better with Cutler form a talent standpoint, but I don't seem them that much improved. I thought Orton did very well with the mediocre WR's there, and I think Cutler will get frustrated having a lack of talent at that position. Now if they can get Burress or Marhall in there, they could be a dangerous team. GB will be consistent, but the two other teams I feel are better. Detroit will be Detroit. NFC West: I see ARI as the number 1 team again in the West. Their D is young and seemed to play well when they needed to. If they do that every game, they should finish atop the division. Seattle is my pick as surprise team in the NFC. Hasselback should be 100% and with TJ at WR now, they should be better on offense. Their D is decent. Mora Jr, may or may not make a difference, but I pick them as a team that could surprise some people. San Fran is improving quickly with Singletary, but they are just not there yet. St. Louis is in turmoil, and may have a new address in the near future. NFC South: ATL East: Philly North: Minn West:ARI WIld cards: DAL, CAR (NO, CHI, Giants have shot) This is what I think has a good chance of happening this year. Of course the main unknown is injuries and usually screws up at least a few teams every year. Let me know what points you like or dislike and what teams you see rising above. If this is well- received, I'll do an AFC one. Hope you enjoyed!
  9. Yes it is safe, I have been a part of that site for a few years. When I do deposit money, I use an VISA or MC gift card rather than my personal credit card. This is so I don't have to give out my info and my wife doesn't see it on the statement . The site is great as they have odds on just about everything you can think of.
  10. I don't post here much, mostly just read through the forums, but I thought some here would enjoy this. I bet quite a bit on football and found the odds for us to win the division to be an excellent bet for those who also like to gamble. NFC South Division - Odds to Win Atlanta Falcons +500 Carolina Panthers +250 New Orleans Saints +180 Tampa Bay Buccaneers +180 For those that don't know, this means that we are 5:1 to win the division and all of the other teams have better odds to win the division. For the NFC Championship, we are 14:1 and the Superbowl we are 30:1. These are great odds for those who have a few bucks to bet. I personally think the division odds are a joke, so I would jump on these quickly, as they are always changing. I try not to let my Falcon pride blind me when betting, but how can we have less of a chance than everyone else to win the South? The good news is we are 4 point favorites week 1 vs. Miami!! This info all came from sportsbook.com, where I do all wagering for those that insist on sources :P
  11. Brown will probably be let go because he wants Guard money and not center money, which is like 2 mill a year less. This was his first year at center and played well, but he thinks he can get more on the FA market as a Guard. Ravens really want to keep him but already have another guard that can step in and play center. I think he'll be wanting too much for TD to consider for a spot that is not of great need. If we do somehow get him, it would be a great addition. PS I live in MD and everyone is Ravens fans, that's how I know this info.
  12. I hope we leave him alone. I live up near Baltimore and he is the D-Hall of Baltimore. He has no work ethic which is why John Harbaugh and him did not get along. Even before he went on IR with his "injury" he was already being rotated out due to his poor attitude. He did not participate in OTA's and didn't like Harbaugh because he was used to camp cupcake which was Billick's style. I think and hope Dimitroff will pass.
  13. I live up near Baltimore so this has been discussed heavily on sports radio, not only today but over the last half of the season. The "big 3" in Ray Lewis, Bart Scott, and Suggs are all up for re-signing this off season. The overall consensus has been that Bart Scoot will not be resigned, Suggs is #1 priority, and Lewis will get offered a fair 3-4 year deal. Scott will be let go because he is viewed like Adalius Thomas, Ed Hartwell, and other LB's who play very well with the Ravens but drop off on other teams. Also, with Rex Ryan taking the Jets job, it is expected that he will make a push for Scott with the familiarity being there. Personally I would like Suggs on our team, but I don't see it happening.
  14. Well Delhome may have more experience but Ryan is easily playing like the more experienced of the two. I think we should stack the line on D and force CAR to throw. Overload Abe's side and let him get 1-1 to create pressure, quick decisions and, hopefully, a few turnovers.
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