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  1. If we don't do a better job in terms of dealing with a mobile QB than we did Hurts, might be a tough one. Don't know anything about the Giants' D, but our offense should be able to put up some points...even vs a good front 7, the offense showed a lot of improvement. I'm gonna go with 30-24 Falcons.
  2. I remember ClownOrg, Voice of Reason i thought was pretty good poster too. Who was it that almost every week some years back, that almost every week we lost posted that pic of Smitty picking his nose?
  3. Sadly the devils are the only sports team i like that has ever accomplished anything, so it's even worse than it sounds hahaha. funny story (at least to me): I went to a NNJD/NYR game at the Prudential center a few years ago, and there was a devils fan and rangers fan hanging outside smoking. I took a picture and put it on my facebook with the caption: "Devils and Rangers fan socializing, this is how you know the world is about to end."
  4. I think at this point if you are AS, you want the win but seeing improvement/better cohesion is even more important. Also go Devils.
  5. I still like our starter, will be interesting to see how things play out when we play less stacked DL's.
  6. We showed some fight. new players, new system, 2nd game, against the reigning champs. Patience, young grasshopper.
  7. So dopey thread benchmarking is a thing now huh lol
  8. Well here is our obligatory 'Facepalm Thread of the Week'.
  9. It will take a similar amount of time to get out of Gel Boy's cap foolishness.
  10. You're on the verge of being on the TATF troll hall of fame, right beneath Daddys_Home.
  11. I loved bonanza as a kid. Once my parents werent looking i would hit the soft serve machine and i would manage to make a pile of it so big it was great...like i had an ice cream leaning tower of piza in this tiny *** little dish 😆
  12. I've only considered bloodline a bit above average. I think when it's all said and done, Lindstrom will be our best OL this year and probably for the foreseeable future. TBH I wanted Sewell, but for all we know he won't end up being any better than Matthews. I hope this new FO doesn't start doing the "wait until someone is washed up, then draft someone and assume it will be a seamless transition" thing that Gel Boy always did. Out of the oven into the frying pan is no beuno. Still think we're better than 5 wins this season, but we shall see.
  13. Maybe someone else brought this up already, but don't sometimes GM's hold cap space to grab a FA when an injury happens? Maybe that's what they are up to, or still doing their due diligence on what is out there. We did sign 2 to the practice squad, it might be smart to look at them for a couple of weeks before we blow the rest of our cap. Might suck for a few weeks but if we can get that position to stop leaking, we could still head in a good direction and thankfully not be picking in the top 15.
  14. I will say it was certainly both surprising and disappointing how bad we were manhandled, especially in our own building, and especially considering the other HC - it was his first game too. I won't say my hope for him being a good HC was wiped out, mainly because TF was handcuffed with what he could do with Dimitroll's cap mismanagement...in other words, I think he would have done something much better for the OL than drafting a couple of rookies, if there were more cap space to work with. Mayfield was intended to be a project IMO - not that Andrews/Gono would have been world beaters, but it couldn't have been as bad as Mayfield's pass protection last Sunday. REALLY hoping Andrews comes back and is at least serviceable at LG. If not, we're just gonna have to watch a combo of Mayfield's lumbering and Dahlman getting bull rushed into the Abyss.
  15. I expect Ade to get more and more snaps as the season goes on. Again, there is nobody currently on the roster who can play LG better than Mayfield, I don't know why people keep bringing up the OMG he sucks thing. I think we are handcuffed until Andrews comes back, but maybe they are doing some due diligence on a FA LG right now and just haven't pulled the trigger yet.
  16. What kind of dope doesn't foresee 2 injuries to the same position coming?! TEAR IT DOWN!
  17. If this is a catalyst for G-Dawg starting his "17 mock draft threads every 3 days" thing already, I'm going give Koo LSD and swap all his practice footballs for kittens.
  18. Nah, give me pepper jack. Now, ruebens, pastrami sandiwches, or chicken sandwiches, that's a different story.
  19. Yeah, and that was kind of my point, AS didn't have anybody available that WASN'T going to get Ryan mudhole stomped. He swapped in others for Mayfield and got the same result so went back to him. In any event hopefully getting Andrews back will help, but there's also not too many games on the schedule where we play DL's as good or better than the Eagles (TB twice, WAS).
  20. All rookies take their lumps in some form or another, Mayfield is allowed to learn and grow like anyone else. Not too many tougher baptisms by fire you're going to get than Cox in game 1 with a shortened preseason. And it's not like we just left Mayfield out there no matter how bad he was, AS gave others snaps and they were just as bad, so what was he supposed to do? If 2-3 people are interchangably bad, might as well stick with the one that you think has the most potential at that position.
  21. Wont matter if Cox bulldozes Mayfield the whole game.
  22. Nobis Roddy Tuggle Ryan On 2nd thought... Peter Konz JA98 Chevis Jackson Takk
  23. Well that confirms it, Brady is Satan. Guy can get away with anything.
  24. Where have I seen that before...🤪
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