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  1. Feel free to take it by force. I have a hockey stick you can borrow.
  2. With broadswords. Make it personal.
  3. roid rage is a motherf*cker
  4. Good. **** him.
  5. Exactly. We could have Frankenstein's Monster at RB but it wouldn't matter if he can't get more than 2 steps without someone running into him. It will be really interesting to see how differently players perform next year with a new coaching staff all around.
  6. Sucs took Seattle to OT. I wouldn't count on them for much, but when Winston manages not to be a complete bum, they can be a handful.
  7. GGWP lol
  8. I thought we already had a tackling dummy.
  9. One of those, we can really thank Hooper for. He locked that DB down blocking. If he did what a lot of guys do...just kind of give them a shove and call it good, one of those scampers for the first doesn't happen. He's a pretty critical piece in this offense IMO. High effort dude, pretty reliable.
  10. Dude. He stops calling plays..that game, we give up no TD's to NO...AT NO. How much more evidence do u need. Even OJ wouldn't have gotten away with this kind of ****
  11. He got to a SB purely because of SF's current HC. He is in over his head. **** him, he's out. How you can endorse the guy after the defense instantly played well the exact game he took himself out of the defensive play-calling is mind-boggling. Wait...are you hammered?
  12. He's a moron. Would finish last in a 3rd grade spelling bee.
  13. Something?
  14. Stains fans calling flags on every play lmao
  15. Shannahan why the **** would you...
  16. You have been on your couch since Wednesday morning. Should I also credit you with my mail being delivered? You're overselling. Knock it off.
  17. He has bigger tats than half the cheerleaders maybe he should take his bich *** over there.
  18. Really? We gonna get F'd by a KICK return?! We just can't stop getting creative with new ways to F ourselves over.
  19. My comment to the Stains fans here: "That dude runs like old people f*** and he still got the first down."
  20. Well then it doesn't matter if he can cover or not.
  21. Someone should have had kamara man IMO. What was coming was Koetter-level obvious lol
  22. Campbell is an embarrassing oaf. I was thinking new coaches might help him but he just lumbers around and falls on people.