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  1. Havent had that forever. Might have to have a tullimore dew neat tonight. I've earned it. Well, not really but im doing it anyway because im an azz hole lol
  2. That and a couple beers or a shot oughtta fix it. WTF u doing that on a Thursday for man u a freshman in college or something lol
  3. To be fair, he blows moose dong when it comes to this. I've always found this to be in annoying flaw in his game. F*ck throwing motion and footwork crap get better at bringing me my beer, stupid Matt Ryan! And pick a first name already while you're at it!
  4. LOL Oh, man. I totally forgot about that lumbering oaf. Thanks for the laugh.
  5. OK. It might have something to do with almost every other position being at a higher premium in the draft.
  6. Oh i know you channeled that into a new direction thats cool. I derailed a few of your posts with european swimsuit model stuff, i was wondering when you were gonna get even man lol
  7. Yeah we been around awhile man. It is odd the players people here fawn over, but u have to remember some people as deep as they go is being enamored with a couple plays and then they become lifetime homers for the dude. Not everone is invested in the big picture, boss. Also a lot of people dont pay atttention to players matching coaching/scheme etc they just love fast guys or pass rush or whatever it is theyre hung up on. I was just clowning woth the toileto thing, hes not worth 4 mil i was just remembering those absurd wide open TDs he got, to me they were comical. Like Tecmo Bowl type of **** lol
  8. If we can't get Julio a TD in the red zone how the **** we going to to get Toileto one?
  9. WTF. That one wide open TD a year Toilolo gets is easily worth the $4M a year just in entertainment value. 'Troffed.
  10. I can understand people being skeptical about the disruption he might bring. If it does pan out, TD has his work cut out for him figuring out the cap - he will be backloading some serious ****
  11. Usually on some level I can follow what you're saying, but you're using backup QBs and RBs in your argument as 'missed opportunities'. Neither of those things are issues, though I do think we should look at Ryan's heir next year if not this year. The only reason for gutting Schaub is $$$ not ability related IMO. Plus, I mean what are we supposed to do, just leave holes in our roster there if we can't plug it with a FA? Not every available FA is going to be a fit and even the ones that are aren't necessarily going to sign with the Falcons.
  12. This is how u tell which kids in your classroom are eating the chalk.
  13. He looks like what could have been if norwood had managed to stay healthy. Hes definitely one of our more exciting players