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  1. I think talent wise we have some talent, but it's very top heavy. In terms of having a well-rounded roster, we are not in a good place.
  2. I'm starting to wonder if him, Hurry up and Derp, and Refried Brains are related. Or maybe just some 3-headed hydra of nonsense.
  3. He's almost as adaptable as a Stegosaurus.
  4. Yeah Sark got scapegoated a bit - not sure how much better he would be than DK, but if Dirk deserved a 2nd chance, he should have at least got a 2nd season. DQ hired his chum from Seattle and then let him take the fall for his own incompetence.
  5. I'm a little nervous Morris could get the same treatment DQ did last year if things don't get ugly enough. Today was a step in the 'right' direction as far as that goes, if there's a silver lining to losing to the Stains.
  6. the 14 wasn't literal. It feels like he's had a different coordinator every 2-3 years. I get DK's 2nd stint maybe doesn't count technically but going from him to Shanny and back again is still some adjusting. Shannahan, Mularkey and Koetter is all? I feel like there's another one in there for some reason, but that could just be my imagination.
  7. Wish Ham Radio would have read this. Our game "plan" on both sides of the ball was a pile of rat droppings.
  8. Having more than 1 serviceable defense in his entire career and not having 14 different offensive coordinators might have helped.
  9. ?? This is his 2nd stint with Koetter, and I don't think his age had anything to do with it. The whole team was simmering in a sh!tbird stew today, and he was no exception.
  10. Yeah he got rattled and didn't get any help from anybody, so he was basically shook for more than half the game. Once I see his feet move that much pretty much right after he gets the snap I'm like well I guess I can turn this off now 😬
  11. He can watch 47 hours of tape but if he takes the same playcalling to every single game, why bother watching tape in the first place?
  12. At least a couple of those sacks were him dancing around with happy feet and looking around frantically, which yeah Koetter deserves some blame for, but he's gotta chuck it away there. Strangely enough they did ok run blocking but as far as pass protection goes, those barbarians were charging through the gates with little resistance. To be fair as the game went on the Saints blitzed more often, but Ryan was flustered so the damage was already done. Losing Julio certainly for a big part of the game certainly didn't help. Koetter should have adjusted better, but he just doesn't do that. Eve
  13. That actually kind of comes from AB with the continuity narrative he was spewing. It's like when the continuity is a downward trend, continuity is bad. But like it was mentioned, I think the FO thought that we were just a piece or two away after 28-3 and figured if we just loaded up a bit this year we could pull something off good. They're learning way too late that was a crock and now we're kind of in limbo.
  14. I'd love to see a coach that is so brilliant that he can make an OL of 5 traffic cones work. Our coaching is crap, but the OL got their *** handed to them with all the trimmings today. Also, Debo was absolute trash today, other than the OL he was the biggest eyesore. Ryan was his own worst enemy much of the time as well by holding onto the ball too long. Koetter is stubborn and predictable, but our OL was awful. When your kicker is your best player on game day, it's going to be a rough outing.
  15. Pretty stupid to say we need a cerebral QB who can pick up a playbook in 2-3 seasons, then reference 2 QB's who haven't even completed one NFL season. You mud flap.
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