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  1. At first I thought Falcons might look at Fotu, but not sure since they haven't really ever tried to backfill our last 'run stuffer' DT. But yeah both Queen and Baun could very well be gone by then.
  2. So Henderson is...a slower version of Trufant? Not a fair way to look at it?
  3. If you think he will trade down at all that would fall under option #2. #1 is just not trading at all in days 1 & 2 and staying with what we have. Interesting that so far the majority says he will do both.
  4. Yeah, I don't remember him doing the Michael Turner thing and eating donut sandwiches all offseason and showing up looking like a helmeted peanut M&M.
  5. With a coaching staff that has shown an ability to consistently develop DL, maybe worth the risk. But the Beasley Jeckyll and Hyde thing, Takk, etc., no real confidence in these coaches to get much out of a DL player that isn't pretty much a sure thing or very close to it.
  6. Yeah? My goal is to bang every model on the Sports Illustrated swimsuit calendar. Best of luck to both of us, pal.
  7. Yeah, I get we don't really know what we have with Grammy since Hooper was basically getting 100% of those reps, but I just feel there were way bigger needs at rd 2 pick than a TE. We could've just used a 4th or 5th rd pick and got an athletic TE. The silver lining is with JJ, Ridley, and our new TE on the field, that is A LOT of speed for the secondary to defend, which will inflict a lot of damage if the OL can hold up. As such, I hope before rd 4 we take an IOL and really solidify that pass blocking. If there's a consistent weak link in pass protection, that whole "speed > everything" Koetter is trying to pull is useless.
  8. Just curious what people think will most likely happen. Of course, it will depend somewhat on who slips, gets overdrafted, etc.
  9. See my post above, same idea except I added in the cynical part where if TD the trade up doesn't work out he won't be around for the aftermath anyway lol
  10. There was an mock that had that exact situation - had ATL trading up to get Simmons, but I think they had the Jets taking Kinlaw. Like the rest of the universe, I don't pay attention to the Jets now that butt fumble isn't there to laugh at anymore, so maybe DT makes sense for them?
  11. I think he's going to shamelessly use next year's picks to move up somewhere in this draft. Why not? If the gamble doesn't work he won't be here to deal with the aftermath anyway.
  12. Try hitting up any paint, flooring place...any place that deals with construction materials. I work for a hospital and a paint & flooring place donated a bunch of them.
  13. Since the main part of the helmet is white, what would be kind of cool is to have the border around the logo be the same red as in the logo, instead of a white border around the logo on a white helmet. That might look kinda cool.
  14. One of our mods is Earl Thomas. Cool!
  15. The NFL one is a bit silly as well. Had us trading up to 11 with the jets and getting Simmons.