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  1. What kind of a person are you that you would be OK with supporting a dirtbag who intentionally and willfully encouraged intentional injury, just so a football team that doesn't even know you exist could be more successful? Are you f*cking serious with the moral fan platform right now? If anybody needs to be hit with anything, it's you. Disgusting rhetoric.
  2. Right, but I was speaking in generalities in terms of the other teams' defensive game planning.
  3. His soul is also a pool of yak pizz. I hope he know what? Being the Falcnons' HC might actually be the perfect punishment for that A-hole.
  4. We can't run the ball. A LB will never have to spy Ryan, so it's gotta be a "ducks on the pond" mentality for opposing front 7's.
  5. Well it looks like PMF and KoG thinks he's not the solution, and if that is their sentiment, I guess I agree. I was highly curious how he would do with a better OL than last time he was here, because I remember him being a bubble screen jockey due to the turnstyle OL we had at the time. He got another trash OL this time as well. I would have liked to see what he could do with an OL that provides enough time for the mostly 5 or 7 step drop system he has. I will say, I talked to a friend who had a friend who played college ball for DK, and his attitude from what I have been told was pretty much "**** you, beat the guy across from you". I don't think that probably works well in today's NFL, where people are spending a ton of time with schemes, packages, etc.
  6. OK, I like yours better. GJ.
  7. Hey Deion, aren't you the one that jumped ship to a rival, then jumped to a rival of that rival? Maybe you should be praying for your own soul, you mercurial sh!tbird.
  8. His scouting report when he was drafted basically said he has all the measurables but his instincts were awful. DQ's drafting based on states hasn't worked out very well.
  9. Yeah, but their corners actually TRY.
  10. I would be shocked if due diligence wasn't already happening behind the scenes.
  11. Whoah we are going for big air here. In Seattle those kinds of jokes get you burned as a witch lmao
  12. Vermintide 2 or the Gauntlet remake on steam is calling my name lol
  13. OK i think after that last play, TD is getting a phone call.
  14. He has talent but his mentoring is a festering pile of rabbit crap. He would probably be excelling with a coaching staff that wasn't full derp.