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  1. Exactly. We all have our peaks and valleys...and, quite frankly, he has 1000x more resources than most of us.
  2. how he fail a physical? am I not remembering some injury issue with him or something?
  3. I don't know if anyone got more 3-man front hate than BVG's 3-3-5 under smitty. That had people fuming on here.
  4. Rubbish. He hasn't even played 1 down in the NFL yet for crying out loud.
  5. I was thinking really he should be in the 60's somewhere, but this is also pro bowlish type stuff where a popular player with less performance will probably go 10-20 spots higher.
  6. Davison is a 2nd rd pick, it will take a little time but he could potentially have some substantial help there.
  7. Who's giving him his birthday beatings?
  8. 30 sack season coming, if there's any truth to his comment.
  9. It's not as bad as the Pro Bowl, but yeah I agree.
  10. And a decent defense. I think a lot of people think with a healthy Lindstrom and McGary with a season under his belt, as well as the addition of Hennessey, we are set. The problem is a rookie seamlessly stepping in, Lindstrom staying healthy, and McGary progressing significantly are far from certainties. I'm not too worried about Lindstrom, but Mack is a year older, Hennessey is a rookie, and we still don't know what we have with McGary. There are as many questions as there are answers...the potential is there to be a pretty good OL, but any optimism should be of the cautious nature. My hope is Koetter isn't so quick to ditch the run game, a lot of time that's how you can get these younger guys 'in the game', so to speak. If they spend 80% of the first half defending twists and blitzes, might be tough sledding.
  11. Agreed, I was annoyed at first with the hurst trade because I figured Grahame could be serviceable in that role and we have SO many needs on defense. I kind of came around on it, he's a young guy with potential that we have at least some NFL film on, which you can't say for anybody we would have drafted. Experience wise we are pretty green at CB so a lot of pressure will be on them this year, where we basically need to make the playoffs to keep Quinn from getting canned (debatable whether that's a good or bad thing). Terrell in particular is going to have to take his lumps in stride like any rookie would.
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