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  1. Totally. My assumption before the season started was that the offense would take a small step back, due to the fact that Sarkisian probably isn't on shanahan's level in terms of play calling/design, and I still believe that. But, I also assumed the defense would take a step forward as well, so I figured all things considered, we'd be about on the same level as last year, hopefully a bit better even.
  2. Nor Rodney Peete. Fuk I am old.
  3. I watched the a bit the last couple of weeks, Stafford is playing pretty well, but their ability to run is pretty sporatic. Ansah beasted a bit last night, not sure which side he plays on but if he's a LDE we'll have our hands full with a backup RT in there. their secondary seems decent but their LB's seemed to struggle in coverage.
  4. lol the kiss of death. the Lions look decent, but even being on the road and without a couple starters we should handle them.
  5. We may end up thoroughly thrashing the Pats when we play them on the road. Everyone is on their jock after picking on one of the worst defenses in the league. Bilichick is the man but talent wise the Patriots aren't quite on our level, especially with no Edelman. Beasley and our starting RT should be back by then so we should mostly be back to 100%. If their D can't contain Freeman, it could get pretty ugly for them if we can cover/tackle all those 5-8 yd Brady passes well.
  6. Nobody is talking about how...pretty sure it's Poe, was the original disruptor and basically made him turn right towards Beasley. He had a good game IMO
  7. In a game earlier, maybe it was the Chiefs of the players curled up and took a nap with the football as the pillow. I was cracking up
  8. If we can stay as healthy as last year we got a shot I think. Always will wonder how much different it woulda been if mack wasn't playing on one leg, but then again the seahawks and pack were pretty dinged up as well.
  9. He needed a confidence builder. He still seems hesitant against the run but that's sometimes the mantra with cover corners. there was a play where he was right there and a RB ran right by him...he just stood there crouched. Not that I expect him to be overly physical, but it still kind of raised an eyebrow. Also a little concerning was Alford later in the 2nd half. A couple of times he was kind of jogging after dudes. Glad we won but that's the kind of stuff that can come back to haunt you if the other team recovers an onside kick. Good win but we still have some wood to chop, bummer about Schraeder and I hope Beasley's hammy wasn't anything serious. Those things can nag you all season if you don't let them heal right.
  10. He wont have that d-bag smirk on his face tonight like he did after he carved up smittyball like a thanksgiving turkey awhile back.
  11. OMG. If football games were 30 minutes long we'd be the best team in the league
  12. Is Quinn ever gonna learn lol. It's hard to stomach watching flashes of Smittyball sneak back into this team. Fuk!
  13. Stupid sack there. Bryant still makes it a 2 score game.
  14. Gonna be hard to match pts with GB if our defense just hands them TD's with a series of brain farts.
  15. The Seahawks board is ------> that way