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  1. WTF? Isn't he damaged goods? Yeah lets trade one talented but not durable RB that has had great success here for a similar guy that may or may not workout here? Either someone is bored or TD is bath salts.
  2. lmao stop it man i almost spit out my beer
  3. Yeah, genius, any more or less than 11 guys on the field is an automatic penalty. Thanks for the sage wisdom.
  4. Often easier said than done. Our brains are wired for survival, and part of that is comparisons. Seems silly, but I've read that I swear in half a dozen different books.
  5. This was why I was hoping we would take a C before it got too far into the draft. IMO you'd have a hard time coming up with a better mentor at the position than Mack, so I was hoping TD wasn't going to kick the can down the road and cross his fingers by hoping a rookie would seamlessly jump into a starting role and perform well sometime in the future.
  6. I am quite confident that they will be quite average.
  7. lmao at least one person on TATF's brain is on today. Apparently my muscles have been just doing whatever without any guidance from my nervous system whatsoever today.
  8. You're garbo at Madden and you know it.
  9. FTFY
  10. Sorry for your loss, hang in there.
  11. Wasn't there dialogue about Koetter's inability to run the ball has been a function of bad OL as well? In any case, wherever you are on the 'Koetter being pass happy or just not having much of a choice in the past' thing, we'll know for sure about halfway into this season as long as we stay fairly healthy.
  12. f*** golf
  13. And apparently lives in California, presumably on purpose
  14. Lmao post of the year so far