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  1. I don't know why, but I feel like the pants are an easier clue as to that's roddy than his face. dude is a goof and a half.
  2. He clearly keeps getting his junk kicked in from that thing in dark souls 3 or something. and takes it out on us.
  3. That is a special echelon of imbecile, right there.
  4. I am really interested to see how Hurst performs in this offense - even though he's not TE1 anymore. I really like the idea of him and Pitts on the field at the same time. That's a lot of speed to cover out of the TE position, don't know if there's a lot of defenses that you can call against that kind of situation. Interested to see how it plays out.
  5. I still remember that game where I thought Jeff George was going to murder him 😆
  6. Better than most of the stuff out there I've read this offseason. At least his writing has some personality. Also, Rangers suck.
  7. He's cheap and hasn't had a chance to do anything and we were paper thin at RB, so why not? I think this staff will find a role for him, but we will see. If Davis does everything he can do better, he might just spell him for 5-8 carries a game. He's depth as a power back if nothing else.
  8. Ah what I heard was maya was the standard for the modeling part, and i took one look at the price and was like blender it is lol
  9. Yeah it's crazy the way you use a separate program for everything - one program for modeling, another for texturing, another for rendering, etc. I was like I can't afford 7 different programs to self-teach this stuff lol. If you're trying to specialize though, how can you even do a portfolio? You would have to do a model, then texture, shade, sculpt etc yourself just to show something. Seems like it would take forever to 'git good'. That's really cool about doing the ocean part, that seems like it would be pretty hard having to factor in depth, sun's reflection, etc.
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