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  1. Will you two knock it off I'm on a diet.
  2. Defensively, the Chiefs just have no answers. No pass rush, and Edelman and Gronk are dismantling them. Disappointing.
  3. # of friends Dee Ford has right now: 0 Make that -7 billion lol
  4. Cue the Eric Cartman licking tears gif
  5. 57 yards!? That's as close as they can get with that TO? Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzz
  6. Have the Rams called a screen at all this game? IMO this would be the perfect time for one.
  8. LOL I hate it when 3-4 seconds after the play is over a flag shows up. It's like what, it's only a penalty after someone campaigns for it? GTFOH.
  9. Rams choking everywhere lol. I smell a turnover coming.
  10. Wow the Rams are trying to choke. Aikman's right that should've been a pick, dude did something stupid but boy did LA get lucky on the no call.
  11. Some schmucks just can't handle the big stage.
  12. Wow, Joyner. Special kind of stupid there.
  13. Fortune favors the bold...
  14. Would've taken my chances with the QB sneak there, especially with the Saints having to go 99 yds and having 2 timeouts.