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  1. How things play out with PHI, NYJ, and MIA is going to be very interesting - can't remember the last time 3 teams had 3 highly drafted QBs and all moved on from them by taking another high draft pick at QB. That would be pretty odd...could see WFB and SF both trying to vulture one of those teams if one or more are indeed bent on moving on already.
  2. My dog could do a better job than whoever the bozo is that put this together. And I don't even have a ****in' dog. Do any sports writers have bosses anymore? Like who is looking at tripe like this and going "hey this is great stuff." Good grief.
  3. I'm a little more narrow at 6-8, there's a good chance a mix of Parsons, Surtain, Chase, and Pitts will be there, I'd rather have the security of having the guy we really want than what would be a what...3rd rd pick maybe?
  4. Haha I think it's more the fact that this dude is a mud flap and gets paid to be a sports personality - while having the IQ of cheese whiz. So it's probably more of a 'life isn't fair' thing than it is anything else.
  5. I demand you punch yourself in the face immediately.
  6. Hahahaha my first thought as well. Good for Rico, he made some $ and he's a cool story I guess, but he was going to hamstring the back end of this D forever - had to be done.
  7. yeah there's a lot of divisive stuff with whether we take a QB or not. I think some people are set in the fact that we need that high draft pick to help us win a lombardi in the next few years - meaning no QB picked at #4, and if we don't, we're screwed. Others believe we need to start grooming MR2's replacement now, and taking a QB at #4 this year is our best chance to do it. I mean with the right FA and draft in rds 2-7, both are possible...but I do want to build a consistent contender, so I just try and trust the new FO to do that and see where the chips fall.
  8. If they're not, the Eagles as a trade partner makes sense if one of the top 3 QB's gets to #4. All it would take is Sewell and/or the Fins taking Chase and we could get a good pick from them and still get Parsons, Surtain, or whoever. I would be surprised if Philly did that without trading Hurts first though...might as well get a pick if you gonna throw in the towel on him.
  9. Colts rolling the dice a bit, but they're close, and if Wentz actually performs anywhere near where he was drafted, it could pay off.
  10. I would rather take a high pick on S than RB, but the RB you took is pretty dynamic. Overall I like it, particularly the later rounds grabbing a QB and IOL prospect. Hennessy isn't a guarantee to pan out (I think he will though), so taking a flyer on IOL pretty much every year wouldn't be a bad idea IMO, especially with the hole we have at at OG for awhile.
  11. Wrong this is the Falcons they invent new, unthinkable ways to f*** s*** up.
  12. Plus Sewell locks down that LT position for the next 10 yrs if he stays healthy, realistically Matthews is 2-3 years, maybe a little more if we're lucky. And that's just the longevity piece, Sewell might also be an upgrade and we could theoretically move Matthews to RT and move McGary inside.
  13. If someone moves inside it would make a ton more sense to me to have McGary do it. He feels like more of a power guy anyway, and he can fill back in at RT for depth. This also gives the option of letting Sewell and Matthews get looks at LT during camp and put the one that doesn't show as well at RT. We need one more OL no matter what - agree OG would be preferable but if Sewell is a top talent that anchors that LT spot for the next 10 years, I pull the trigger without thinking twice.
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