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  1. I was going to ask him if he started a conversation with a saints fan on purpose lol
  2. What the heck would someone be missing out on, a bunch of glamazons hugging each other? From what I've seen I suspect 80% of them get their meals by wielding a club.
  3. WTF? The lockers don't shut? Boy that place is going to smell like a bed of roses lol
  4. DQ will be a close 2nd though if that's not already the case. At least, that's what I think. Obviously a long way to go but I think he should have a lot of staying power and will keep us being a menace in the NFC for awhile.
  5. This was item #2 as to why I never had much faith in Smitty, he was a homer for vets to the point of absurdity.
  6. My thoughts exactly.
  7. Why do I seem to remember you saying our defenses weren't that bad under Smitty and that the stats weren't telling the real story? Something about scoring defense or something. Either way, not to jinx stuff, but if this defense gels the way we hope and key players can stay healthy, this team could really put itself into the 'dynasty' talk. MR2 has plenty of good years left in him and an identity this team has lacked in the majority of its existence is no longer the case. I don't see why this team can't win a couple of the next 4-5 super bowls.
  8. Why do I feel that this isn't the case...I thought he actually did a good job of this under Mularkey.
  9. You would think common sense and/or the amount of experience would've prevented those. Dude should have been stuffed into a cannon and shot into the sun for some of his mind-blowing brain farts.
  10. I woulda been MVP if PFF didn't sandbag me lol
  11. LOL He was pretty cynical but I think overall he's a good dude.
  12. Didn't know that but my best Vegas buddy lost his pops when I was down there and it hit him pretty hard. He's a Chicago boy, couldn't even curse or yell about that miserable Bears franchise for awhile, which was a weekly thing with him (at the time I was doing similar things at our defense). Sometimes perspective comes with a wallop. Hope dude hangs in there, keeping your head straight can be a battle in those kinds of situations. Kind of going through the same thing myself just on a different level. Glad he's still around at some capacity though.
  13. You just did.
  14. Don't be stupid. That's only 3 lbs per month, I put that on all the time and I've never ruptured or strained anything other than my metabolism.