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  1. That particular issue I was talking about is hypocrisy. The Roman Polanski thing is just sick. The guy needs to go to jail and be a 70 year old chew toy for someone.
  2. That is one of the most disingenuous double standards out there. If your cool with a 30 year old teacher banging a 14 year old when a woman is the 30 year old, why try to act offended when the situation is reversed. Hypocrisy, and extremely an transparent type at that.
  3. Thank you for lying about being a soldier? Riiiiiiiiiiiight.... You are the same race baiting troll you always were. I could give a **** what you pretend to do from your mom's basement. Real soldiers get credit, people like you should be mocked.
  4. You're either a troll, in which case you are probably lying, or you are a mentally disturbed moron, in which case it is a fair question. We expect more out of our military. That is why I am certain you are just a troll who can no longer race bait.
  5. Good post. I hope after the bye week that he will be ready to see a good amount of snaps.
  6. You may not be a rookie but you are a complete horses ***. Jump off a bridge.
  7. Same thing happened to me. Showed two charges, but only one materialized. Nothing ever came of the second one and a call to the bank showed that only one was processed and there wasn't another waiting somewhere.
  8. I should have posted my thoughts in here too. I ordered 5 a couple weeks ago and got them early last week. I have no complaints about the current jersey's (Falcons, Eagles and Chargers) but the two throwbacks that we ordered were off in color. The blue and gold jets was more of a blue and yellow, and the Pewter Pirates Buc's jersey we ordered was more yellow than Pewter. I may advise people to check the colors carefully before getting them, because after we got them and went back to the site, it was clear in a side by side comparison to NFLshop.com. All in all, for 26 bucks I am very impre
  9. It's the internet. The most negative people in the world can come here and be king of their own little misery castle. Most of the fan base isn't like that.
  10. Yup, I'm totally angry about what a 16 year old on the internet thinks Just pointing out that you apparently would rather be right than a fan.
  11. You bump a thread hating on a player, then tell haters to shut up? He's fine, and you're a fake punk fan. GTFO.
  12. I got my tickets for the Falcons - Niners game in two weeks. I'm really looking forward to seeing the Falcons rebound and destroying the Niners.
  13. One loss and all the Vick hugging trolls come slithering out from under their rocks. Pathetic.
  14. He bounced off him because he was pulling back, then Brady took a dive and the NFL got a semi.
  15. The only thing slow in this thread is the OP. I hope for your parents sake that you are eight years old.
  16. We get it, you are a joke poster. The problem is you aren't funny. Maybe you should scrap this account and come back with something better.
  17. We also had a need at MLB. We shifted Brooking there and while I think he was serviceable, we could have had a better player. Someone like, say, Patrick Willis. I love hindsight. At the time of the draft I was not thrilled, but I understood the need. Who knows how the D would have looked with Willis and a scrub DE.
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