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  1. I have been running about 5 days a week, an hour or so a day. I haven't done any activities since I hurt my ankle, but I would like to stay in shape for the next few weeks (marathon training for a race in May). Do you think swimming would exacerbate the ankle? Maybe use a leg bouy or something.
  2. I couldn't really walk without pain for the first two days, but now (five days later) it doesn't hurt so much when walking. It sounds like it is just a mild sprain, so I guess I will stay off of it for a while. That sucks though, I had just gotten my mile pace down to atround 6:45... Thank you very much for the info!
  3. Quick question for you, since you seem to be the resident sports doc on the boards. I was running on the beach on Tuesday, and there was a piece of asphault buried under the sand. When I stepped on it, it rolled the heck out of my ankle. It's still swollen, and there is a nice 6 inch bruise along the anterior side of my ankle/mid-foot area. How long should I expect to stay off this (I haven't hurt myself in sports, mainly due to lack of actual exercise, in 10 years, so I am out of it)? Is swimming an acceptable alternative while it is swollen? Thanks in advance!
  4. A lot of that is going to be water weight. I honestly fluctuate between 195 and 205 on different days. I am anal retentive about what I eat and it is pretty much a strict 1850 calorie a day diet of the same food for a week or two at a time. Some days I just retain more water, or weigh myself at a different time. It is difficult to lose more than a pound a week, and (even at your age) difficult to gain even half of that. Cut the salt levels down for a week or two and see where you're at. On another note, I miss being able to eat that much food without having buttons shoot of my pants a week later. I did swim 1.5 miles this morning though! Constant battle...
  5. So I saw this in another thread and I wanted to bring it here to ask a little more about clarification. "Lately I have been looking more and more into bodyweight workouts. I am old, turning 30 in a month, so my priorities are staying healthy/lean and injury free. I read an article during the Olympics that was saying most Olympians don't use weights in their training. For instance, those dudes that do the rings only do bodyweight exercises. It's more controlled motions and balance. There's less chance of tearing tendons and your muscles get built around your body structure. It makes sense, and those dudes don't have any trouble building muscle with the exercises, so it seems like it's better. It's definitely cheaper and more convenient, you can do them anywhere at any time." The problem I have with working out is that no matter what I do, it seems like I have a difficult time building up my core muscle groups. I only see minimal gains in chest strength and back strength. I have dropped down from 227 to 203 (6'0", meso build for the most part) since February, doing weight training for a large portion of that, but I can still do very few pullups and dips, and I am not really seeing significant gains in my bench press or the various back exercises. Basically, it just seems that I am\ not gaining strength in those areas, despite varying my routine from time to time. Conversely, I have very little trouble adding strength or size to my arms and shoulders, and legs have never been an issue. It may be a form thing, but I was wondering if anyone had any more info on the body weight exercises that I could try to supplement my workouts. On the plus side, I have taken my 5 mile run time down from about 53 minutes to around 41, so I know I am actually getting healthier. Maybe I am being a little nitpicky...still, advice would be helpful!
  6. I can't possibly encourage something more than orthotics. I had planter faciatis and eventually planter fibromas which required surgery. It had gotten to the point where I would have awful pain in the mornings, and periodically throughout the day. After the surgery the problems returned about 6 months later. I had orthotics made, and have had a lot less pain when running since then (with my feet). The difference is night and day.
  7. Hey thanks for all the advice. I was a swimmer for about 8 years, basically until high school. This cramping thing is a new development, but I guess it might not be since I haven't incorporated swimming into my workout for a decade now. If you don't mind me asking, where did you swim in college? My sister swam all four year while she was at UCLA, and I have a lot of respect for anyone who can get up at 4:30 to swim for a couple hours and then do it all again after class. That sport is brutal...
  8. Thanks for the suggestions! I will go get some more bananas. It is weird because I have always had these, well before I had foot surgery. Getting back in shape is tough, and it seems the older you get, the harder it gets...
  9. Do we have any swimmers in the house? I have this problem when I am swimming laps where my foot will cramp and it will feel like one of my middle toes is losing all circulation, like there is a rubber band around it. I don't really ever cramp up, even on my longer runs (8 - 10 miles). Any ideas? It is only in my feet, and only after doing laps for about 30 minutes. I really want to keep swimming because it is so much better for your joints (so long as you aren't swimming competitively and doing hard turns into walls).
  10. So, I set a goal a few months ago of getting back in shape in order to run the San Francisco Bay to Breakers 12K. I wanted to lose 40 lbs in the process of getting back in shape. Unfortunately I was only able to lose about 25 (so far) but I have begun the process of changing my body composition. Yesterday I was able to run Bay to Breakers in a little over an hour. I am going to look for another 12K sometime in the fall, possibly a half marathon, just to give myself another goal to work towards, an ensure that I can keep getting in shape. This thread has been a wealth of information that has helped me along the way. Thanks to all those who contributed!
  11. Thanks for the help with my previous post. I do incline barbells regularly, but I guess there is no real way around not having a spotter when you want to go heavy. Also, I never take my serratus pullovers over about 55lbs, it starts to mess with my form at the moment and I feel it in areas other than chest and the serratus group. Regarding the leg thing, I heard years ago that doing leg workouts will actually increase the testosterone levels in your body more so than other muscle group work outs. If that were true it may explain why leg workouts are so much more helpful at gaining weight. If not, then I really don't care, just curious. I love a good leg workout, sore calves strangely make me happy.
  12. Alright, question for someone. I have to go to the gym early in the a.m. due to work and the fact that after work I am lazy and tired after work. I don't have a lifting partner and I am trying to increase the strength of my chest. Barbell benching is great, but I would love to be able to do flay bench with the olympic bar and try to build strength that way. With no spotter and a woefully weak chest this is pretty much a no go. I don't really feel that the smith machine will help me build that much strength, but it does help with the whole "no spotter" thing. Anyone have any suggestions? My chest work out now is pretty much 4 x 15, 12, 8 then 6 at increasing weights with the following execrises: flat barbell bench, incline barbell bench, decline cable press, incline barbell flys and serratus (sp) pull overs. I will usually follow that with a bunch of dips to failure (after doing my tricep work out).
  13. Congrats on the weight loss! I found myself at 225 on my birthday (2/1) and have been on a goal to get back down to 185 since then(205 now).<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> As far as supplements I try to have protein shakes with Glutamine and Glucosomine mixed in twice a day, as well as a vitamin cocktail of Fish Oil, vitamin C, a vitamin B complex, daily multivitamin and a glucosomine and chondroitin; all in pill form. I just started taking Nitrix (by BSN) about a week ago and I really like it, although I don't notice much of an energy boost in the gym, just a swollen feeling after and less soreness. I am considering taking Cell Mass (I think it is also by BSN) once I get down to about 190 or 195, but the last thing I am trying to do now is take something with creatine in it and put on more weight.
  14. Thanks for the suggestions. I actually had completely forgotten how much I loved doing intervals on a rowing machine. Maybe I should go find one this weekend, it would be nice to have that around the house. Thanks, I think I should probably just stick to a few days a week of actual running until I am in better shape. It's wierd because I can do weights 6 days a week and not sweat it too much (from a pain, not soreness standpoint). In the good old days, 6 days of running a week wasn't anything I worried about. Yesterday I went out for about 5.5 miles and had some nice lower back pain to carry around for the last half. I hope that goes away as I get more used to running again and the closer to my goal weight I get.
  15. I was thinking about running that. I am running the Bay to Breakers in San Francisco in late May, and having that goal has really given me the will power to keep pushing through with my "get back in shape before law school" goal (lost just about 20lbs in the last two months). I saw this a few weeks ago and it seemed like another good goal to work for. Thirteen miles though, it's been a while since I could do that. That area is gorgeous to run in though, I ran a 5k down there in high school. By the way, how did you stay in running shape without running all the time. I find that my feet still cant take more than about 4 days a week of outdoor running, and the recumbent bikes don't really seem to help me get in better "running shape."