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  1. While I am honoured that this thread had such an overwhelming support for the first REAL thread to be inducted into the new board's HOF, I must say that I doubt it ever gets there. A little too "risque" I guess for a website that bills itself as a "family site," which I understand due to the large amounts of 5-10 year olds that post on this message board. BAN THEM! Just kiddding, please don't band me.
  2. Also, if I'm thinking of the same scene, I wouldn't say it's a similar situation, but could see how it would remind you of it.That's probably a better way of putting it, either way I got the point across to someone who has seen the movie and they knew what I was talking about. +1 for BillyWitchDoctor.
  3. That is my favorite movie, and No Country was very good itself. I own both. And Beau J, what's the most you've ever lost on a coin flip?
  4. Sadly I have not seen Superbad, which is kind of shocking considering that I'm the one guy on these boards who probably watches WAAY too many movies. I'm probably going to buy it this weekend and watch it, especially if there is a scene similar to my story, I'll get a kick out of that. Oh man, you need to watch it, it was very funny. You should know what scene I'm talking about when you watch it.
  5. Lmao, great story Headshot, that reminded me of that scene in Superbad (if you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about). I too have had a similar event, that I don't feel like typing up because it is almost the same, just different people, different place & there was no need to come up with an ocean eleven style plan.
  6. Not nearly as funny as Headshot's story, though. That is American Pie Hollywood type ish, right there. My friends have told me that I should write a movie script about my life and I thought about it but I always said that 1, I don't know how to write a movie script, and 2, I think I'd get sued by the people of American Pie, it's funny that you said that. There's literally hundred of ******** stories that I could put in to a book or a movie and I know people would think it was funny, because everyone's done dumb ##### before. Maybe they didn't send accidental text messages that ruined their ch
  7. Wow man, that was too funny. I had to put my head down on my desk to try and muffle my laughter.
  8. Something Headshot won't be for some time....
  9. That's actually a pretty good idea.... And Headshot - I know you may not like the idea of this, but if you have a gym membership, go in during a pilates lesson, it works dude....
  10. My hands don't come with a garter belt and boyshorts though. If they did, I wouldn't ever have time to post here. I love those, anywho if you really wanted they could.....
  11. Hey Headshot, look at it this way. Atleast your hands will never turn you down or complain, am I right or am I right?
  12. **** dude, that's terrible. How's it feel to c*ck block yourself? :w00t:
  13. This thread was great, really. This belongs in the HOF!
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