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  1. Writer answered his own question. AS didn't get Ryan killed. Koetter said F it with that ish and called plays that nearly had Sarah Ryan buying a headstone for her husband.
  2. Yeah that was obviously in the gameplan. Basically acting like a run while also protecting the OL. Until the OL comes together, we'll probably keep seeing it for the time being but probably not to the same degree considering we just played arguably the two best DLs in the NFL. That's really tough on an OL that's never played together so I get AS's gameplan. The more time we see them play together, the better they'll get. And more of the playbook will keep opening up. I went back and watched the highlights. Mayfield got beat several times but the dude kept coming back for more. He never quit. He looked better than last week overall too.
  3. He's not about slogans and words. He's about action and details. The improvement from last week was evident. Pitts was more involved. 10 different receivers caught the ball. Opened the playbook more. Didn't try to force the run when it wasn't there. Slid protection to Mayfield more often. These are just some of the things a lot of us were clamoring for. It happened yesterday. If we see a cleaner game vs the Giants and work on where we struggled yesterday, it'll get me closer to believing he's the real deal.
  4. Bosher stuck around here way too long. AS doesn't play. That's what we need around here.
  5. You pretty much hit it spot on. Defense will only look better if the offense can consistently get it going. I've been saying that for years. That's why the '16 defense was good enough (especially in the second half of the season). They teed off, pinned their ears back, got some turnovers and played fast because we always had at least a 14 point lead at any given point. The defense yesterday got key stops like you said and gave the offense a chance. They are not there yet but I believe Pees's defense is already light years better than a DQ convoluted defense. There seems to be much better vision. LBs are being asked to do more and safeties are sitting back more so I get the growing pains there with the LB core. Overall, I was impressed by AS playcalling/gameplan compared to last week. Pretty noticeable difference. I'd try to find a way to scheme up some more 10-20 yard throws to keep defenses honest. But I get why that's probably not happening regularly now. Probably trust in the OL and not throwing a lot on the offense's plate to avoid mental miscues. Build the confidence and keep adding more every week as the players get more comfortable with the scheme and flow of how and when certain plays are called. Every HC has a different approach so I get why he's doing it. He wants the guys to get the little things right. Quinn was literally the opposite of that. It was all gas, no brakes, fast and physical and not even worrying about the little things. AS doesn't seem to be that guy and the older I have gotten, the whole cheerleader HC gets on my nerves. Just a little add on, I loved AS getting involved in the game (telling Gage to get down) and getting in the refs ears. The guy truly is passionate and it's clearly not fake.
  6. Bring Ryan Allen back and not worry about your punter issue. That should be the last position next to long snapper a coach should have to worry about.
  7. Yeah, on the flip side, you give yourself up on the backside of the rollout and are prone to a free rusher so you still have to be selective with it or good defenses will catch on at some point like they did with the short throws yesterday. I just think the playbook is limited right now due to the OL and not throwing a bunch at them to limit the mental miscues. Shanny threw a lot at the offense in '15 and it was turnover central. If that's what AS is doing, I get it because every HC is different. Build some confidence and then open it up more. AS's playcalling looked night and day from last week so I think it's getting there. Just not fully there yet and may not be this whole season if the OL doesn't gel better. Remember Ryan's comment from 2-3 weeks ago? Something to the effect of "wait until Novemeber/December, then we'll look like a different team". Sounds like to me he knows it's gonna take some time too. If we're .500 by the end of October, you have just as good a shot as anybody to make the playoffs. Yeah, I said it. Playoffs.
  8. He's really not. His bread and butter is 10-20 yard throws. AS called several of those plays and actually had protection but it must have been covered. The Bucs were giving up the short throws until the 4th QT. Your OL has to instill confidence in the playcaller and QB to open the playbook more but it's just not there yet. Hence the quick throws and checkdowns right now. I'd like to see them do more designed roll outs with some backside throws or skinny 10 yard posts which should be a 3 second play. The plays were called yesterday, just not executed for whatever reason.
  9. I suspect AS told Ryan to start checking it down more because AS knows this OL is lacking experience and will take time to gel. Better than taking sacks in crucial moments. Ryan didn't take dumb sacks yesterday. He didn't play scared despite the swiss cheese OL. There was lots of quick throws. Problem is, Bucs finally picked up on it in the fourth QT and boom, bunch of tipped passes. To the Bucs credit, they're a good D with a top 3 DC. Maybe AS and Ryan can figure out a way to take some more intermediate shots earlier in the game to keep the defense off balance. With more time, this OL will gel. The offense will look more synched. We saw what they are capable of in the 2nd and 3rd QT. It's slowly coming together.
  10. Y'all want this man to be superman and fail to see every other issue. Yes, Ryan has limited athletic abilities and not the strongest arm, but he is not the problem and never has been. He was playing out of his mind in the 2nd and 3rd QTR. The other weaknesses which has nothing to do with Ryan started creeping up in the fourth QT and the game became a circus show. Ryan is not being benched. Please let that notion go. Would I be mad or upset if we went QB with the first pick next year? Of course not. But Ryan is not the problem.
  11. Yeah, things like the punting, poor OL play at critical times. not being able to convert that 3rd and short (or 4th and short, can't remember) with Patterson late in the game and that questionable QB sneak, not catching that INT by Moreau, not stretching the field early in the game bit us later in the game with those tipped pick 6s (Bucs were sitting on them) Saying all that, they did fight back. The game was 28-25 at one point. The offense was humming in the 2nd and 3rd QT. The ability is clearly there. But the lack of talent and growing pains of a new offense/HC/culture bit us again. However, the response yesterday (especially in the 2nd and 3rd QT) vs the SB Champs after the poor showing vs the Eagles is something that needs to be highlighted. A DQ led team would have folded after the first QT. No doubt in my mind. This team didn't. It's something to look forward to.
  12. Well, he did cause a strip sack. But yes, looking back, I think most of us know Quinn was duped when we signed Fowler. Another dumb FA signing eating valuable cap space.
  13. He played at one snap at safety. It was the same play AJ tipped the ball and got concussed. But Oliver made a great break on the ball and was in a position to make an INT. It was good closing speed
  14. I thought it was blocked well but I could be wrong. Just a bad snap and exchange.
  15. Yeah I'm hoping the adjustments happens next week just like they happened today in response to the Eagles game.
  16. The coaching and execution isn't what it needs to be but it was better than it was last week and it's a good response versus laying another egg like a Quinn team would do after sucking the week before. AS is different. The improvement was obvious from last week. It was 25-28 at one point. Then the Bucs adjusted to the short throws and checkdowns and we didn't. The lack of talent on the OL started getting exposed just like last week. If AS wants to improve next week, don't die on the checkdown horse when the other team starts sitting on it. Take some more shots earlier in the game to keep the defense off balance later in the game. At least the threat is there. That way, when you're in obvious passing situations late in the game, defenses will have to account for more than just the short passing game. I get it. He's protecting his OL and QB however, eventually, plays have to be made and more aggressive calls will have to be called.
  17. Thing is though. We didn't run a ton all game. Playcalling and scheme was good enough to keep the game close until the Bucs started to sit on those short routes and checkdowns. It's not just that AS never adjusted, we didn't execute any downfield throws early in the game to keep them honest after halftime when the Bucs adjusted. Next week, I want to see an improvement in the intermediate passing game. That can open up the run game more and not have telegraphed short throws. Teams will only keep gameplanning for those short throws if AS keeps calling those plays. Gotta change it up every now and then.
  18. The checkdowns and short throws weren't gonna fly all game..TB adjusted. AS did not adjust to Tampa's adjustments though. Should have saw more intermediate to deep throws to keep them honest. Never did. AS improved from last week but there's more to improve at. I think he knows it. Figure out that punter issue. Have some confidence in Ryan and call some 10-15 yard throws. That's Ryan's bread and butter. Play some more man coverage on blitzes. Get the ball to receivers on the run. Tell McGary to step it up. There's things to improve from this game but this game isn't the end of the world. It's a step in the right direction.. You may disagree with me here but Quinn's team took forever to get it going. At least we saw life this week from this team. The talent isn't there yet but the coaching is better. AS is learning. He's better than Quinn. He isn't perfect but I think he's the right man for the job.
  19. We have a talent problem for sure. Got some growing pains of a new scheme/HC. DL needs an edge rusher or two. However, this team looked much better today than they did last week. We're playing the Bucs. The caliber of their DL and LBs and offense isn't common and we did what we could. I'm glad we saw some improvement. That's all I wanted to see.
  20. Been sitting on it all second half. Mayfield got beat again though on that stunt though.
  21. Yeah momentum is definitely a thing. Hate that the dang punter can take that momentum away.
  22. That was a tremendous throw but Oliver gotta play that ball a little better. Almost perfect coverage.
  23. Bucs are definitely better overall but any given Sunday, I just want to go into thinking we will be competitive/have a shot at winning.
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