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  1. It sucks but it's not 2018 all over again. We have Brown, Wes (ehhhh), and possibly Gono that can play RG... WAY better than last year's "depth".
  2. If you commit penalties at stupid times, turn the ball over, and can't showcase gap discipline and discipline overall, you're going to have a tough time winning any games in this league. We literally did ALL of those things yesterday. You literally take away Freemans fumble in the redzone, and Ryan's stupid INT in the endzone, we're talking about a different game. The Vikings came out fast, furious and prepared...we didn't...You can't beat good to elite teams in the NFL if you keep turning the ball over and keep giving them chances because of stupid penalties. Those are a lot of ifs and buts they're all fixable. Quinn better get his team right. He doesn't have much time left. Last time we played with minimal mistakes, forced turnovers and didn't commit stupid penalties was the 2016 SB season. Heck, we almost went to the NFC championship the year after because our defense improved (albeit offense took a step back). It's 2019 now. It's time to take advantage of this deep roster and quit shooting ourselves in the foot.
  3. I find it troubling that after four years of Quinn, we still commit tons of penalties and lack discipline. I usually give everybody the benefit of the doubt, but I don't know right now man. Quinn's too undisciplined in his teachings and Smitty was too disciplined and stressed not committing penalties so our guys played timid and not freely. We need a blend of both it seems like right now. I'm giving the defense a pass last year because of the injuries all at once because they showed real potential in 2016, improved in 2017, stepped back in 2018 and with a full healthy squad and Quinn calling the shots, he's got NO excuses left. This is HIS defense now. I saw some good glimpses in preseason. They can't let the Eagles run all over them. If they do, game is over just like yesterday. Quinn keeps stressing limiting penalties for four years now, it's time to show it. You would think Quinn's style of playing fast and free would result in a confident and aggressive defense. I know that's his vision but you gotta have gap discipline and proper technique and execute the fast and free mentality if you want results...can't just stress it and expect things to just fall into place. Good teams like Vikings will exploit your weaknesses
  4. I think there's more going on with Senat behind closed doors. He was a healthy scratch a couple times last season. I thought he impressed this preseason. Or it could be that since Minny is a outside/stretch zone run team, we're stressing speed on the line this game.
  5. Weird to see Brown there with Gono already out. Hill AND Ollison a little odd too. No big back for short yardage. They must be impressed at Keith Smith to lead the charge on run plays.
  6. Surprised at Brown being inactive with Gono already out. Only Ty and Wes are the backups. Also no big back for short yardage. I wish they'd let the whole 53 active on game day.
  7. No Gage, Kazee, and Sheffield on the report. Great to see.
  8. Good to see Kazee out there...looks like he'll be ready to go.
  9. Ollison playing some FB last night was intriguing. Maybe Ortiz will be cut. Ortiz is a very average player anyways. Freeman, Smith, Barner, Ollison, Brooks James should be kept. Hill is similar to Ollison IMO. Ollison is ahead of where Hill was his first preseason. Brooks James has that speed element. EDIT: Ortiz was injured. I still stand by my opinion though.
  10. I know it's been said multiple times but McGary looks great and strong. Like freaky strong without trying. I know it's against backups but you can't teach nastiness
  11. He's been working out and staying ready.
  12. Yeah he's wide all the time. Two things...A. He doesn't have a counter move. B. He doesn't have the "dog" in him like all elite CONSISTENT pass rushers. A is teachable and you hope Quinn now running the D can teach him a couple. B is up to Beasley.
  13. Mid tier DL FAs are our thing so I would't be surprised if those rumors are true. No need to splurge with all these players getting two or three times as much as usual. We'll see if rumors are actually legit though.