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  1. He can flourish along with other players. However, dude needs to stop running backwards and losing yards. Catch it and turn upfield at the first possible chance. NFL defenders are too fast and athletic these days.
  2. Just a guess but my guess is new coaching staff will want to their bring their own FS in here. Rico will be cut. Neal has a shot of being resigned.
  3. 18.5 million cap hit with a 15.3 dead cap. He's way too expensive to move right now. His trade value is not much but probably is there for a couple teams. However, dude just wasn't all the way healthy and Pees's scheme should play to his strengths. The potential out for Fowler is 2022 if we decide to cut/trade him. You'd be saving about 15 million cutting him after 2022. We'll see though.
  4. I count 6 games that were winnable and we blew it. Horrible coaching and bad execution when it mattered. Cowboys, Bears, Lions, Chargers, first Bucs game and Chiefs. Our overall point differential was -1.1 which indicates very close games. The hope is coaching makes a difference this year and we've seen teams turn it around very quickly due to coaching but we also have to hit on the draft and free agency to compete for a playoff spot. We're not as far off as people think.
  5. Mike Bell is a hack and not very intelligent. Idk how Dukes puts up with him. Idk how some of these radio guys have a job. Chuck and Chernoff are not good either. Apparently Ryan was washed in 2013 and 2014 too and then by a miracle, was the MVP in 2016.
  6. Not gonna count the Chiefs out. Still too early with their quick strike ability but dang the Chiefs are committing penalty after penalty and extending drives...bad penalty calls or legit, can't keep playing like this this if you want to win.
  7. Yup. Smith likes using both of his TEs not only in the running game but also the passing game. Hurst is only going to more comfortable with Ryan next season. I expect bigger things from Hurst.
  8. I said rumors are way too early right now. We're gonna be linked to a lot more people/positions with our first pick before draft. And yes, I'm sure its being considered. I just would be surprised if we went QB with the first pick. Hiring Smith and not Brady or Eric B tells me that Ryan is the guy. If the latter happened, then QB may have been the leading contender for our first pick. Considering their work with Burrow and Mahomes.
  9. Wayyyyyyy too early to be taking any rumor right now to heart. Happens every year. We're linked to certain people or positions and we do something out of left field. Neal, Takk, Terrell. All surprises. There's gonna be a million more rumors before draft day. Not saying QB isnt an option. At this point though, I'd be VERY surprised if went QB with the first pick.
  10. I get it too. Don't get me wrong. I just know Koetter's ways have done a disservice to Ryan and the offense. I just don't like to hope. I don't look at what COULD be with X player. Am I optimistic? Yes I'll support whoever steps on the field or is in the booth for the Falcons. It's just that Ryan gives us the best shot to win right now. With Smith and his WCO and the Pees hire (to turn around the defense quick), it's obvious they're not going with a QB with the first pick. They are here to get us back to the playoffs in 2021.
  11. Nah man, its all because of Jordan Love. Screw scheme and self motivation. All it takes is a rookie QB to push a future HOF player.
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