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  1. Quinn said after this past season that he looks at Kazee being a hybrid safety/CB. The following is my speculation... Kazee plays some nickel. Maybe play safety with Allen with Neal at LB with Debo in nickel sets. Neal is more of in the box safety anyways. I think Quinn is going to get him on the field as much as possible. He's not afraid to play guys and I like that about him.
  2. We played a good bit press man and cover 1 when Quinn took over playcalling in 2016. I expect to see more of it barring any major injuries.
  3. Yeah, that's what I've been saying. Saints, especially Payton, are so used to calls going their way but when it doesn't, he throws a fit during the game and after.
  4. IDC. This Patriot dynasty is the best to ever do it. Doesn't matter what they do at this point.
  5. Rams could have iced that game 2 or three times before that non-PI call. Goff missed a wide open receiver in the 4th QTR that could have walked in in the endzone. He threw a ball high for Woods that caused him to stumble and fall...he could have walked into the endzone. Goff was off half the game and in some game-ending moments. One of the Rams guys dropped an easy INT in the fourth quarter. It wasn't that one non-PI call that determined the outcome of the game. Saints have nothing to complain about when refs are almost ALWAYS on their side in their stadium. Of course, this is all IMO.
  6. Impact G in FA. Impact RT with our first or second pick. We're back in business just like that. It can be done in one off-season and we will have the cap space for it.
  7. I agree if the defense played marginally better, we would have won one or two games more. However, Sark's offense faltered when it mattered. Just less than 18 PPG against playoff teams during his tenure here. That was his downfall.
  8. If reading between the lines, Quinn pretty much made his decision based on that five game losing streak...He talked about it during the press conference and on 92.9. Also, about's a disturbing stat that made me open my eyes about him. He did good vs weak teams but sucked against quality competition overall. I am not surprised he's gone.
  9. All the guys on IR are on track for training camp according to Quinn. Quinn told me personally last night via Facetime.
  10. Good. It's a shame Schraeder fell off a cliff this year. He even got an opportunity to resurrect his starting position in the last game and STILL f'ed it up. He might be gone. RT is a high need IMO. It also sucks Levitre went out. He was above average for us but not long term. Fusco was at least serviceable but they just signed the guy so we'll see what they do with him. Overall, G is a high need as well. I'd say you try to at least secure one FA tackle or guard and go OL with the first or second pick in the draft.
  11. Yeah. Wish Quinn would have gotten one sooner but I'm glad he's trying to improve...better late than never.
  12. yes sir. Similar to what Sean McVay did. I bet it becomes a trend in the league with these new school head coaches.
  13. Similar to what Sean McVay did...Let's him focus on the offense. I guess every HC is different...