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  1. Must have him confused with Smitty who loved BVG and his veteran players on defense.
  2. The point I was trying to make is Sark is still calling the game like we have every player healthy and like everything is OK. When you average 18 PPG the last five games, everything is not OK. His adjustments and creativity is lacking severely...
  3. Then adjust. Quicker throws. Stop the long developing routes. Quit trying to force the PA when it doesn't work. Double moves on routes. Quit having players in the same area on the finish of routes. Use presnap motion. Pass to set up the run. Not the other way around. Not to be beat a dead horse, but Shanny passed to set up the run all the time. You gotta get creative and stop forcing stuff. We've averaged 18 PPG the last five weeks. That's bad.
  4. If anything for MM, I'd put him back at DB coach and either try Raheem Morris at DC or go get a fresh new face...MM is a Quinn light. Not a true X's and Os guys IMO. He's not there just yet... Sark cannot exploit matchups and weaknesses of an opposing defense and is IMO, more so a product of player talent than really good coaching and playcalling on his part. Just look at the last five weeks. I think we're averaging around 18 points a game. That's putrid. Imagine this hypothetical...Matt Ryan, Julio and Mack all out on IR early in the season. Then you might have a case for saying injuries caused this offense to sputter week in and week out. In reality, two guards have gone on IR...but that is it. I am not trying to marginalize those injuries but I have seen teams come back from a lot worse in the same season. Sark absolutely relies more on talent than true good coaching and creativity. I've seen enough of him. We don't have time for him to figure it out. Heard a great comment on 92.9 today. To paraphrase...Great coaching mixed in with mediocore player talent still produces consistent results. Great talent with mediocore coaching produces inconsistent results. When our offense is going, the defense falters and vice versa. Offense has faltered way more than it should have going back to last year. That's what we've been seeing ALL season. Bumbling, inconsistent, sometimes overmatched play. That absolutely should not happen with our talent. That's coaching.
  5. Alford is such an easy cut. 8 million saved after the dead cap hit of 1.2 million. I rather use that money on the OL or DL. We need to protect Matt and a good Dlineman will help everybody out in the back 7. At least Trufant has shown life the last couple weeks. Alford has looked like our worst CB all year.
  6. Nothing wrong with brotherhood and stuff and uniting a group of grown men but... Quinn needs to realize that he has to have an OC that can take charge of an offense like Shanny did in '16 and make it his own. Sark has tried but our time is now and cannot wait for him to figure it out.
  7. This. The ONLY three positions we should draft in the first round is: DL - Get the best one available with the first pick. Don't care if it's DE or DT. Get one. LB - If there is a stud and he is BPA, get him. OL - Early indications is that the OL class is not that strong. If he is the BPA by the time we pick, get him. The same should apply in the second round as well IMO. The lines should be key this offseason.
  8. Add Schraeder possibly.
  9. Should have benched Alford and Schraeder a long time ago. I admit, Sombrero or whatever his name not a long term option at RT. Schraeder is a possible cap casualty this offseason. If we cut him, we'd have to look for a RT, LG and a replacement for Mack eventually. Mack can probably wait for another year or two. Pray Fusco anchors RG next year and beyond. Ideally, a stud LG and RT are immediate needs this offseason IMO. It is doable but you would probably have to swing one in FA and one high in the draft...and hit on them both. As for Alford, he's good as gone with his cap number. Oliver will take his lumps (rather take it in meaningless games now) but he looks hungry out there...Glad to finally see him out there.
  10. Both Trufant and Alford have been terrible this season. Trufant has shown marginal improvement these last two games. Someone must have gotten on him and he's starting to show some fire again. We'll see how he looks next season... Alford was the best corner we had last year, however he's turned into burnt toast this year and our worst corner this year IMO. Now knowing my stance on both those two overpaid players, you're not saving any money cutting Trufant next year. You would be losing money. You are with Alford (~8 million). Unfortunately, Tru's contract is what it is and we'll have to probably live with it for another year. There are too many holes on both lines and asking to replace TWO CBs next year is asking a lot.
  11. Fire Sark. Move Manuel back to DBs coach if he wants the job. If not, fire him too. Bryant, Reed, Schraeder, Alford, Bosher, Levitre, Schaub all gone. All those moves free up some money. Go get a high dollar lineman (preferably OT or OG) and draft one high as well (round 1 or 2). Pray hard that Fusco anchors RG. Draft a DL high (round 1 or 2). Signing a high dollar one aint Quinn's and TD's style nor it should be. We MUST hit on all linemen if they are drafed high and in FA. If we do, we are right back to being contenders next year.
  12. Is Bryant done? No seriously... I think his back is bothering him more than let on.
  13. This is WAY more than just injuries. Only person missing on defense is Neal. Kazee has pretty much replaced Allen this season. Defense has been a bumbling and undisciplined mess. That's coaching. Ive seen offenses with more injuries than us that have done better than ours...especially these last five weeks. You have all these weapons on offense and STILL can't scheme around the injuries to the guards. Yeah you can say execution all you want but that's an easy cop out because there's way more problems than that with the offense. If I was Quinn, Sark would be fired after this game.
  14. It's really not that serious man. It's just football. Not life.
  15. They were last year. He's a good talent evaluater and drafts well. Problem is that he's not a great X's and Os guy and not about the fine details. He needs coordinators whom are the latter to compensate for his lack of detail.