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  1. I think Lindstrom is a long term guard and possibly take over for Mack at center. His "weaknesses" are mostly technique flaws that are coachable. I think he can be an all pro guard in this league if he can get work on his leverage skills. He can get away with playing higher in against lesser talented/less strong college linemen, but not against NFL linemen. But like I said, it's fixable.
  2. I wanted to look at Chris Lindstrom in his first full game since his injury without splitting snaps with anybody. It was against the 49ers. Like my previous Gono thread, I'm writing as the game goes on so it was may seem repetitive at times. -A little late to get downfield on WR screen but once those legs start pumping, watch out. He's fast getting downfield. -Very good lateral quickness and mirroring when pass blocking. -Blocked first lineman on run to right then pummeled the next guy to the ground after disengaging first guy. -Fires off quick and completely manhandled #96 on 49ers by taking him to the ground. Impressive. -Gets slightly beat on the swim move but quickly moved his feet and took DL out of pass play. -Anchored well on the stunt move by DL. -Very next play got pushed back on bull rush and never anchored...bad technique. -Good hand punch. -Dropped his head slightly but quick enough to move laterally to prevent a disruption to pocket. -Always looking for someone to block when no one in his area -Nice lateral agility on toss play to left. Never let lineman get inside on him. -Got slightly pushed back to allow lineman to disrupt running play enough. Lost leverage. -Destroyed #91 from the side while his "brother" McGary was engaged head on. -Great hand usage to keep lineman from getting squared up on him. -Got a little upright in pass pro and pushed back to disrupt pocket. Entire line got pushed to be honest. -Nice pull block to spring Freeman for 10 yard gain. Showed athleticism. -Nice initial hand punch but got upright and pushed back. Recurring theme. -"Bench pressed" lineman and anchored well. When using proper anchor technique, he does well in pass pro because he's strong enough. -Got to second level very quickly. Freeman took wrong hole. -Knocked Bosa on his a$$ while McGary was directly engaged with him. Bosa literally flew sideways. -Good push on Ollison's 1 yard rushing TD -Got put on skates on a stunt but recovered well -Let lineman get extended and got beat nearly resulting in Ryan sack Overall. Lots of positives. Negatives are his tendencies to get upright, lose leverage, and get pushed back as a result. These are very coachable though. Against a very good 49ers DL and only his THIRD NFL game, he looked really good and earned his first round billing. He is going to be a really good one for us with some all pros and pro bowls in his future. Side note...Wreh-Wilson had a phenomenal game. Could have had 2-3 INTs based on instincts and jumping routes alone. Glad he got resigned.
  3. The boredom right now is real...Reading books and working from home is only fun for so long. I'm going to do Lindstrom next. Hopefully this upcoming week. I did notice Lindstrom at times watching the Panthers game and a negative about Lindstrom's game is that he can be had with a bull rush and pushed back. I'd like to see him anchor better/get lower and do some squats this offseason.
  4. The physical tools and awareness seem to be there. He doesn't look lost when on the field. He needs more reps.
  5. @kiwifalconwe definitely do both outside and inside running and I do agree that the messaging is mixed. Although I think those are Gonos biggest weaknesses, he still looked better in his very limited time than Carp and Brown. There was really no need to sign both Carp AND Brown. It would have saved a lot of headache at the guard spot this past season by just letting Gono get more snaps. Gono isn't as quick and fast as Lindstrom for example, but he's good enough to get outside IMO even though his bread and butter is inside blocking.
  6. Gono's most significant snaps came during week 14 versus the Panthers (36 snaps). It was also Chris Lindstrom's first game back so him and Gono split snaps...I'm rewatching the game on NFL gamepass (free right now) and focusing mainly on Gono....Here's what I see and I apologize in advance if it sounds repetitive because I'm writing as the game goes on. -Has a strong hand punch -Performed a beautiful pulling block to create a hole for Freeman which resulted in a 30 yard run. -He's mean when blocking and really anchors well and uses his lower body well when pass/run blocking. -Gonna stress again that he has a STRONG initial hand punch. He's mean. -Side shuffle when pass blocking is a little heavy footed but makes up for it by turning his body quickly to square up the rusher. Seems smart and aware of his surroundings. -Always finding work and someone to block. -Fires quick off the line when getting to second level. Isn't the fastest guy getting to the second level but good initial burst. -Took the LB on a 5 yard ride backwards on a Freeman rushing TD. Quit blocking when Freeman got past him to avoid holding call. -Does not get pushed back when run blocking head on. At the worst, holds his ground. -Needs some work on outside zone blocking and not allowing lineman to get inside on him. On one run play, Panthers DL got inside on him and disrupted run play. -If he gets his hands on you and you're a defender, you can forget about it for the most part. -Has good lateral agility to mirror effectively in pass blocking. Has tons of positives from this game from what I analyzed... Two biggest negatives are his lateral quickness on outside runs and getting further into the second level after that good initial burst but I'm nitpicking at this point because his positives outweigh the negatives by a good margin... I really like his potential and traits he showed this game and I think he can be a real contender for that LG spot.
  7. Good stuff...didn't realize it was free right now. Rewatching week 17 game vs Bucs.
  8. Why is this even a question...
  9. First rounds have been a bit of an enigma for the most part. Neal was a surprise. Ridley was too. Hardly anyone saw Lindstrom coming and then the trade up for McGary was a shock too at the time. Saying that, I think it's a safe bet this year that it'll be either CB, LB or DT with the first pick.
  10. He definitely reads the boards.
  11. Yeah, based on what we’ve been doing in FA, the plans looks to be to defense, defense and more defense. Possibly a 4th or 5th round RB, but offense is looking pretty set for the most part.
  12. Needed a vet back there. Good depth signing and stepped up last season.
  13. Bailey was pretty good in a base DE/DT role.
  14. Exactly...You can say that about virtually every contract. Brown and Carp's contracts are bad no matter how it's spun... Brown is possibly salvageable. Carp is pretty bad.
  15. Right. With the weapons on offense, Dirk should be putting up those numbers all season. I understand slow starts to the season but there's no room for historically bad starts next season. The defense will come back down to earth a little but Dirk has no excuse to not put up AT LEAST 25 points a game.