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  1. Haha definitely got lucky to find somebody thats even more beautiful on the inside.
  2. My favorite Fox color guy in recent memory was John Lynch. He knows the game really well and always had good things to say about the Falcons.
  3. On that note, they've overlooked football IQ, mental toughness and passion for the game IMO. It's easy to draft a bunch of athletes but you have to dig for the guys that have those qualities. Seems like it got stressed this year after seeing guys like Campbell, Tru, Duke and Vic not work out even though they're all really good athletes but they just ultimately either rode their draft status and/or relied on their natural ability too much but we all know that doesn't work in the NFL. Takk is dancing on that line right now IMO. Even Julio puts in the work to get better even though he's going to be a HOF lock one day.
  4. Agreed. And he had a promising rookie season. Never took that leap because IMO, he didn't care enough to get better.
  5. That's why the players we picked in this draft gives me some hope that Quinn isn't just obsessed anymore with getting just athletes. He and TD got a bunch of self motivators and guys that actually love football.
  6. I get the first part about the success. You honestly don't REALLY know with any prospect coming into the NFL. Problem with Duke was that he flexed himself a lot and was overconfident and dude had accomplished nothing at that point. He was getting exposed by third string offenses in PS. He also avoided contact and had little instincts on the field. I don't get those vibes from Walker but truthfully, we'll see when the NFL lights are on.
  7. Yeah, I meant as in official "position change" and playing closer to the line than he normally would. He wouldn't have to cover as much ground and have extreme change of directions like he did at safety so it could be easier on his legs too.
  8. You do remember right. He's shown to be a crybaby and plays the blame game if things don't go his way but will throw it in your face when he does one thing right. He's classless.
  9. Certain people freaked out because they didn't recognize the name and he wasn't mocked by hardly any mock drafts. People think prospects are trash if they're not talked about much or at all. When honestly, you can't really rate a draft fairly until 3 years in.
  10. Including myself, that idea has been floated around quite a bit around here. At least in sub packages. In 16 and 17, he was playing in the box quite a bit anyways. Neal's pretty good fighting through traffic and taking on blockers. I think he can do it as long as he's healthy.
  11. Yeah he likes to hit and not only that, a good form tackler. People keep saying Campbell mold but I see a more aggressive player that Campbell never really grew into being.
  12. TD and Quinn aren't gonna admit they've been drafting a lot of athletes and not enough football players/hard workers/self motivators in past drafts. That "athlete" drafting mentality hurt locker room chemistry and when things got hard, guys didn't know how to deal with it. Luckily, every guy we drafted has those qualities I mentioned. It's going to be a huge asset that largely will get unnoticed around here.
  13. Takk has had it tough with a rough childhood and multiple surgeries the last few years. He also has the motor and talent to be a pass rusher in this league. Saying that and most importantly, he needs to stay healthy. He also is a bit of a clown and lacks some emotional intelligence. I think he's got some growing up to do if he wants to not just be a better football player but a better person. He also needs to establish another pass rush move. I still have faith in him but he's got a lot of work to do to get better.
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