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  1. Matt's looking good and got some zip! Seeing Darby a lot. Pitts looks real fluid. Hopefully this is the year we see Hurst get vertical. He looks good too.
  2. I think that is what we'll see pretty often. Heck, I've seen Smith run a jet sweep with a TE. I just hope whatever Smith does, his offense keeps defenses off balance.
  3. If the noise drives the price up and some team overpays, good for us [shrugs]
  4. Peter Schrager (sp?) also implied that the Rams are out of the mix because they're not willing to include a vet player (s) in the mix. He's a plugged in guy. Maybe it means the right trade partner will have a starter caliber player coming to us too.
  5. Yeah someone on the boards mentioned it makes sense to be an AFC team that will be in contention now. Just so it's not bad optics for future players that are looking to sign here.
  6. Can never have enough in the secondary. Pees has said he likes a good secondary and can manufacturer a pass rush without having to have elite pass rushers.
  7. That's what we said about the draft. There will be something else after the Julio thing.
  8. Yeah it was obvious DQ ran a loose ship and was not detail oriented. It showed on the field.
  9. Matt doesn't have a history of injuries. Turf toe in 09. That's it. Julio always has something going on.
  10. Yeah Grady wants to hit the open market as soon as he can and get paid one more time. That's why we haven't seen any renegotiation or extension from Grady. I don't blame him. TD and Blank wanted to pay everybody hoping to recapture the 2016 magic and win a SB but you can't fix just bad coaching. But it put us in a bad situation now. I don't think it's the only reason we're trading Julio. We're trading Julio mostly because he wants to be traded. He's too much of a distraction now to be here after June 1.
  11. Idk if he quit but I firmly believe he would have played if we were in contention. He was looking out for the long term since it was a lost season. He knows he doesn't have an injury-free body like Fitz so he has to be more careful.
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