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  1. We were looking pretty hard at two OGs last year in FA but never got a deal done with either. I forget their names but I remember us being linked to two potential starting OGs. So yeah, I'm not surprised at those comments.
  2. We actually threw quite a bit on first down for chunk yards in 2016. Sark's more of a "beat your man straight up" instead of scheming guys and being creative which results in more execution issues naturally. I think we got spoiled by Shanny last year and how he schemed guys open.
  3. It depends what we do in FA obviously but... i think that OG, DT, or LB would be the logical choices. With DE or TE being a possibility too. I expected (along with others on the board) Hooper to take a big step this year but he just didn't. I personally think he needs to work on his release off the line along with his hands. Maybe they'll draft a TE this year to compete for a spot or maybe they will not. We'll see. OG could be a possibility in FA because we had quite of bit of interest in a couple OGs last year in FA so that's something to look out for.
  4. Yeah. we had few deep shots intended for him this season that just didn't go our way but Shanny just seemed to do a better job of getting him involved. Sark seems to just want to beat you straight up instead of scheming his guys open which is what Gabriel is built for. Unless we think Reggie Davis or Marvin Hall are the guys, we should look to draft a WR in the mid rounds IMO. Problem with that is IDK how much Sark would utilize a third WR or "burner".
  5. ...the dude does not fold in big time situations. He has his guys ready to play in big games. His resiliency rubs off onto his players and coaches. This game showed the "grit and toughness" he's been talking about all season. Our defense DOMINATED that second half and made McVay truly look like a rookie head coach. The adjustments made in the second half were beautiful. Quinn's and now the players' playoff experience is a real thing that cannot be taught and this game showed that playoff experience can matter. Yeah he may have his game management and players being undisciplined issues sometimes but I am behind Coach Quinn 100%. Oh and shout to Sark for having balls of steel and continuing to ram it down their throats in the second half which absolutely tired their defense out and opened up the passing game finally. Check out these quotes after the game talking about Coach... I love that last part. Quinn gives no fuc*s about what you think about him.
  6. I'll say this and leave it alone... This was definitely one of the WORST officiated games I've ever seen. I don't know if I believe in games being fixed or the refs being forced to show bias towards one team because of what the league wants because the controversy if someone got caught would create a terrible look for the league. However, for some reason this game just felt like one of those kind of games. BUT, despite all of that we still had two shots to punch it in with a yard to go and Marvin Hall's drop easily could have been a TD with his speed and open field. I can understand how terrible ref calls can demoralize a team but we did have three legit shots that should have resulted in 21 points. And I forgot about Gabriel's drop that could have gotten more than just three points.
  7. It's not just Roberts if it's Roberts at all. It's been the whole unit. Punts. Kickoff coverage (which has improved). Blocking for Roberts. Stupid penalties (which has improved too). It's definitely not all on Roberts. I
  8. Eh... Those three stepped up on that Bucs drive when it mattered. You're still playing NFL players. They're gonna get points at some point but can you stop them and execute when it matters? That's what separates wins from losses. And if it wasn't for that Ward fumble, the Bucs wouldn't have had a shot at all. Oh and btw, Coleman sealed it no McClure, you're reaching.
  9. Yeah, he played a couple snaps before Levitre came back in. I think he's been battling an injury of some sort.
  10. HUGE surprise. Definitely saw Spoon resigning with us.
  11. Got some real good talent on the OL and DL in this draft class. Let's see if Hill and Nolan can tap these guys' potential

  12. finally saw Drive...GREAT movie

  13. Here's to a Falcon win tomorrow! Time for Ryan and Roddy to step up!

    1. The Don™

      The Don™

      Roddy and Ryan stepped up!

  14. Want to see Quizz and Douglas more involved with this offense...Come on MM!

  15. So, what's happening this Sunday at 1PM?

    1. MissBlackandRed
    2. MissBlackandRed


      Technically though that'll be around 3:30...