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  1. In other news, I got married exactly one month ago!
  2. Happy Birthday KOG. Truly one of a kind....
  3. I slept MAYBE two hours that night after the loss. My girlfriend, almost fiance, is not a big sports fan yet but she'll support any team I will support and not ONE complaint from her while watching that game with me for four hours and then listening to my venting at midnight when we both had work the next morning...God bless that woman...I am a lucky guy. It still hurts right now but not to the same degree. I know that pain will be gone eventually. I know we have a great head coach. I know we have a great leader in Ryan. I know we have the great young talent mixed with some vets. I know we'll be back soon and when that happens, we are going to win and I will hope to see you all at the parade down Peachtree.
  4. So much fuc*ery on that strip sack...Freeman whiffs, Hooper is held his entire route (happened again on that Matthews holding call), and not one Falcon receiver was visible six yards past the LOS and all we needed was 1.5 yards. That play/playcall was doomed from the beginning...
  5. Quinn has instilled an identity in this team that resonates all the way to Arthur Blank down to Kenny the equipment manager. Quinn is something else.
  6. Laughed at that last part...unfortunate turn of events for Cam
  7. There's a good bit of wrong since I am human. Biggest one by far that takes the cake is Shanahan being the right fit for Ryan and our offense. **** was I wrong...
  8. This past Thursday was the first time seeing Collins look that comfortable and confident. If he can carry that confidence going forward, it's only a matter of time before that confidence catches up to his physical traits and once that happens, we may see WHY he was drafted in the second round.
  9. Someone is going to overpay for Alford this offseason and it wont be us. Poole is more than solid in the slot. Collins, Goodwin and a possible offseason addition will be battling for the spot opposite of Tru next season. I saw a confidence from Collins that I've never seen from him this past game. Hopefully he carries that confidence going forward.
  10. Totally different team this year. No one can say we are soft now. And we are still's scary.
  11. Yeah. The players on the Seattle D were brought on around the same time and it took them a little while to mesh. Same thing with ours. People need to practice patience. At least DQ has had a vision from the get go and it's slowly starting to come together.
  12. We tried to replace him this offseason. We didn't land our guy in FA so Chester was signed back for one more year until next year. He won't be back next year at least in a starting role. Regardless of what you think of him though, he's smart, knows the system, and is a vet.
  13. Eh. Not really worried. He's tough as they come. Biggest reason I'm not worried however is because Matt does best when he distributes his targets and does not lock on Julio... Ryan should also have a new found confidence with Hooper and Sanu after Sunday's game too.
  14. OT got away with a huge hold there which should have been called
  15. You gotta love the humility of these rooks.