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  1. Dude. You do know that the field condenses in the redzone and scheme matters more down there? You have to get creative and Dirk is not creative.
  2. Probably would rather make Hill beat us with his arm and not risk blitzing too much against a mobile QB that can rip off a 30 yard run.
  3. Dirk's not helping with these uncreative, long developing routes. Saints are asking to be burned but Dirk can't seem to counter the pass rush with quick throws and some horizontal plays. However, Ryan needs to know when to throw it away.
  4. Yeah and WR pushed off while Debo going full speed. That is an extremely difficult play for a CB, much less a LB.
  5. Right. I was skeptical of the pick when it was announced, but after watching his film, his advanced technique and willingness to stick his head in there convinced me he was going to be a player.
  6. Dude. The color of someone's skin has been one of the BIGGEST reasons certain races of people are ahead in society and others are not. In America, Whites over Blacks. Now that the NFL is trying to instill some diversity in the top positions, it's looked at as "ridiculous".
  7. He doesn't care. The passion is not there.
  8. That's his thing. Works to get the offense in the third and short but doesnt do much before that.
  9. How the **** was that a flag. It was literally a textbook tackle.
  10. Aaron Freeman is a blow hard. Dude is always reaching and looks at things so black and white. Fowler has had a bum ankle all year. Apparently, the Minny game was the first game his ankle felt at it's best since the injury but still not 100%. Same thing with his bashing of Neal and Jones. I'm not saying Neal or Fowler have been world beaters recently, but it's like dude doesn't actually watch the games, he just posts stats. And Jones (and the whole defense) just played his best game. That's not a coincidence by any means when the ENTIRE defense played much better after Quinn's firing.
  11. That quote is really telling. Quinn got way too close to the locker room and the lack of accountability was evident. You could tell Quinn's message and coaching style got old and the players looked dejected on the sidelines prior to yesterday. Matt was calling way more audibles, Morris/Ulbrich went away from the stupid 5-2, 4-2 defense that wasn't working, and every single player with the exception of Sheffield looked way better. Debo looked elite. Oliver looked good. Neal looked like old Neal. Gurley is looking revitalized. Matt was old Matt. Julio looked elite. The sideline's energy wa
  12. I've liked the idea of a vet DC with a proven track record who doesn't care about being a HC again running the defense and the HC doesn't have to worry about that side of the ball. With that said, I'll contradict myself because he may want to be a HC again is Matt Patricia. He's on the hot seat in Detroit. But is he a product of Belichek like many of his other assistants? Just a name to watch though. @tbhawksfan
  13. Not gonna overthink it. Prolly just some corporate BS but doesn't actually mean much. I'm sure it's to make sure the GM doesn't pull a Bill O Brien and trade Grady for a seventh round pick in the 2026 draft.
  14. Agreed. I'm not jumping on the latest bandwagon around here of getting rid of Ryan. The whole offense regressed heavily when Koetter was hired. Why don't people see this? Matt is just more under the microscope bc he's the QB. He's still got 5-6 years left if you ask me.
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