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  1. I sees the NAACP gots Geoergia ranks numbers 1! I knows alot of Falcon Fan love the bulldog! http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2008/writ...ings/index.html
  2. Obamas will rid the worlds of nucler weapon, people. Beeleeeeevee dat! :w00t:
  3. Confedirite flags is racists, and everybody nose it! I'm glad to see that good people who fite racisms, Likes Jessie Jacksons and Alvin Sharp has orginise a boycotts against confedeeracy because the sivil wars is over, people! geot over it sutherner!
  4. I lern spanish from Emilios. Obama right, those people are takes over and they will be domintates our cultures!
  5. As the larges Obama supporters on the mesage bord, I accepts Jessy Jackson apologies. He and Obamas will take us to the proselands and no more opresions for brotha and sistahs. Jessy need to be Vice Presidents on same tickets as Obamas. An no Falcon fan, I don't means speeding tickets!
  6. Gold earring, gold necklace and gold bracelet--yeah, he's hurting... You sho' am rite EPlayers!! The govirnments owe this mans a new stimulating checks!! I spent mines on some new rim for my box chey and some fortee and dorito!
  7. They been many time I finna kills my baby mamas and rips her extension out, but my 4 kids needs a mama, and I'm only 22, so I cants raises them.
  8. Sinse the goverments create aids and crack to kills black peoples, they sho enuff can take downs two bilding and go to wars so Busch and Chanie can get they oil!
  9. I ran from the po-po todays! :w00t:
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