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  1. The way rookie and vet deals are structured now it simply does not make sense to trade away picks like it did when we traded for Julio. You need as many players as possible on rookie deals to win these days as vet deals are so inflated. Just for maximum cap friendly deals you need to fill out roster depth with talented rookies instead of low-tier free agents.
  2. This would make 4 MVP QBs in the division! ...Oh wait, only 3. Brees has never won MVP
  3. I did some digging and it looks like they are expecting the cap to be ~$200m for 2020, which is a $12m increase over 2019. A bigger spike is expected to come in 2021 if the CBA is reached and new media deals are locked in, though I couldn’t find any projected figures.
  4. If that $5b in new money to players has any credence, then that is ~$150m per team. I wonder if contracts will go up in a prorated amount for the extra game? Either way, the cap is clearly set for a nice increase.
  5. Hopefully either he accepts a lowball to stay, or he gets such a huge offer somewhere else that it won’t tempt DQ and TD to match (and we get a nice healthy comp pick in return). I’m ok with either of these.
  6. I prefer nitrogen sports if you are comfortable with bitcoin. Been around forever (I can look in my history when I used to bet and lose 1-BTC on games when a BTC was only worth $35 ) with a good reputation and instant payouts.
  7. It sounds like from the quote and from what we saw this year they were trying to run a hybrid of Dirk’s offense with Shannahan’s terminology. That’s like a worst of both worlds. I would rather see Dirk’s simplified terminology with the concepts from Shannahan’s offense.
  8. Yeah, that’s a good point. He had to at least have been able to practice or he would’ve shown up on the report.
  9. That would make sense that they were hoping he could return, but already had used the IR with designation so they stashed him on the inactive. But that’s just speculation.
  10. Which bodes well for a playoff run if we can ever get back there.
  11. They said Raheem is promoted to DC. I just edited my comment with the official announcement.
  12. “Arthur M. Blank, Atlanta Falcons owner and chairman, announced on Thursday that general manager Thomas Dimitroff and head coach Dan Quinn have been retained and will both now report directly to Falcons President and CEO Rich McKay. Blank will retain oversight of the football operation, with McKay reporting directly to him on all football matters. Additionally, Raheem Morris has been named Falcons defensive coordinator, effective at the conclusion of the 2019 season.” I’m interested to see what Raheem can do as DC after learning under one of the best offensive minds how they attack a defense. Also note there was no word on DK in the announcement?!
  13. It shouldn't be understated that Raheem used to actually be part of creating the offensive gameplans with Shannahan. He has to have had a really good feeling about how they were going to try and attack.
  14. If enthusiasm and passion turn you off then it might be a “you” problem.
  15. Yep... I was thinking about the KC game when I saw Dan originally signal for 2.
  16. I’m a UGA fan, but never really saw what Kirby did in Fromm. Easom should’ve started over him to begin with and then definitely Fields.
  17. Kirby is fine (and not going anywhere), but they really do need a new OC. Injuries were definitely a problem, the offense without Cager and a hobbled Swift lacked depth, but he’s shown no creativity all year long. Fromm is supposed to be a super cerebral player and yet they ran a vanilla offense all year long. There oline is young and huge, though, so they may be fine just running the Kirby ground pound game on offense the next few years even if the skill players aren’t special.
  18. I’m not convinced there is not plenty of talent all across the oline, I just don’t think Koetter is putting them in the best situation to succeed.
  19. Yeah, good point. I realized as soon as I sent it that the $30m was just the dead cap hit. Looking at OTC we don’t have much flexibility until 2022.
  20. Now point out all the times the board was wrong. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while.
  21. It’s only the last 2-mins of first half and last 5-mins of 2nd half that it stops for good, otherwise it restarts when the ball is placed by the refs. Also if the runner is pushed out of bounds the refs can elect to keep it going since they didn’t run out on purpose.
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